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First street/sports bike - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Simple One, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm considering getting a more street oriented bike than my current one (DRZ400SM), with an eye to getting out for some track days at Wakefield or Eastern Creek. This will be the first real street bike I've ever owned and I'm looking for a fun bike, which to my mind means a fairly strong mid range with a relatively flat torque curve and low curb weight.

    The first time i ever sat on a sports bike was in fact for a short ride on a friends ZX-10R (which proved to be a bit of a baptism of fire :D) so I'm thinking of something in the 600-750 area if i went for a sports bike. The other sort of bike I'm thinking of is a bit closer to the DRZ, something like the Hypermotard/Dosoduro or a Superduke. My budget would be in the 8k to 12k mark for this and looking for something relatively modern (~09 onwards).

    If you had only one bike for both street and track use, what would you suggest?

    The other option I'm considering is going for a bit of an older bike for street use (~06 onwards) and with some of the cash that I save, by an older bike that is dedicated to track use (~03 onwards).

    If I went down this later path, what are peoples suggestions for a dedicated circuit bike to build skills on?


  2. I'd suggest
    street triple (or daytona if you really want sporty)
    insurance for the track is the big problem
  3. What's the issue with insurance, getting it at all or a ridiculous premium?
  4. getting it at all!
  5. Street Triple!
  6. I'd get an older 600 (2004-ish) to tool around on the road and the track. They're 95% as good as the new stuff, but no-one listens to me anyway. I will say though, I wouldn't take a newish bike to the track if I couldn't afford to replace it.

    The jap 600s are a all pretty similar so if you're going down that route just pick the one you like the look of and fits you best.

    Or the street triple as others suggest. Never ridden one but never heard a bad word about them.
  7. What sort of price would be reasonable for an 04/05 600 super sport?
    I know it's mileage and maintainence dependant but if you can find one that wasn't flogged at a track, what is a bargain price and whats a rip off?
  8. You have answered your own question


    Takes very little time to become accustomed to having an abundance of power that modern litre sportsbikes have. After that they are just great roadbikes, sharp handling, light weight, good brakes...and the power.....did I mention the power.

    Later models are more user friendly than the early 04/05 'crims'.

    BTW....I could be a teeny bit biased...but I don't think so...:angel:
  9. have a look on bikesales. before I decided to buy new I was looking at 2005/6 zx636's with low ks for under $8000
  10. Have researched this topic to hell and back over the last 3 months because I am thinking of doing the exact same thing.

    I was going to get a Street Triple when I get my full license in 3 weeks, mind was made up! Then I did my first track day and everything changed. I have no interest, or the financial capacity to bin a $12k bike at the track with no insurance. So Ive decided on a older supersport with the view to getting and older cruiser/naked for the road (if the missus allows). Either that or just learn on the supersport, get it out of my system then get a Striple down the track.

    So the best of the best in my opinion are the 2005 R6 and 2005/06 Ninja 636. Both can be bought for $6-$7k, both have excellent reviews on the street AND track, both still look bloody sexy 7 years on. The 03/04 R6 is still good but the 05 has a slightly revised chassis, stronger motor and upside down forks. The 03/04 Ninja still has the stonking cheater motor but got pretty poor reviews (compared to the others) in terms of handling and corner stability.

    For me the bike HAS to be strong in the corners for track work, be comfy for 200k-400k wknd rides and have a tractable motor for street and track. At this stage Im leaning towards the R6 cause I love the old school look and the clip ons are on to of the triple clamp making for a pretty upright position (again for a supersport).

    Anyway I could go on for ages but I have to go to bed. Hope this helps :)
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  11. Yep good info, thanks.

    That was pretty much what I've narrowed it down to over the last few days, the 05 R6 (maybe 06 depending on price) or the Kawa 05/06. I'm figuring I can always get a nicer bike later, but it would suck to bin your pride and joy to inexperience, so I'm gonna go the older bike path and hopefully develop some skills on that.

    A mate mentioned that they're also starting up a 250cc 'production bike' racing category which looks very interesting. Should be cheap enough that I could actually get involved and still have 600cc street/trackday bike if I go for one of the older ones \\:D/
  12. Love the look of the 06 R6. Have read bad things about the peaky nature of the engine and uncomfortable ergos. I bold read becuase I havent ridden one yet though all the reviews I have read say the same things. But if your going to be mostly track then go for it, imagine they would be wicked fun!

    250 racing sounds great but road riding and trackdays will take up enough of my time. My missus would kill me if I decided to get into racing too, especially at 31 when we are getting married at the end of the year and want to start a family next year hahaha.
  13. Is it to be a road bike though? Cause after owning a couple supersports the best thing I ever did was get a street triple.

    R6/Gixxer6/ZX6/CBR6RR are all shite unless you're at the track every weekend. Put it simply they may look fancy and impress pedestrians, but they're no good for road bikes, anyone who's ridden a sports naked bike knows they're the way to go.
    You can go just as hard on road rides, in fact faster most of the time cause the suspension actually does something, and they're nearly as fast on the track and a lot more fun.
  14. Oh boy, i can suggest my own bike..

    RGV250 the best track bike, gotta love the smokers.

    Keep the drz for road.
  15. see if you can get a go on a superduke, they are heaps of fun but no fun for the licence.
  16. Shite is probably a little extreme. Sure a Street Triple will be great fun around the twisties in the mountains and a hell of a lot more comfortable if you're gong to commute, but so will a little 600. I rode the Gixxer the other day and there is plenty of fun to be had without going into race mode. AD it was way more comfortable for me than my SV650s. Plus as I mentioned most people can't afford to bin a $12k naked bike if the worst happens at the track.

    If you can afford an older sportsbike for the track and then a nice naked for the street then do it. But at $6-$7k for a 600, then $10-$12kish for a Street he's well over his budget.

    Problem is I don't think there are any really good affordable nakeds out there??? Happy to be corrected but thought all the good nakeds are pretty recent and will break the bank. One of the guys on OSB has recently fightered a Ninja 636 and he LOVES it. Maybe you could buy two and put race glass on the track one and fighter the street one?!?!?