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First Storm

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jphanna, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Guys, you wont forget your first storm...this is what happend to us yesterday. I have only been riding a Mbike since june this year!

    the plan was to enjoy a country pub lunch, with my new lady. (pillon)

    we knew the forecast was for ‘few’ showers, later on, so looked we out the window to the coast to see whats coming. There were a few clouds brewing but nothing to be concerned about. and i left the decision to my lady. to ride or not to ride...she said yes! i suggested to ride until the first 'spit' then turn around and go straight back home.

    well we had morning tea at Meodows (bakery 40kms up the hill)....no sign of rain. went along bull creek road (another 20kms further) till we got to the strathalbyn turn off.....still NO sign of rain. should we go to strath then turn back, or go all the way to Goolwa (another 30kms further).....the lady suggested goolwa. well we got there and parked at the pub for lunch but the clouds looked ominous by then...

    we had a beautiful lunch, and when we walked out to get rady to go home, sure there was a bit of spit...but nothing to be upset about. In the meantime Peter Stevens morphetvale called me, to advice of a chrome decoration for my bike that i had damaged, had arrived. So i told them i would pick it up on the way back from goolwa.

    by the time we got to Mt compass, it was pissing down, so we knew, it was gonna be a long ride home! that wasnt the problem, by the time we got to the top of Pt Willunga hill, the fog and massive downpour started, my limited vision just about stopped. i could not see 10 metres in front of me, so i slowed to about 50-60 kph. all i was thinking was....'what is this poor chick thinking on the back of the bike! but i was flickering my brake light on the way down the steep hill, (where this storm had hit), as i wasnt sure any cars could see me behind, as i could hardly see the ones in front of me. at that point i started to wonder why the hell i am out here when the forecast said it was gonna piss down.....

    anyway when we finally got to within 30kms from home and the worst of it was over and it was just a steady stream of rain. when we stopped i thought i was gonna get a mouthful from her, for even suggesting a Mbike ride today....what was the resulting 'abuse'?

    she had burst out laughing! that took the pressure off me i think

  2. so you've only been riding since june... yet you're allowed a pillion?? i don't know the SA laws, but that doesn't sound good.

    i don't remember my first storm - the first 3 weeks after i got my licence it was stormy weather, barely a fine day (apart from the days I worked... of course), so I just learnt to ride in the rain first off.

    i then commuted 5-6 days a week for 2 hours round trip for about 3 and a half years... you get used to it... no offence, but it's no big deal ;)
  3. Riding in a full blown storm can be gnarly! My question to you is are you legally able to carry a pillion? As you've only been riding since June. Dont want to be a killjoy but I thought you had to have your fulls for 12 months first. Apologies if I'm mistaken.
  4. in SA we are allowed pillon riders on L plates!!

    the last thing the instructor told us when we passed our learners was...

    'you are allowed pillon passengers....but good luck trying to get one'
  5. i didn't want a pillion on my bike for at least a year. it's not a good law to have.... :-s
  6. MY first real storm involved hail. I drove into some random persons yard to shelter under the edge of the garage!! The bloke come out and started laughing and told me to come right into the garage! I always meant to go drop him a 6 pack or something but I never did.
  7. I love the road laws in SA. You get your L's at 16, P's at 17 and already on full license by 18. I make regular trips in to Murray Bridge and all very laid back folk.
  8. Not sure if this is true but I've been told that in some parts of the world, you get license tested with the tester as a pillion....
    Doubt I'd want that job!
  9. My brother got his bike license in the UK. He rode ahead and the tester was behind him following on another bike. The tester was giving instructions via headset. Compared to our tests I think this and the one you mention would be much difficult.

    I am also in favour of being able to pillion on your learners as you get used to carrying someone behind you early on.
  10. I personally think it should be at least 6 months. Get used to the bike, the weight, the feel, the lean etc. And the first pillion should be someone who's pillioned before (like, $20 for 30 mins pillion via SA Roads if you don't know anyone who has pillioned before...)

    I'd find it more reassuring.

    The first time I put someone on the back was my best friend who lived next door. My driveway was 500-600 metres long, had a huge dip and was difficult to ride (as in, took all concentration in car or on bike) on in the most normal of circumstances.

    The first part of the driveway (going towards the road) curves slow right steep downhill, then hard left steep downhill, then curves slow left steep uphill (REALLY steep), then is mostly straight but bumpy and goes up and down a little till the end.

    She's on the back freaking out (she's a very girly girl who doesn't like getting her nails dirty) and I'm just using all my concentration to not feck it up and confused with this weird new gravity law which states my bike will lean whichever way it wants, and and and and.... I finally made it to the end, and didn't pillion anyone else for another 3 months. (my other best friend... downhill a gravel road with the biggest potholes I've come across, not a single sealed section, and tight corners).

    Needless to say, I would have much preferred someone on the back who knew what they were doing, didn't lean or move much, and on a flat surface like a carpark.
  11. Waiting 6 months isn't a bad idea too. The first few times I pillioned I also concentrated very hard to keep control of the bike but lately whenever any of my nephews or dad hops on the back I feel it's become more natural and you just use the extra weight on the back to your advantage.
  12. Yeah, the third or fourth time it just came naturally, but I wouldn't have liked to have been doing that stuff prior to 6 or 9 months.

    Too much other stuff for learners to focus on rather than being shoved straight into the deep end without a paddle or lifejacket.
  13. True that. Though I like the way of SA's thinking that you are legally allowed to carry a pillion while on learners but whether the learner does or doesn't it up to them.
  14. for me the only real difficult stuff is roundabouts. the lady sits very still, and doesnt affect teh bike until i come to a stop or start. my son wiggles all over the place and affects me a lot more.

    i have to say that coming down that hill, with 10% visability, with driving rain and fog, and a pillon, with my experience is total insanity.

    as i sit here now, i dont know how we didnt come to grief.
  15. Another notch to your experience belt mate. Glad the overall outcome was a success.
  16. Ah, JP....

    You are not allowed a pillion on your Ls unless the pillion is a fully licensed rider themselves.

    When you are on your Ps you are allowed a pillion with no restrictions (mind, you are still restricted to a LAMs bike).

    I'd be counting your lucky stars. The next time you want to take a pillion, count the days til R-date.

    Biggest thing is: insurance does not cover riders that break the law. You come off, your insurance does not cover your lovely pillion.

  17. i got my 'R' licence on sept 10. i was on L plate for 3 months before i went for the next level. i should be covered....i hope.
  18. I'm so confused. You have your R-Date?... Why'd you say you were on your Ls? o_O

    Anyway, back on topic. My first storm was on a ride home from work on my postie bike.

    I have never been soooo soaked in my life. Also, because the postie bike is really light and majorly unpowered it was a fight all the way home because of the wind. The most amusing thing is, I enjoyed it :D