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First step towards getting into supermoto

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by UDLOSE, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I've become more and more fascinated by the whole supermoto idea. I'm a experience road race style rider on supersports but can count the number of times I've ridden a "dirt bike" on one hand. The few times have been very enjoyable though.

    I've decide to start with a dirt bike and learn more traditional dirt riding. Then work my way up to a bigger bike suitable for SM.

    I just bought myself a 2003 Suzuki RM125. I really wanted a 2 stroke MXer. This bike probably isn't good for making a motard out of but I think it's a good way to get get some dirt experience. I'm going to start out going to the bike parks since the bike isn't registered. The bikes got an aftermarket FMF system on it which is ultra loud and offensive. I've ordered a special 'quiet series' FMF muffler since I've heard that most parks have noise restrictions. If I do start sneeking it out into the bush I'd want it as quiet as possible to fly under the radar.

    I know a few guys that are getting into dirt so I should have some fun with that but the ultimate goal is to work my way up to a SM bike.

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  2. Good stuff mate, and do you mean track-based competetive motard... or just make something cool and fang it up the mountain kind of motard?

    I had a road regoed XR600R with a Dakar tank, rear rack made from a US Military food warming tray, and a few mods to the engine (extended duration cam, fettled carb, large plenum intake & CDI with advanced ignition mapping). Lovely bike to ride and now belongs to a friend who says its one of the best offroad machines he's owned.

    My point is that is doesn't have to be terribly expensive if you just want to get around on someting cool and motardish... but competing you really need to get a track vehicle and performance setup base going.

    I would suggest you get familiar with at least the nearest track, if not several within a few hours driving. Take a lap timer, or fit one to the bike. Find out what you need to run to be competetive and work towards it. Don't do everything you can to the bike first up, keep it simple and see how you go. A set of proper rims and tyres, a reasonable aftermarket exhaust and some frame sliders may be enough for your first outings. After that you can see what everyone is running and adjust accordingly. Remember, this can be as expensive and as challenging as you want to be... but not everyone needs to drop 30k on a bike to have fun, the guys on cheap steeds are all having a ball and often doing alright, too.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. That's for the info mate. It's really hard to say where it will end up, when I first got into road bikes I didn't dream of doing track days in the fast group in full power ranger gear on a decked out supersports. It was really just a progression from being a bright eyed learner to a seasoned hoon.

    I'm very familiar with eastern creek, I'll be there tomorrow on my 600RR. Right now I'm not interested in having a dedicated SM race bike, but I can't rule it out in the future. I've heard they run motard events at the go kart track next door.

    I originally wanted to get into dirt to improve my road race skills and that's really the plan in the short term.

    Who knows where it will go, I'll do as much as I can with the bike I got, I wanna try as many disciplines of dirt riding possible and see what I love the most.

    Once I've out grown this bike I reckon I'd look at getting a road rego'd tard and go from there. That way by then I'll have the road and dirt experience so I should be ready for a 'tard by then.

    Who knows where it'll go but it's really exciting to be learning about something new, I'm a total rookie.
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  4. Sweet -- motarding is a blast and if you throw the bike down it costs in the hundreds to repair - not in the thousands
  5. Cool stuff mate, thought it might be the case. Kart tracks are perfect for motards as they have limited straights and good twisties.

    I would check the rulings for your local motard categories and see what is eligible. An old aircooled XR might be the best choice for an onroad motard but its 600cc capacity may well make it ineligible for competition use where I believe a 450cc cap is in place.

    In that case I would get an enduro version 450, do an oil and filter change and run road tyres onn stock rims. I can highly recommend Avon Distanzias, $300 for the pair, good mileage and grip. More dualsports oriented but still good tyres, you will still be able to get a few offroad kicks this way.

    Going full-tilt, you'd run 17" rims with good section tyres for roadracing. I've got a mate whos into it but I'm sure a google search would turn it up.

    Only issues for the road arew your small oil capacity - its about 1100ml for a full change in a WRF450... compare that to my XR600 which had 2L, and even that only got 3000km between changes. I would highly recommend an extended dry sump reservior to bump capacity to at least 2L if not 2.5L or so. You'd need to plumb a line from lowpoint and highpoint of the drysump to another which you could fab and clamp in front. Easy, effective and reliable.

    If you're thinking it'd be easier to just run through oil changes, then buy a 20L drum of 10W-40 diesel oil. I can recommend Gulf Western 'Top Dog' 10W-40 Super Diesel which I run both my bikes and my twin-seat aeroplane on. Also buy filters in bulk and change every second oil change.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. Where do you get your Avon Distanzias for $300 a pair??
  7. Think it was Weeks Yamaha here in Goulburn. I may be wrong, but thats the figure I remember. The front was about $100 for 90/90R21 and the rear was about $200 for a 120 R18.

    Again, I could be wrong but thats what I seem to remember.
  8. In those sizes they wouldn't be radials just bias ply, where as the SM sized ones are radial, if i recall correctly?
    That's most likely where the price difference comes from.
  9. Probably.

    In supermoto sizes you'd more be after something at least sports-touring oriented... I've always had good grip, feedback and mileage out of Bridgstone Battleaxes, the BT45's. One I can definitely recommend is the Pilot Road series... think they're up to PR3's now. Excellent mileage and great grip even in the wet. Downside is they're expensive (~$320 rear) off the bat but pay for themselves in milage over time. Think my Father has pushed a set to 20,000km on his HP2 Sport and he sure doesn't ride like a saint! Think lifting the front wheel while you're chaning lean directions and you get the idea.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. I'm hopefully taking the RM out on the dirt for the first time tomorrow. I'm pumped!
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  11. Took the bike out for the first time on sat. What a blast!! I got the hang of the whole pushing the bike down to steer thing pretty quick, you try to ride like a sporty and you just understeer. It's a whole new world, I totally suck but I'm hanging to get back on it :D

    I didn't bin it all day but I saved it on the foot easily 20 times.
  12. Damn now I really want one.................Trent's been in my ear for more than a year telling me to get one..................now youve got one as well :).
  13. Yeh mate do it!! I'm probably going to pacific park again on Sunday if u want to come and have a ride of it
  14. #14 AznCruiser, Jan 22, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
    Nah I dont ride other peoples bikes.....ive got no hangups other people riding my bike though.

    Where is pacific park? i might drop by if its close........

    BTW ive got a spare large MX helmet u can have (never used), ive also got one of those plastic armour thingo u can use.
  15. Yeh but it's a dirt bike, you'll break your bones before you break the bike.

    Thanks for the offer but I already bought everything except boots and pants. You should keep it for yourself for when u join me on the dirt ;)

    Pacific park is near wisemans, I think it's south maroota. $30 to ride $8 to watch
  16. Sweet.....nah the helmet dont fit me properly, plus ive already got one :)..........it was one of those BGW helmets.....Sweet, that sounds pretty close.

  17. Hahahahahahah ill take you up on that offer, not the bike bit mind you.....but joining ya on the dirt bit :). Just got myself a 1995 RM 125 as well :).
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  18. Wicked!! I ended up going last Sunday in the arvo in the rain. It was wild in the mud let me tell you :D

    It's so funny being a total n00b again. I still haven't binned it yet amazingly.
  19. ****another one? at least you won't have to go the wreckers for spares....just take em from whats left of the aprilia and whatever is in the back seat of the magna
  20. The Magna aka my giant tool box is gone, I had to get rid of it.....

    Ive got the CBR400R up and running now and using that as a trackie......the RS125 is still in storage at Trents, I might sell this one since its not being used.........