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First Stack

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aj32, May 24, 2006.

  1. Hi all just had my first off last night.
    I was heading down Neerim Rd Murrembeena I take the road home every night after work. I was watching the car (late model mercades) it pulled up at the give way sign looked straight at me (or so I thought) and then proceeded to pull out in front of me. The good news is that I was only doing around 40km and did remember to set up and squeeze couldn't really swerve due to oncoming traffic but ended up just tapping the rear right hand 1/4 panel couple of tank slaps and then I was on my ass. What really amazed me though is that the car didn't even pull up. I was watching it slow down and I thought she was stopping and she proceeded to take the next right I was a bit dazed I suppose and didn't even get the number plate. Now I know some people drive around in their own little world but seriously though surely she would have seen the 6'4" guy with his headlights on or at least heard the bike hit the deck?

    Anyway no major damage I dropped the bike on it's right hand side so mirror gone, fairing damage, foot peg etc.. I'm a bit sore and sorry ankle has strained ligiments but on the whole I came away pretty unscathed.

    A huge thanks to everyone who stopped and to the guy who saw the whole thing and quickly took off to see if he could catch the merc then came back 10min later to see if I needed a lift. Really big thanks to Justin and his dad who picked me and the bike up and gave me a ride home top blokes!!!! Justin was 17 and said he knows netrider and want's to get a bike. I just hope I haven't turned you right off the idea mate!!!

    Anyway live and learn I suppose.

  2. Good to see your alright.

    Report it to the cops.

    If she reports first it could get nasty. Also the damage done to your bike will add up to more then you think if you want to get it back to 100%
  3. it happens mate, but am glad you are okay.

    i had a guy cut a corner on me in west ryde one evening and left me nothing but gutter. i clipped the gutter came off and teh guy jsut kept going. he wouldve seen me as he came straight at me.
  4. Glad your okay - hope bike come back well. unfortunately i think we all have stories, seems to go with the terrirtory, but it's worth it.
  5. Good work on minimising the damage, seeing the accident before it happened and being prepared. Hope you catch the Merc driver.
  6. +1 for ibast's advivce, mate, I'm glad you're ok but get it to the cops, and get your story in first.... Also get a medical check, even though you don't feel too bad, facts on paper now can save lots of heartache later.....
  7. You need to report it to the cops if you want to do a claim on the TAC. Even if you don't think you'll need to - it is really important to put in the claim in case any complications develop later.

  8. +1 for reporting it to the cops - also make sure to mention you were injured, that way if they do catch them the penalty will be more severe.
  9. sorry to hear you were hit mate, did the guy catch up with the merc driver?

    +1 for reporting to the cops :)
  10. +1 for reporting to the cops... Then, smack her out... She will get in lots of trouble... Driving with undue care, failing to give way, leaving the scene of an accident... The list goes on really. Could add up to some major court bills and fines for her.

    Still though, glad to hear your alright.
  11. Definatly report it to the police ASAP

    take photos of the bike
    close ups and wide shots of all and any damage on the bike
    IF your ancle is swollen take pics
    of that as well beside your normal ancle
    any scrapes or injuries at All talke pics
    with he DATE on them

    ? DID ?
    the guy get her Rego number when he chased her ?
  12. Glad to hear that you ended up ok and hope you're on the roads again soon.

    Did anyone end up getting the numberplate?