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First stack, what do from here?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iunio, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. OK, I'd heard that, for riders, it was not a case of "if" but "when" you'd come off.

    Today, "when" showed up.

    Was riding along the freeway when it happened. A mixture of me not anticipating the traffic ahead, lack of experience (only been on the roads since the end of last year) and just freezing up at the critical moment (slammed on brakes, could probably have swerved onto the shoulder) meant I rear ended a slow-moving falcon wagon at around 40km/h. I tumbled, hobbled off the freeway quicksmart, took stock of the situation and got my bike off the road and (along with the help of some old rider dude on a CBR1000F who stopped for me) managed to get it home. I had to tear off my fairings and ditch them on the side of the road because they were digging into the front rim, so my bike looks very sorry at the moment.

    I bent the forks, but besides that, I couldn't really seem to find anything that wrong with the bike (aside from the aestetics). It conked on me once at the lights on the way home, but I'm not sure if that was because I was out of fuel (I usually have to change over to reserve around 160kms and it was around there, once i switched the fuel over it started again).

    Oh yeah, my bike's a 1989 FZR250 that I paid $1900 for about six months back.

    Basically, I want to know if it's worth saving this bike that i've become very, very attached to.

    Can a frontal collision at such a speed do major damage to the chassis? Alignment issues etc? Should I be worried about the engine? In its favour, it did get me home, and didn't sound any different to usual.

    Are forks expensive? The old dude seemed to think so.

    Is making one of these things into a streetfighter hard to do? I've heard fairings are expensive.

    Also, I'm quite frustrated at the way I reacted, so if anyone knows of any ace advanced rider courses around melbourne, I'm all ears.
  2. Try the wreckers for new fork tubes, or Ebay,
    Also price new ones to give you an idea what there worth,
    Is the front wheel bent,
    Is it an aluminium frame or steel,
    If its steel you might not have frame damage,
    40 kph is not all that much, and your forks and wheel would have taken most of the shock,
    Head bearings will be stuffed,
    Other than bruises, are you allright,
    Chinese fairings are about $600-00 AUD delivered,
  3. i dont think the front wheel is bent, I'm assuming I would have noticed it on the way home? It didn't feel like it wasn't pretty much circular.

    i'm not sure if it's aluminium or steel-framed, i'm looking into it as we speak

    i'm ok. I was wearing my draggins, my RJAYS jacket and my helmet, no gloves and just casual shoes. ironically, my hands are fine. my gloves were actually in the little storage compartment at the back of the bike, and were crushed in there when the bike flipped, and are now trapped. I didn't know they were there until later, or obviously i'd have been wearing them.

    The jeans did good, don't look like they've been through anything. The jacket is a bit scuffed, so i'm not too keen on buying the cheapest option next time around. I don't think I hit my head, and there were no scratches on my Shoei, so i'm assuming it's ok too. I grazed my hip a bit, and my wrist is a bit swollen, but mostly I've just got a bruised ego.

    and 600 for fairings isn't too bad, i'm assuming all custom lights and stuff for the naked look would cost more?

    I could post pics of the bike tomorrow, I guess
  4. Glad your Okay,
    Piccys help,
    If it wasnt bouncing as you rode it home, sounds like your wheel is ok,
    Google your bike specs. that will tell you what the frame is made of.
    From what your saying, I dont think your frame will be Damaged,
    Did you hit square on or at an angle, on an angle the force is taken over a larger area, and resulting in less damage,
    And damaged bikes usually look worse than they are,
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  6. i'll post pics as soon as i find where i've put my digital camera

    i hit the back of the car pretty much square on, right on the towbar. the fact i hit it there means there was no damage to the car at all, but that's a different story

    how do you check if the frame has been damaged? should i take it to a shop, or?
  7. Might be a good chance it only bent the inners on the forks. Not too dear and any bike shop can replace them for you.
    It's not a hard job to drop the forks. But time consuming there and back.
  8. Should always give heaps of following distance on a bike for situations like these. Sounds you got out quite lucky - just think if it was a bus or truck or something...
  9. Damn, sad to hear mate.

    Might I suggest getting it checked out by your regular 'go to' mechanic, just for a once over of the frame/alignment and to let you know exactly what needs to be done?
    Then you can make a plan from there.
  10. I'm thinking how many kms has it done to asertain if it's worth saving... *shrug*
  11. i think the motor in it's done around 40k kms, the bike itself 45k. it's running fine, no issues starting etc

    also, thanks for the advice guys
  12. With an alloy frame (which I believe the FZR has) it's very difficult to check if you don't know what you're looking for. There may not appear to be any damage now, but even a tiny little crack will only get worse over time unless properly welded.

    Definitely get it checked professionally. If there is damage around the headstem it'll probably be cheaper to just find another FZR and keep the current one for parts.
  13. Where in Melbourne are you?
  14. Mate sorry to hear it. I'm glad that you are ok. Have you thought about making an insurance claim on the bike and maybe upgrading? They might even let you buy the bike back from them for next to nothing. HMMM Track Bike????
  15. The FZRs started out in a steel frame, and switched to an alloy frame towards the second half of its production. I have a FZR250 (3LN3) which is 1990-1991 and it is an alloy frame. model before it very well could be too.
  16. Well everything is fixable but it will take you time and effort if you want to get it back on the road for cheep. Parts are easy to come by, I've got a pile of fzr250 (3ln) parts at home that could help you out for sure. If your planning to take it to a shop and get them to fix it up for you don't bother in my opinion, if your planning on spending the time and slowly building it back to scratch, it might take you a while but it'll be a great experience!