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First stack (watch out for gravel)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by keithy47, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. So yesterday came off my bike (Honda VT250 Spada). Happened while on the ride after the Sat NSW learners practice session. Basically i thought id put a post up in the hopes someone doesn't make the same noob mistake as me.
    Basically was negotiating a right hand corner with in interesection in the middle of the bend at about 35km/h. As i started to enter the corner i noticed i was running a little wide so i attempted to correct, ended up putting my front wheel in a patch of gravel and the bike slid straight away
    the corner

    close up of the gravel patch

    Ended up with a decent graze and possibly a soft tissue injury to my right knee, wont know for sure until an ultrasound tomorrow.
    Bike ended up ok mainly scratches on the muffler and a broken indicator
    So leasons learnt:
    Don't run wide on corners
    Have a closer look at the road surface
    Carry a first aid kit (i would have been in serious trouble without first aid help, thanks for that :)
  2. can't pass it off as a noob error, gravel can catch anyone, can be very fine gravel and it is the devil.
    best you can do is know where it tends to pool on roads you use often.
    hope your knee pulls up allright... at least now you have your first scar from racing motorbikes to show the ladies.
  3. not much chance for an escape there. Important lessons learned here. First aid kit(Must put mine back on bike), and look at the corner earlier and set up better for it. With a VTR, you'll at least save a bomb fixing.... imagine if it had fairings :eek:
  4. Now do the right thing and advise the local council of the road hazard, in writing and via telephone. You wouldn't want someone else doing the same thing, would you?
  5. I think Ben's earned +1 to his medic skill yesterday.
  6. Roadside gravel is so dangerous

    Had a friend drop my loaned K100 BMW in Foster quite a few years ago

    5 ribs busted and lost lots of bark ..

    lucky he was going slow ..
  7. yup, that can happen to anyone,you get to learn quickly where gravel builds up..same for sand and moss in shady country roads. Glad to hear that you got off fairly lightly.
  8. Ummm...scuse me boys, but that IS a noob error...
    You were sooooo wide!??...you were running off the road on a corner that has good visibility (appears to).

    You should not have been anywhere near the gravel to start with...

    Not picking on you, mate...gravel is danger when negotiating a bend for sure, and on any kind of lean it is going to bite you...but the gravel was'nt the problem...You stuffed up the corner big time, and ran off INTO the gravel. THAT was why you crashed out..(not the gravel)
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    Hate to say it but....looking at the photos, I have to agree with him: n00b error in picking the right line for the turn.

    Also, if I was running wide on that corner and running into the gravel @35 kph, I would have straightened the bike up and attempted to wipe off speed and miss the turn rather than try to make that turn while on gravel.
  10. Main thing is no major injuries ... sounds like you got off pretty ok ... hope the knee pulls up ok mate.
  11. Keith,
    Glad to hear you are ok, I also heard that your Draggin's didnt hold up to good, do you have any pictures of them if they did fail?
    And is the knee the only injury , how was the hands and hips?

    Cheers Paul.
  12. Yeah i am in agreement that it was a noob error i was way too wide in that corner, but the time i tried to correct it it was way too late.
    No injuries to hands elbows or hips, my hands were saved by a pair of rjays gloves that had carbon fibre palm prot, my elbows by my dri rider jacket, and my hip because i had my leather wallet in my front right pocket.

    A shot of what was left of my draggins :p
  13. Now lets see a shot of the wound! (y)
  14. +1 too that
  15. you should also carry around a set of defibs to.. just incase the knee injury is bad.. maybe up your medic class before riding some more? :)

    But on a serious note the exact same thing happened to me on my cbr250rr, but i was doing maybe 15kmh? early morn on the way to work, didnt see the gravel and bang front end gone, broken foot sore knee and sore bike!
    Unlucky there!
  16. Good to hear your mainly ok...

    No fkn wonder the bloody CTP's are going up with you noobs!! :bolt:
  17. At least no hospital trip...gravel+slide = surgical toilet brush procedure.

    Seriously. That thing they scrape you with looks like a toilet brush, and you don't get anasthetic either...
  18. Ouch! Hope they disinfected it after cleaning the loo.

    In a few years time it'll be a cool story to tell but right now you've got to think about what not to do next time (done) and as soon as the knee gets better get back out there.
  19. Fark, looking at that and from 35k's...

    Imagine how many of us wear draggins and think we are protected in a slide...

    Seriously got me doubting my hornee jeans... makes you (all of us) think .. just how well would they hold up ifyou came off at 100ks or more... say a freeway...

    Really second guessing them now...

    Good to hear your alright though, and it sure beats a hospital visit..
  20. Time for leathers me thinks.