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First stack. Hurt my ninja :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Jollystunts, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. So I've been riding for about 3 weeks now.. mostly just using my bike to get to work and back which is about a 12 minute ride. Everything has been fine on the road and everything but I have had a little trouble with my cornering.
    I watched a few videos on youtube about 'counter steering' and started to get a little better at cornering even though it's still not quite as tight or neat as I would like it to be. Anyway, this particular morning it was sprinkling and a tiny bit wet on the road.. I made it all the way to work and was super proud of myself for dealing with the wet weather conditions just fine. When I got to my work, it's a driveway (left hand turn) off of a main road. I hit it way faster than I should have, there is lots of loose rocks and gravel on the driveway.. I came around super wide and there is a drain with about a 4 ft drp off to the right.. I remember thinking "dont end up in that drain" which I think subconsciously made me turn a little sharper than I should have I didn't brake because I know you're not really supposed to brake during a corner.. next thing I know boom I'm on the ground.. slid for a couple of metres and rolled out of it.. got up and was devestated at the state of the bike... front left fairing cracked and scratched same as back left. Also broken indicator. Gear shifter lever bent into a 'C' shape. Not to mention scared the absolute shit out of me. Bike landed on my ankle and was sore for a few days after.. very sad for the rest of the day. Ended up replacing my indicator the next day and bent the gear lever almost back to a normal shape using a vice and a couple of shifters...
    Very shaken but mostly sad about hurting my ninja (green 2009 ninja 250). Now I'm very careful around every corner I attempt and approach it super slowly. I think its good that I'm more careful now but also think its bad that I'm nervous and not comfortable.. I'm sure it was mostly the gravel that made me slip.. anyway that's pretty much all I have to say at the moment.. I've had a few drinks and am finding it hard to gather my thoughts..

    Stay away from gravel. It's the devil!!
  2. welcome mate
  3. Sorry to hear about your stack, glad that you're relatively ok.

    Did you get yourself checked out by a Dr?

    We all make mistakes, process it, learn from it and don't let it get you down.
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  4. Hi there JollystuntsJollystunts
    Sorry to hear about your early incident.
    This is a painful lesson, but an important one.

    Check out some slow rising vids on U-tube, then find a car park in an industrial estate with a decent surface and practice your balance during slow U-turns and figure 8's.
    This will improve your skills very quickly, and build your confidence.
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  5. Welcome Jollystunts. Sorry to hear about the incident. Mistakes happen. Hang in there.
  6. We've all done it or similar. All been a little embarrassed when we end up on our butts.
    It's new to you, go to the Sydney learner sessions at Holmbush and practice with others. Practice = confidence.
    You'll be sweet - if you put the effort in, you'll get the rewards out.
    Don't stress over it, don't dwell on it, it happens.
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  7. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your off but very glad you are OK. Don't beat yourself up about the slip. Learn and move on.
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  8. Sorry to hear mate. Glad your ok. Gravel is nasty stuff
  9. Hi and welcome to NR. Judging by the fact that you ended your post sounding a bit sad about the whole thing, just want to say don't beat yourself up over it too much. And don't be afraid of gravel, just treat it with respect. Keep it as upright as possible and tidy. By all means keep away from it if possible, but inevitably you are going to come across it when you venture out further, so just think about your approach and options. Gravel is a daily occurrence for me and I simply can't avoid it, so I had to learn how to deal with it. To be honest, I'm more afraid of white lines and arrows in the wet. :nailbiting:

    Get back on your bike. :happy:
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  10. Welcome mate, hope your starting to feel a bit better about your off.

    Don't stress about it, I crashed very early on in my riding life too. Wished I bought an older bike but I learnt from it, and can corner reasonable well now. :)

    Head down to the practice sessions to get your confidence up and to learn plenty. Much better than youtube.
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  11. Welcome to the forum and good on you for posting up here. There will be plenty of good advice from the wise heads. And only a bit of dodgy advice best avoided.

    Your post raised the possible issue of target fixation. If you are not familiar with the concept might be worth checking out.
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  12. Howdy & Welcome to NR! Glad to hear you're OK

    Try not to dwell on it too much. If you stack.. brush yourself off and try again!
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    gday JollystuntsJollystunts and welcome to NR

    a few things road bikes are allergic to:
    anyone that doesn't ride

    you'll be right as the pluses outweight the minuses by a long way

    edit: btw, I meant to add that I thought the heading 'hurt my ninja' might have been a euphemism for something else, then saw you are a dude and realised you meant your bike was a kwaka.
  14. 'Corner reasonably well' LMAO....!

    FYI JollystuntsJollystunts mr jonnymacjonnymac is a racer so that's the understatement of the year....
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  15. Don't feel too bad mate. I can guarantee you almost everyone here has had a stack at some point, me included. One only.
    I low sided, after spinning off some gravel in a corner and the bike bucked me off. Threw me in the air about 3 metres and landed hard on my back. I was ok.
    My bike was a little sad, but I repaired it and away I went.
    One thing you should remember is keep your arms loose. Don't ride stiff.
    Be careful not to fixate in corners. Look ahead and plan your line in advance.
    I can go on, but you get the idea.
    Others will have other ideas too.
    Good luck to you and I hope everything is ok mate.
    Cheers !

  16. Never forget those dreaded painted lines !!!!.
    I even manage to understeer in my car on these in the wet !
  17. Race times not racer lol chillibuttonchillibutton debut at next year's support race with our fingers crossed.......
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