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first sports bike - blackbird

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BruiserMadden, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. after a very lengthy absence from the halls of netrider I've decided to pop back on for old times sake. Since I signed off I bought a 97 XVS650 in Feb last year (with loud pipes) and had a ball on it for 12 months. Great bike, sexy look and loved the sound of the twin.

    BUT, after getting off P's in Feb this year I thought it might be time to try something different...have tried the cruiser lifestyle...how about something more sporty. And bearing in mind the many warnings that I remember being posted on Netrider about going from low powered bikes straight up to 1000's, 1100's etc. I went out at bought...an 03 honda cbr 1100xx super blackbird!

    Yes, I hear what some of you're saying, you're an idiot, you should have gone with a 600 or 750 or something first and stepped your way up. And that may be. But the Blackbird is the bike I've wanted since I was....well....8, and with the money in the bank I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

    My experience on going from a LAMS powered cruiser to a manic superbike? AWESOME. The blackbird is more comfortable than I thought, and at 6'5 that is not an easy thing for a sporty bike to do. Power is outrageous, as is size, but once you grab onto the handlebars that all just melts away. Everytime I ride it a big grin insists on speading over my now goofy looking face. Still getting the hang of throwing it in the corners (COG is much higher than a cruiser), and keeping the speedo below....well.....the speedlimit. It is a great machine.

    The only thing that annoys me slightly? That Hayabusa is japanese for peregrine falcon - a bird well known for eating blackbirds....

    Anyone else go from a low powered bike to something like this? What was your experience?
  2. i have your sig tattooed around my neck and im pretty sure its audentes..

    but good choice on the bird.. i recently rode one after stepping up from my cbr125 and its a much more comfortable bike. good choice.
  3. I went from a 250, to the blackbird.

    At first I thought my dream bike would be excessive, but I have had nothing to regret. Comfortable, not as heavy as non-BB riders seem to complain, very smooth and tractable engine. An excellent all round bike.

    Have to keep a keen eye for police if you want to keep your license.

    1st gear is the speed limit, 2nd gear is a hefty fine, 3rd gear is gaol :p
  4. I went from a 250 to an 1100, cruiser though, but there was a huge difference even so. For the first few times I kept to the open country roads, noticed the heavier weight on corners and manouvering it around to park, but thats about it. Do you have photos of the Blackbird?
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  6. yea disreguard the netrider nannies out there trying to make u go through an middle step up(600-750) to a 1k machins +. its all bullshit, and dont respect the netrider nannies out there, you learn alot on a larger machine, and the first thing u learn is respect for it, speed is one thing but the entirety of the question is why do we need a middle step of a bike? is it to learn more? is it so we dont kill ourselves?

    to learn more, you learn alot more from a larger machine, that is it is harder to push around, corner and the differnece u do learn from a smaller machine is to keep the bike in gear, larger bikes u got torque every rpm (most of the time)

    dont kill oursleves? what sorta statement is that, u can kill yourself just as much on a 600 as well as a 1k machine, its all about self and how u decide to use the power, and how much u want to corner.

    please i urge all u budding 250/LAM riders out there when u graduate try every bike out there, and dont be in the train of thought of needing a middle step, becasue u do not!

  7. I'm thinking a step up to 400's once i'm off restrictions, probably of the zxr variety.
  8. Whoa, slow down there you hoon.
  9. 400's are tops. Anyone who thinks they are only girls bikes or learner bikes are simply deluding themselves. For a street bike, you'd be hard pressed to do better than a VFR/RVF. The Vfr's are getting fairly long in the tooth and finding an unmolested uncrashed one would not be easy. I wouldn't be too concerned about a few km's on the odo either. Mines done about 90,000kms of popping and banging off the rev limiter pretty much everywhere and still runs like a watch. Absolutely beautiful handling little bikes. Think 250 but with balls. They were far ahead of their time.
  10. Yeh, its a while off, will not be investing in one till at least next summer, probably later. Was thinking zxr as they are easier to work on and generally accepted to be a bit faster. As you said, vfr's are getting old, and rvf's are waaayyyyyy to expensive due to being lams. Getting one for $4k which they're worth just won't happen. But its a long way off yet
  11. not that much age difference between the VFR and RVF. If you are just riding on the road you won't notice the difference between them. They only downside is the VFR takes an 18 inch rear wheel so choice of tyres is limited. But 17 inch conversions are not that hard.