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First spill less than 24hrs after buying bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BigMouse, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Hi all. I posted my into in the welcome section on Friday and was hoping I wouldn't be making a post like this so soon, but here it is.

    thatdarnweasel and I went out riding on Saturday. It was a very nice and laid back day. He's only been riding for a couple weeks so I let him lead the way and set the pace. We went up Mt Keira, out to one of the nearby dams, rode around the carparks there a bit just practicing going slow and starting/stopping, then back home for a quick break. We decided it was too nice a day and there was still plenty of light left so we decided to take the coastal road, over the seacliff bridge, and up to Bald Hill. Made it out there with no issues, watched the hang gliders for a while and decided to head to the University to set up some cones and practice some more slow riding. On the way back, coming out of a roundabout which heads onto the northern distributor, thatdarnweasel didn't change direction quick enough, went too wide on the ramp, got into some gravel, and took a spill. I was relatively close behind him and, worried I would hit him, panicked and grabbed the front brake way too hard. It locked up, and I went down as well.

    I'm fine. Left knee is deeply bruised from being the first part of me to hit the road. Right knee and arms bruised up from rolling to a stop. My Rev'it gear held up well. A small hole on the knee where it wore through, and the front left pocket tore where I had the garage door opener stored. Jacket got a small scuff on the shoulder in the sportmesh.

    thatdarnweasel came out of it with a bit more to show for it. Fractured left ankle, fractured right thumb, and road rashed left knee where his dririder pants tore open at a surprisingly weak seam. He'll be getting around on crutches, a moon boot, and partial cast for the next month or so.

    As for the bikes, his VTR250 suffered only a broken left rider peg, gear shifter, and clutch lever.

    My (formerly as-new) XJ6S needs a new front fairing, left fairing, some fairing trim pieces, left mirror, windscreen, left front indicator, engine stator cover, gear shifter, and a dented/chipped fuel tank repaired/painted.

    We'll both need a bit of new/repaired gear.

    As you can imagine, I'm quite disappointed about my bike. Wish I'd have gotten more than a day into ownership before scratching it, let alone dropping it.

    Both bikes will get repaired, and we'll both be on them again (me sooner than him), but it was a pretty big hit to our bodies and confidence. I think I understand the value of ABS now ;-)

    Anybody got any leads on Yamaha XJ6S fairings in red?
  2. Glad you are both ok and will heal. Successive crashes are not uncommon with new riders riding together, you should take some lessons from the incident, ride your own ride, don't rely on others to spot dangers. Give each other more space, and practice your emergency braking so you don't grab a handful and lock up. :) Don't let it get you down, there is lots more fun to be had.
  3. The main thing is your both reasonably ok, bikes can be fixed and your ego will return (eventually).

    Plenty of lessons to be had and probably many more to come. Get back in the saddle asap!
  4. jeez, TWO learner prangs in the one post? What rotten luck :(

    Heal up quick, you need to get in more practice before winter hits..
  5. Well I hope in years to come you laugh as hard as the rest of us.
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  6. that to me, sounds like an excuse to personilise it.......
    street fighter?
  7. Yeah, no kidding. I've got my full license, but we're always learning. This happened within my first 24hrs with this bike, though I've had a few in the past. It was my first spill ever.

    A replacement mirror arrived today, and I bent the gear selector back into place. The stator cover is scratched up, but not broken, so I'll be back on the road this weekend.
  8. I definately learned something from it. The problem is that I can't get back on the bike to practice more until I'm all healed up! I've missed some beautiful days for it already too! :(
    twiddling my.... erh, thumb, until then.
  9. The bike, when I bought it, was the nicest vehicle of any kind that I'd ever owned. I'd like to get it back to that point. As for personalisation, plans include gel/memory foam seat modifications (with 1.5" or so heigh increase), handlebar riser/pullback, and some panniers. My car is the vehicle that gets the real mods.
  10. Could have been worse, at least nothing major injury wise.
    That roundabout can be nasty. usually when muppets in cars are in the right hand lane then think "oh crap i have to go left" and they just cut across to get on the distributor. I was even given the middle finger from a soccer mum in her black territory (with kids in car) after she chopped me of hard. Nice example to the kids from a bogan mum.
    Anyway, hope you guys are all good soon and back on the bikes.
  11. You guys should buy a car,go halves maybe.
    Safer all round for sure.
    Not a sports car tho-a camry maybe,or a corolla
  12. <smirk> ermm... coff.

    Not an ideal way to end the day fellah. But this often happens when fresh "L" riders go out together. Not knocking you guys AT ALL, but it's probably a good idea to have someone with you, who is more experienced, as both these incidents, were completely avoidable.

    Abs, might have helped you, the problem is, in some ways it prevents you from perfecting your braking. A fundamental of riding.

    Sorry it happened to you two guys. Don't be put off.

    Pssst! I saved hard for a year, bought my first new car. A beautiful night, went up to the hills to enjoy the cool air in my nice new car, feeling on top of the world....then proceeded to role it 4 times, after slamming an embankment. Had the car just 3 weeks. What a fekwit I was!!

    Just saying' ... it happened. Get past it and get on with your riding when you can
  13. Well congrats on your first stack!!

    Now you have that out of the way, you know how it feels, it hurts, in more ways then one..

    Get well soon, bikes are replaceable human bits n peices a tad harder, hope you're on two wheels enjoying yoruselves soon.
    And yes we all drop bikes, we laugh at others misfortunes and when it happens to us it DOES suck.
    Tomorrow's another day towards getting back in the saddle! :) keep smiling lifes too friggin short!!
  14. ahhh so that was the prang i rode passed... i rode past when there was a few people around. i didn't want to stop and create more of a crowd.. get better and heel up well
  15. That sucks man, I had the majority of my drops within the first few weeks of buying my first bike, I know how you feel :(

    At least your alive and your bike didn't suffer too much :)
  16. Sooner or later there's bound to be a prang... try & work on your emrgency braking a lil more, & also spend some alone time with your bike...the more you know it, the more you know how much you can push the limits :)
  17. Ahhh that sucks mate, I've ridden that way a few times but what got me unstuck was a downhill section with three corners in the RNP...although I had wiped off most of my speed before I hit some leaves on the edge so luckily only a busted failing and no damage to me or my gear! Hope you get better and back on the road soon...

    If you have trouble finding gear here there are some good sites for sourcing OEM products in the US
  18. Always sucks to drop the love of your life...

    Firstly, like the sock fairy, i think there is a 'new stuff' fairy that **** your shit up hard.
    like my new staintune = big dent on first ride = not a scratch since

    HURT report= most crashes are within 5 months of owning a new to you bike! therefore = it takes 5 months to learn a new bike (more if you are valentino rossi)
    To put that in perspective it takes me about 45,000 km (3 years riding every other day, not 5 months riding once a week) to get absolutely in harmony with a bike, where i ask it for a cup of tea and it replies "certainly sir, would you like cream?, not "f uck off c*nt"

    Falling off is a part of learning IMO (same as a pushbike when you were 5, except more lethal). I also believe in learning away from the road if possible = track, dirt, etc. However people who have learned on road will now flame up like i have just written Mein Kampf!

    The crash was nothing to do with ABS, purely rider skill/ability or lack of it. Remember :if you walk away from it, its a great crash. (Guess the other guy f ucked his ankle though)
    Just kane it charlie boorman style, 400 kms of gruelling desert riding with a broken hand and torn ligaments on the other hand

    Whew! that's the tough part, now if you want to keep riding, stare that horse down and get the f uck back on it!

    Oh and please learn the front brakes
  19. Whilst the front brake cause the fall, the crash probably started well before that, it is so easy to crash when someone else crashes.

    Remember you go where you look, so when someone crashes in front of you, it is easy to follow them into the same mistake, by target fixating. Thats not going to be good for anyone.

    When you see someone run wide you need to think, "dont look there, look through the corner". Get through the corner yourself.
  20. Thanks for that! I learned early on about the look-where-you-want-to-go thing. Of course it was the last thing in my mind when this happened.