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First speeding fine

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. I got my first speeding Fine..... $134 for doing 106 in a 100 zone on the freeway to geelong.

    I have been riding for 18 months and never had a fine before. To get caught 6kph over is bloody ridicimilous.

    If you have bike with a difital readout its hard to stay bang on 100, you would have to be looking at it every 3sec to make sure. I cant see how thats safe if your not watching the road.

    I bet its pointless appealing too.

    Bummer my weekend in Adelaide just got more expensive.
  2. $134 for 6 clicks over??? what a crime against humanity! thats way too much! what a bummer dude, the whole speeding ticket deal is just plain retardation in action, btw when you send the check, be sure to smear it a little with some feaces, it gets the message across. :grin:
  3. Write them a letter.

    Admit fault, point out it was your first ever speeding fine, and you promise to never do it again.

    I know 3 people that have got off doing this (only works if it's your first fine and you get done doing under 10k over).
  4. Hey, shut up!
    The government needs the money you know? It is coming up to christmas after all. :roll:

    I take it a cop pulled you over, or else you wouldn't know this soon? It's a heap of bullshit. I'd appeal anyway, what have you got to lose?
  5. I thought that the ADR's allowed for up to 6% error in speedometer readings, but condsidered the vehicle to still be roadworthy?
  6. Most states will give you 9 kms over before pinching you, except Victoria where it's 3 kms over and your gone. Govt claims that the modern speedo is more accurate these days.
  7. As far as I know, in Victoria if you haven't had a speeding offence for three years, write a letter admitting the offence and ask for a warning, and you will be let off with a warning. I haven't yet tried it myself though. It's a little known fact that they (the govt. and police/tax collectors) don't publicise.

    And agreed, staring at a speeedo and watching for cameras does make us less safe, particularly on bikes where our attention should 100% be on the road and other drivers. Steve Bracks sucks big time. Motorists keep Victoria's economy afloat.
  8. I thought this ridiculous interpretation/implementation of the rules was linked into the "wipe off 5" campaign. I thought their argument was that if you wipe off 5(ie. doing 55 in a 60) then you will never get pinged regardless of their 3kph tolerance. Of course, assuming up to 10% speedo error IAW ADRs, that means that once you reach 80 or above, even wiping off 5 won't guarantee you aren't less than 3k's over.
    This further illustrates the stupidity of this regime.
  9. The speeding fine was on the 1st December, the very same day my reg/rectifier fried whilst on the way to Adelaide, then I blew my back tyreo out at speed and had to but 2 tyres at full retail in a hick town, then realising I had also buckled the rim. i get to meet my freind and drop the bike on my shiny VFR pannier. Get to Adelaide to have the engine bolt fall out. Ride around with a bucled rim on Shyte tyres, get home and need a new chain, get the rim fixed to find out its not fixed properley and the engineers are now on holiday, and now a frakin speeding fine for some bullshit speed on a fcuking freeway........Merry fcuking christmas.
  10. We all knew it... you were obviously getting secret signs for it... stay AWAY from Adelaide :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. You needed a sign to stay away from Adelaide???

    Anyways... on the fine thing.... Not botherign with my fire department application next year because.... on the bike, fine count = 0
    in the car = 12 parking/speeding. equating to nearly 1/5 of the times i drive the car. (I only ever drive it to the post office at work)

    I hate cameras.
  12. And if it is not a modern speedo? What then?
  13. All speedos manufactured post 1992 have an error built into them so they display more than what you are actually doing.

    When you get pinged for 106, you were probably travelling at 112km/h at a guess.

    Still doesn't make it right
  14. Sorry to hear your bad luck continued when you got home Jason,
    hope it doesnt put you off coming back to Adelaide,wasn't our fault :) seems like you copped all the bad luck for the 3 of you on that trip,
    should have shared it around a bit :)
  15. doh!

    Hey this post makes me little nervous ... I ran uder a bridge coming back from Geelong and the speeds of everyone passing underneat were flashing up ... it said I was doing 106kph. I thought that put me in the clear cause its less than 10% over the limit. Can I expect fine?
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  17. Mmm me thinks you should have stayed in bed that weekend - or it was Keith giving you bad karma for not cooking his bacon and eggs. :p
  18. And just a friendly reminder to everyone, pay your fine -$10 what they ask for. This is "within tollerance" and they won't chase you for it. I've tried it, it works. :)
  19. I ran under that same bridge and when sitting on 106 the readout said 95.
    I had my bike dyno'd and they said the speed was out by 10kph.
    And when I travelling with Lil she has commented I go pretty slow.
    So Im doing 100 but actually Im only doing 90kph.
    So when sitting on the freeway I know I can safely sit on 110kph. So thats what I do but it seems i was over still.
    I have never had a fine before and i never speed on the freeway as its to risky and pointless.
    I will send them a letter and see how it goes.
  20. Stookie, you're a menace to society. Don't you know SPEED KILLS? :p

    You're almost as bad as the cop who sat behind me through a school zone on Ferntree Gully Rd this morning as I cruised along at 40 klicks, then pulled out into the next lane and passed me at a good 10 k's over the limit. :evil: