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First Speeding Fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Honda Phantom, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Got my first fine for speeding on my bike today :( It was taken by a stationary camera car at 11:30am. I was allegedly going 68 in a 60 zone... $131 bucks and 1 demerit point. I’ve ordered an image of the alleged offence to see if I was on 1 wheel or 2 (haha).

    Bloody Bracks !!!

  2. mate understand ur pain there
    but if it was on one wheel post here and let us all admire :LOL: :LOL:
    bad luck for the easter break
  3. You do the crime, you do the time.

    No Sympathy.

  4. 8ks over hardly constitutes a crime.

    I'd be feeling pretty hard done by if I got a fine for anything less than 10ks over.

    Thats just bad luck dude. And bad governing in the nazi state!

    At least you might get a good photo of you on your bike!
  5. yeah man thats a bit harsh...
    i mean 8ks...
  6. hehe, ive had two in viccie for being 3ks over, or 1k after radar error.

    I dont agree with it but thats how it is.
  7. Lets all wrap ourselves in cotton wool.

    However, having said that. This morning, going to work in
    my black Charade, some p-plater &@^% stain in their *&@%
    box holden overtook me at a guessimated speed of 160km/h. This
    was in a 60 zone near a school (Yorktown Road, in Elizabeth Park,
    Adelaide) with kiddies and mums walking to school. He was going
    that fast that he was nearly losing it. His car was jumping around
    so much as he dodged traffic that I thought he was going to roll his
    car. I wondered if he had stollen it (being Elizabeth and all) and that
    I was going to meet an accident scene 1km ahead. Luckerily he
    slowed down to a controllable pace.

    Now.. note the distinction here-- The above *&(*^&^ versus some poor
    b**tard doing 8K over the limit. There is a very big difference.

    I used to live in Darwin in the 90's, when there was no speed
    policing. Thanked god when speed camera's got introduced up
    there, as it toned down unsafe driving (particularly Taxi's, who
    were the biggest offenders of dangerous driving).

    However, Victoria seems to be in the other side of the spectrum
    to the extent of being outrageous.
  8. Write a nice letter. Explain you previous unblemished driving history. Explain how sorry you are that you were speeding. Explain that you were careless in not watching your speed closely enough and ask if it can be reduced to a caution. Good chance you will get out of it!
  9. 8k's and 131 bux.

    damn thats harsh man.

    i hate phone bills let alone fines.
  10. Yes they screw us over with two taxes for fuel, then $500 odd for rego then give us a right rogering for being a few K over. Oh and if you're 25k over, you're walking for a month!
    The free country eh?
    It'll be nice to be in Ukraine next year, barely enforced speed limits and cops open to (small) bribes.
  11. mmm good ol bribes
  12. Also had a fine recently on my bike with 8 km/h over the limit. I had a look at the photo and noticed that there were two other cars in the picture. One travelling in the same direction as me (infront of me) and one in the opposing direction. Is that worth challenging in court?

    Does anybody have any experience in challenging such offences in court or are such claims generally frowned upon...?
  13. i challenged a 200 on the spot fine for smoking at gosford station.

    i got out of it. and quit smoking. YES
  14. Wipe of 5 (or 8), save lives (money/demerits).
  15. When I first started riding in South East Asia, I had my trusty Honda Phantom and I got arrested for not wearing a helmet... (I know im a f'ing dick head for not wearing one, but the small island I was on didnt sell helmets.) I payed off the commander of police for the island and walked out of the police station.

    Back on topic, Ill post the picture of the offence on here once i get it in the mail... (Next Thursday I think.)
  16. word. It's not like it's a gray area...
  17. Seems everyone wants a fair go and the benchmark for that is to at least limit enforcement to the legal accuracy requirement for the speedo ie. 10%.

    But you even busted that. So what more do you want? Sure, it wasn't much over but it was still over and you knew you were doing it. Action - consequence. It is a pretty simple equation that too many people are unwilling to accept.
  18. Hey, I'm not looking for sympathy... I swear some people just skip reading the opening post and just read what they want to. I might not agree with the techniques used to catch out motorist, but that’s another issue. I’m happy to support the Bracks in achieving its goal in being a police state :D ... (jk)
  19. pfft, thats nothing man. I got caught today doing 123 in a 100 zone by a cop car goin the other way.

    I only got 2 points left, funny thing was i didnt get a fine for riding a 250cc + bike.

  20. I guess the other extreme is a bloke on a Sydney forum recounting his "evening" with the NSW Police after a group ride. Once he was on his own, he was doing about 180 in a suburban 70 with a car tailing him, which then backed off. 20 minutes after he gets home the Police turn up and take him away. They book him for 30+, something like a $575 fine and he still has his licence! :shock: If some think the 68 in a 60 is a bit harsh then this other case must be the world trying to balance itself.