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First Speeding FIne on my bike :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BalmyBrowny, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Got my first speeding fine on way home from Indoor Netball tonight :( was no cars around me an i usually use them for my speed... so just took off from lights like normal... and just cruised along... then nesxt thing i know policeman is out wavind his wand at me :( was doin 78 in 60 zone... i thought it was 70 zone... but sign was about 250M ahead for 70 zone :( so now is $150 an 3 points... havent got speeding fine in over 4 years!!!! now 3 months after gettin bike i have one :( wish i looked at speedo more.... :(

  2. Where was the previous speed sign?
  3. Bugger!! :( Nothin worse than seein those flashing lights in the rear view!
  4. There should be a speed sign directly after every set of lights.
  5. If you turned onto the road after the speed sign indicates the speed. (e.g. you dont see a speed sign before you got pulled over) you may be able to argue inadequate (spelling?) signage and get away with it. Check it out.
  6. thought of that.. but was Brisbane St Bundamba..... is straight road leading to ipswich rd... is a bit of signage if you look for it :(
  7. Only $150.... lucky you don't live in Melbourne.
  8. I think the general rule there is that you do 60kmh until you know for certain what the limit is. It isn't inadequate signage if there's no sign directly after every corner.
  9. In Victoria it is a 50 zone until otherwise signed, if its a built up area of course.
  10. Ah right!
  11. wordness
  12. ##it happens.
  13. BalmyBrowny: Bad luck :( They seem to really be cracking down on Brisbane St lately, on Saturday they were just at the start of the Ipswich Motorway (80 zone, about 100m before it turns into 90 zone), and this morning they were sitting in front of Suzuki Edge...
  14. Somehow I don't think the "I was doing 78 'cause I thought it was a 70 zone" defense would work in contesting it. Tough break but you're certainly not the first and won't be the last - at least now you have a reason to join the regular "Speeding fines are stupid" threads :).
  15. Indoor netball hey................................

  16. oh i know it wont stand up in court saying that i thought it was 70 zone... was just saying thats the ave speed i thiough ti was doing... am happy to pay fine.. own stupid fault for speeding... is what i get for not checking speedo often enough... been practicing on way to and from work today to see quickest and easiest way for me to glance at it without lookin down too much.....

    and yes Rom Rom... i play indoor netball :p you know how many hot girls play??? he he... and plus body gettin a bit old for basketball now he he....