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First set of Riding Gear ...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. I have read the topis on another thread, but am still unsure. I'm on a limited budget and although price is a factor, I would like get as much protection as I can with the funds available. Had my "L"s only a month now. So far I wear :
    Nito Fibreglass Full Face Helmet. ( black/silver/ white )
    Keprotc/ Kevlar Riding Gloves.
    RJays Voyager Jacket. << waterprrof with membrane.
    Wondering if these were a good choice?

    I really shouldve got something more brighter in a helmet I guess...
    My main concern is lower body now I think. Looking for a reasonably good, not too expensive pants, boots, and possible knee protection?.. I figure if u lay down, the knees are gonna definately hit the bitumen.
    At the moment I wear Jeans .. YES from just jeans & Redback Boots ( similar to Blunstone )
    Boots need to be not too stiff.. I am only 5'3 and need to bend my feet down in order to touch the ground on tip toes.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated ...

    Budget ?? pants/knee protection ... $150-$200 ???
    Boots ..... $150???
  2. Yep, what you have so far is good.

    As for leg protection, for everyday use you can't beat a pair of draggins - kelvar material where it matters, abrasive resistant, so it doen't get torn up like normal jeans do when you get unstuck. Something with hard knee protection will be costing more than 200 though, and not very practical for day to day use.

    Boots, for $150 you'll be wanting to wait until a good sale comes on before you but, since good boots start at 200-250, and great boots are 250+.
  3. thanks phiz...
    Guess I'll hold out a while and get some good boots... $200-$250
    Any one know what kinds are brands to look for? something safe and comfy.
    Draggins are looking like a good choice for pants.. are hard knee protectors important? I am only assuming the knees are the part that will hit the bitumen first .. I may be wrong.
    And these are worn under the pants right?
  4. after my fall last sunday I definitely recommend some armour for knees. And yes, my knee hit the ground first, ouch.... my shoulder was second and it's slightly sore but not as bad as it would be without shoulder armour.
  5. If you want armour for Draggins... if the draggins are baggy in the legs, get separate armour that you strap around your knee/calf. The velcro stuff is too annoying to keep it in place. However, if you're going for the Skins (tight Draggins), the velcro on stuff is great. However, the jeans are about $210 + armour $50 (for knee and hip - can be bought separately). I've used the knee armour - glad I had it. Not sure about hip armour.

    If you can't afford real boots yet, make sure your laces are tucked in so they don't get caught on the bike as you try to put your foot down. Can equal bike laying down on foot.
  6. Hey there,
    I also recommend Draggin's. I have been wearing the black cargo's since 8 months ago and they still look like new, definately worth the price tag. (as quoted in previous posts) Plus from all the people I know that went down, they also do the job well in protecting yo a$$ :p

    with the velcro attachable armour, don't think it's a good idea unless your jeans are fitted to your legs. I do and will recommend any Motocross knee armour anyday, they go from $40 bucks upwards for a pair and can be worn underneith your jeans. you can also get them in knee armour only or knee and chin armour (just in case you wear looking for shorter boots but also don't wanna compromise the protection on your chin)

    I own Rjays H2o boots, got em for $180 and they are awsome for the price. goes high up (amost knee high on me) and have ankle plates and all the other protection you need in leather, waterproofing and stability. (Altho comfort is a questionable topic with these H2o boots..... but they only $180)

    Rivet Keprotec gloves are great, I also own a pair, altho it sucks wearing them in winter tho at night :p - but they are comfy and has all the protection you need for a standard size glove.

    and if you really wanna get serious about safety then you can also look at back protectors (worn underneith your jacket for added protection) kidney belts (most of the time they come attached to the back protector) and reflective vests for night riding. I get paid out sometimes for looking like a cop in my reflective yellow vest but at least cars can see you from a mile away and generally slow down when you ride past.

    Backprotectors will cost you anywhere from $100 upwards
    reflective vests you can grab from a discount store for $8 upwards

    if you think that your helmet isn't bright enough then you can always buy reflective 3M strips to put on it.

    (oh btw - Redback boots are a good option if you can't afford boots just yet)
  7. Thanks Guys WOW .. You lot sure are a GREAT deal of help, your input has been appreciated. I have emailed draggin jeans and they have informed me of what measurements they need in order to size me up.
    They also tell me that their knee armour velcros to the inside of their jeans and take little space.

    I am leaning towards a pair or dririder nordic @ $179 or the tourer boot @200 bucks, not sure yet.
    A friend has recommended a pair of 'forma' boots. I think theyre Italian, but I havent heard them meantioned here yet.

    Once again . .ThankYou
  8. I'm not sure if they have them where you are, but go and check out crime converters oops I mean cash converters.
    They usually have secondhand bike clothing, and you just never know your luck.
    If you do go dont whatever you do pay the ticket price. Haggle Haggle.
  9. Can't go wrong if you stick with the RJays stuff either I reckon.
  10. mate i know you are on a budget, but buy a back protector before knee protection, they can rebuild knees, they can't fixed backs.... you can get a rjays one for about 110-130......

    For anyone else out there IMO a back protector is a must right!!!! Right up there with the helmet...

    cheers stewy
  11. Stew .. by back protector do u mean something additional to that rubber looking membrane inside the back of my Rjays jacket?

    thx triway !

    vossy ...LMAO @crime convertors
  12. Thanks for the advice mate ... that makes a few of you recommending back protectors ... the 3M tip is a great idea.
    BTW re: vest.. do ya think a 46yo 5ft 3" guy riding a honda SL230 could be mistaken for a cop ???
    ... I didnt think so LMAO!!
  13. I say knees over back, it's most likely you will end up on your knees and not on your back. knees are just exposed bone with no muscle protecting it. Suffering for the rest of your life from arthritis isn't going to be fun when you can't walk, run and get up the stairs.

    I had my first knee reconstruction on my 15th birthday from a mountain bike accident, I had arthritis since and I don't recommend it to any one. When I wiped out on sunday I made sure to do everything possible not to land on my dodgy knee (left), so I made sure that I wiped out on my right side. Now both of my knees feel exactly the same right now.
  14. yeah Rjays are really good for price and protection. probably not for helmets but everything else like jackets, boots, luggage etc. they are extremely good for the price you pay for.

    Essentially you shouldn't be thinking about the price of protective gear. You can't put a price when it comes to your safety.

    I put around $1200 aside for gear, for that I got,
    A leather 'Bikerclub' (some aussiemade brand) armoured jacket ($250), Shark Helmet $(350) Draggin's Cargo($200) Rjays Boots ($180) Axo back protector ($120) Rivet Gloves ($70)

    (I did get a good discount for buying everything almost all at once tho)

    But I think that's the average someone would spend on their gear first off.
  15. Yep - that's the exact stuff I started on. But seriously, if you're not getting skin tight jeans, it's going to be more trouble than it's worth to have the armour velcroed in just the right spot for riding (lower down knee) to walking around (in front of knee). If you have it right for riding, as you take each step when walking it'll knock the bottom of your knee til the armour has either moved (means you have to find just the right position for riding again) or it falls off. If the armour's not in the perfect spot for riding, it ranges from really uncomfortable to completely useless. It only takes a few steps for it to move.

    Unless you're getting skins, get strap on knee armour from a bike shop. MotorCross stuff works well and even has nice material for against your knee, rather than the plastic/rubber.

    Don't make the same mistake I did!
  16. Makes sense mate ... thanks for the tip. It certainly does sound more trouble than its worth. Strap on armour sounds like the go, especially with lose fitting draggins.
    I am thinking of getting the Draggin Stout Jeans , not sure if they are the skins tho, only skins I saw were the ladies skins.
  17. A back protector is a series of interlocking hard plastic plates that allow your back to bend forwards but not backwards, they typically are attched to a soft fabric that has shoulder straps and also velcros around your waist to keep it in place.

    I wear mine everyday...walking may be hard with arthiritis but you won't be walking anywhere with spinal cord damage...a good back protector will not guarantee it won't happen to you but it will lessen the risk.

    I started out in jeans, then draggins, then leathers...leather is by far the best for protection if the shit hits the fan...better abrasion resistance and padding in the right places, however they are not waterproof or particularly warm...so a pair of thermals underneath to keep warm and a pair of cheap waterproof pants for over the top will sort you out.

    If the budget won't stretch that far Draggins are a good alternative but again thermals and wet weather stuff is the go underneath and over the top. I have just bought a pair of summit pro pants from Dririder which are lovely and warm and do have ssome padding/protection but if i had to choose what i was wearing if i slide down the road on my arse i would prefer the leather

    As for boots the new Rjays ones look to be pretty good...they do a waterproof model too(perfect for melbourne :p )...go in and see Brian at Bikemart in Ringwood the guys there are fantastic and will take the time to sort you out with the right gear :)
  18. what keith said......oh so true......a good back protector will not guarantee it won't happen to you but it will lessen the risk.

    and you can in a wheelchair??? plus all the rest of the shit that abled bodied people take for granted..... if you want to know complete details google spinal cord injuries and you will see it's a little more involved then just not being able to move your legs/feet

    sorry mate completely disagree..... ok it may be a struggle to get up and walk around but i would rather put up with that then have to deal with never being able to walk again..... i live with a partner with a spinal cord injury and see the struggle she has to deal with everyday......
  19. I'm female, so I got Skins. Guys might look a bit 80s in jeans that tight :LOL: .. but looks like Stout are reasonably tight...
    Just checking them out:

    They might be tight enough for the velcro armour. How about you buy the jeans, then in the bike shop see if you can get strap-on to fit under them, if not, they usually have the same Knox armour that Draggin puts in. The only thing is if you want hip armour, get Draggin to do that so you get the special pockets put in the jeans.

    And yes, a spine protector helps prevent hyperextension (massively leaning backwards) injuries. Knee injuries are more common, but back injuries more severe. The standard foamy stuff in many jackets will help reduce some impact, but won't prevent hyperextension. Hyperflexion injuries are harder to get (coz we already bend forwards easily), and twisting injuries are a worry, but currently have no protection as far as I'm aware.

    It's certainly a tough decision if you can't afford it all at once. If you can't afford new, try 2nd hand. But don't go 2nd hand for helmet or spine protector. Check any other armour to make sure it hasn't flattened.
  20. So much good advice here... taking in all.
    Think the way to go for me is :
    Draggin Jean (stout) .. with inner knee armour ( If that fails, I'll use external starp on )
    DriRider boots ( tourer )
    and later .... a back protector ... when $$ allows.

    Thanks again for everyones advice.. been a GREAT help in making me feel safe out there.
    Thank God I found this invaluable forum.

    Pinkxie ... what's wrong with the 80's look? LOL :shock: ... damn growing old is no fun :p