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First set of gear advice (leather versus textile)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by swannysan, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    I am looking to buy my first set of motorcycle gear, but can't decide between leather and textile gear. Ideally, I would like for the gear to be able to cope with rain as well as heat (i.e Melbourne weather). Budget says that I can't get both a set of wet weather gear and hot weather gear separately. Here are the items I have considered so far:
    RST Razor Jacket
    RST Ventilator 2 Jacket

    The pants I plan to purchase will most likely be the matching pants for the jackets. I have these two jackets high on my list due to both having CE armor at elbows, shoulders, as well as on the back.
    My main concerns are: if i get the leathers will it get too hot? With the mesh on the jacket, I wonder if it will actually provide protection. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I'm in Melbourne and my every day riding gear is textiles. Have a look at AMX to see whats around. http://www.amxoutlets.com/
    PS for wet gear get a waterproof over suit.
  3. RSt Ventilator is an excellent all-rounder. i wear it year round as all the layers are removable. It also feels like it has good protection (havent tested that though).
    I currently haven't got leathers and have been quite happy with the RST gear only for the last year.
  4. I 2nd this suggestion.
  5. I 3rd it sort of... My dririder jacket has a waterproof liner so only got waterproof overpants but they work a charm in the rain.

    Textile would be the way to go for day to day riding for ease and price if you ask me.
  6. Can the layers be attached seperately, so just the waterproof or just the thermal liner and no waterproof? (would you ever need to?). And how waterproof is it?
  7. aldi just had a sale and they have the wet gear
  8. i also have the ventillator 2 jacket and can vouch for it. it has 2 inner layers which can be zipped in any combination (thermal and/or rain/windproof) so is good for warm weather but raining, cold raining, or just cold. and with both liners out it breathes extremely well in hot weather (several mesh panels in low risk areas).

    I cant vouch for its crash effectiveness but i wouldnt be comfortable coming off at high speed in it (say over 80kph). I also just got a set of leathers which i intend to use for touring etc but that was considerably more expensive.
    I think textiles are the way to go for an initial investment if you cant afford leathers.

    thats just my 2c
  9. Summer coming and road riding. Textile all the way.
    There are very few wet gear that actually are good at keeping the water COMPLETELY out. And even less that hold their waterproof value.
    I use to take the dri-rider full over suits. Think about $120 buck.
    Now I go to somehting like Amart all sports and just get soccer training wet gear. Costs about $25 bucks for pants and jacket to go over my riding gear.
  10. I forgot to mention this, but both those jackets are actually the same price at Peter Stevens. That's why I was weighing them against each other. Although, I agree that summer is coming and it seems like leathers might boil me, even if its perforated like the razor.
  11. Yeah with the zips all the layers can be mixed and matched. Its pretty waterproof. I rode down to philip island last year in the pouring rain fopr the motogp and I only got a few points where water dribbled in. And it was pouring down...
    also the thermal layer is great, very warm. And when all the layers are taken out it is fully ventilated, so the wind goes right through and keeps you cool.
  12. Have a look on Ebay. I bought my jacket and Dragin jeans on ebay that i use everyday and my leather pants for weekends. Didn't pay more than $100 for any of them.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. Yeah, managed to find one on ebay in a small size for half the price at Peter Stevens. I am wondering what the fit should be like. I tried a small on, and the shoulders sit square on mine, but will length down the back be an issue? I also tried the medium on and the shoulders were too big in that. What are your thoughts?
  14. If you track down the Draggin facebook page they've posted an article that compares a few types of jeans and leather pants from one of the UK magazines.
  15. Hi there. I've got a Rivet Rainlock Freeway textile jacket, which I bought some 15 years ago. It has all the protection pads (elbows, shoulders, back). Been riding through an absolute deluge in Europe recently and not a drop of water got through the jacket! (Bloody pants didn't hold up to it though.) Don't know if they're still made, but very comfortable and great in both hot and cold weather.

    Have to admit that leather looks nice, but it's not as practical, in particular if the weather changes 3 times in the one day.