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First Service

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nathanshnoz, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Took my bike into the shop to get a service and new chain and sprockets put on. I have a feeling i got a bit ripped off with the price so just curious as to what all you guys think. My bike is a 1998 Honda VT250C.

    Quantity Description Price

    2.5 Shell SX4 OIL $22.50
    1 RK520X120L (Chain) $130.00
    1 JTF1299 F/Sprocket 14T 520 $41.99
    1 R/Sprocket 38T 520 $56.00
    1 Honda TRX 04 - ON $12.00
    1 U24FER9 $13.00
    1 Ties.Lube.Pins.Oil Disposal.etc. $4.60

    Parts Total $280.09

    2.75 hrs labor $209.00

    GRAND TOTAL $489.10

    To me, and being my first service and chain sprockets etc i had no idea it would cost this much! :shock: I was thinking more like $350. Does this seem fair or is it overpriced?
  2. I paid $310 for the first service on an Aprilia RS125. I would have thought the Honda would be much cheaper :? How come they replaced the chain so early?
  3. well it is a 10 year old bike so the chain wasn't new when i bought it 4 months ago and due to my perhaps, less than regular lubing of the chain it was completely stuffed.

  4. Being a 1998 bike I'd say it may have been worn.
    Take out the cost of the chain and sprockets and the labour involved with that the service cost seems spot on.
  5. Looks basically okay.

    What is this part? ---> Honda TRX 04 - ON

    Labour looks maybe a little high, but not by much. Is the dealer a Honda delaer by chance, no names needed.

    If it is, you could ask them to supply their labour rate (Not the $$`s, but the time given) that they would get from their insurance company, or from Honda, to do those particular tasks.

    BTW, it might be your first time getting this bike serviced, but this is definitely not a first service.


  6. not sure what the TRX-04 part is,

    No it's not a specialized Honda dealer but they do stock Honda bikes, parts and accessories. I'm not trying to say i did get ripped off, i'm just seeing what others think of the price, as it is my first service i have nothing to compare it with

    i meant it was the first time i had serviced the bike....so sorry if it reads different, but no it is definitely NOT the bikes first service[/quote]
  7. Oh geez i completely missed that bit LOL. I saw 'first service' and thought it was a new bike, i missed the bit where it was 10yrs old, my bad :shock:
  8. Oil filter and spark plug? Generally, the costs look reasonable by shop standards, but are a strong incentive to learn how to do as much as you can yourself. I've done my 24k major service but for checking the valves, which a bloke not far from here can do much better than I can. It cuts the cost of the service significantly.
  9. Chain + Front and rear sprockets should have been approx $120-130max for the lot. You got a bit over charged there i think
  10. They weren't too hard on you.
  11. 2 & 3/4 hours to change oil, filter, plug and sprockets?
    Is that normal or is that one slow arsed mechanic.

    I bet the boys at a spanner day would take that long and they use MVrog's teeth to remove the oil filter & spark plug ;)
  12. well considering i left it there from approx. 11am till 2.30pm maybe i paid for his lunch break too? :eek:
  13. 1 Honda TRX 04 - ON $12.00
    1 U24FER9 $13.00

    The only two queries that I have - Part numbers don't make for great "itemised" bills. 3 hours would be the norm for me, for oil, filters and chain. But I don't charge $76 per hour, and I clean everything as I put it back.

    If there were a few adjustments the mechanic had to make, then it is fair. Another reason why it pays to DIY, and a decent set of tools will cost you about 2 services' labour.
  14. I need new chain and sprockets.
    Now my bike is under warranty but im not getting it done at the dealer. I only get my services done there...for warranty purposes.

    There is a guy down the road that does work on bikes. Own business, great guy knows his stuff. Real professional

    Charges 60 bux an hour labor
    Got quoted chain and sprockets 275 inc gst inc labor and parts.
    Considering the rest of the service wouldn't take more than 30mins if you used my bloke you would have paid just over 300.

    300 is not a bad amount for a service. but yes, I think u got royally jibbed. but that's expected I guess.
  15. I was talking to a mechanic in mitcham about a month ago, he said he charges $90 an hour and his boss who has more experience charges $100, glad I know my way around an engine!
  16. a lot of people have the misconception that a bike is cheaper to run than a car.of course it depends on the car/bike combination you have but my old civic costs stuff all to run and maintain compared to the bike.