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First service + upgrades

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Badsi, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. I brought a 2006 Vmoto matrix 2 months ago. Almost brand new with just 110km oo the odometer. Now it has 600km and I'm looking for a good place in Melbourne where I can get good service.

    Second thing is that I'm thinking about to install a kit to the bike because it pretty slow when I'm going up hill .. On a flat road it goes 70 but when my friend was driving next to me his speedometer said 60 .. Thats a really BIG lay ..

    Anyway .. The question is if u know any places in Melbourne where I can do it ??
  2. Welcome Aboard to the Netrider Community !

    Sorry, not sure how to install a kit, but my fav colour is blue, and I enjoy walks along the beach

  3. not sure about the kit - Im going to get mine done when ive done 1000k's.

    My scooter (Bolwell Retro 50cc) has also done 600k's and got its first service today. It's max speed was just above 60 on the flat, and I think its fairly spot on, but I havent checked it with a car.

    I asked them to de-restrict it while they serviced it, and man, I'm so happy. It now gets to 70 easily, and 75 after not long on the flat. It still dies in the ass up a hill, but im a big guy, so it's to be expected. Im now going to research what will get me up the hills faster, coz I dont really need much more than 75 on the flat.

    I dont know if your scooter is restricted or not, but if it is, get em to derestrict it for you. And my scooter guy told me to wait till 1000k's until playing with it - big bore kits and exhausts etc. I know this isn't a hard and fast rule, he just said waiting till 1000 k's just plays it safe and ensures the engine is broken in.
  4. I've done already 2000 km ;) Wanted to take my small beauty for a spin in the morning and realized I have a flat tyre again :( Second time in one month :( Last time I paid $70 - how bad is that?? .. I'm really thinking to get some kits for the bike now .. It is starting to make me really mad when I clock the speedometer(80km) but I go actually just 65 !!!! Cant go faster than that even after those "kits" that I have installed :/ .. How can they do stuff like this to people? It should be fined .. And when its windy - OMG .. better don’t ask ;) Its slowing down to 50 ;) Hope ur scooter goes better than mine ;) Im not really happy with what I have right now .. the only good thing is that I just paid $1500 for it .. Once I save up some money I buy a better one ..
  5. RIPPED. Assuming it wasn't a whole new tyre.
  6. for a little skoot it had better have been the whole tyre. Not like the 300 plus we pay for a sports tyre on the Gixxer hey Phiz... and what eva happened to your reviews of skoots?? Any luck yet??
  7. Mate, its a 50cc scoot. Sounds to me like its performing pretty much exactly the way its designed to.
  8. There's a list of Vmoto Dealerships for your area on the Vmoto au site.

    Maybe checkout PMTuning for some performance mods.

    I can't post any links yet being a newbie here.

  9. Cost me $45 this time .. Took them about 1.5h to do it ;)

    "..Mate, its a 50cc scoot. Sounds to me like its performing pretty much exactly the way its designed to.."

    I know .. Im just mad at the speedometer .. there is a BIG difference between 80 and 65 ;) My first bike so Im still learning .. In January I'll buy s proper bike :) Need to save some money up ..