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First service recommendations for Ninja 300

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Danhendo888, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    Has anyone recently had their first service on their new Ninja 300 in Sydney and found it to be worth recommending/sharing in terms of where you took it.
    Happy to hear your thoughts, comments on your recent experience.

  2. im in melb, but just put my 300 in for its first service this morning. paid $200, some other places wanted $350 for it...
  3. Shop around. I'm assuming its basically an oil change. Learn how to do it yourself for $50. Pretty easy
  4. yep, oil/filter and checking over the other fluids/ tightening any fittings etc. i would have done mine myself but as im going to be selling on in a year i thought it better to get the stamp in the book.
  5. If I was buying it a receipt for oil and filter stapled to service book would be same if not better than a service stamp
  6. sounds good, i plan to do the same
    what bike are you planning on getting next and will it be used or new?
  7. from a currently motorcycle owners point of view yes, but for first time buyers with little or no motorcycle IQ, they probably like to be more concerned about following a check list inc a first time service stamp not knowing how basic this check is.. its a bit overrated imo shouldn't be too much happening for most bikes but a lot of talk about it
  8. hopefully a '13 daytona 675r :woot:
  9. Do u mind sharing where u got yours done? Thanks
  10. if your plan is to sell it & the money isn't an issue Id be getting it done from a / the dealer.

    At least the buyer can see that stamp in the book and know that the first service and check was done right. ( Not imoplying you couldn't ):] but from a buyers perspective I think that would be preferable at least for it would.

    If you do other oil changes yourself after that and staple the receipts even better
  11. Okay I await the flogging....I got my ninj's first service done where I bought her...Bikebiz at Granville...cost ~$320...
    got the stamp :)
    This child is happy with this and just to shit you all to tears, yep, I got my 6,000 km service done there as well and this child got yet another stamp... :D

    And yep, Wasabi is almost up for her 12000 km service and yep she'll be getting serviced there again... ;)

    I do know my arse from elbow with most things mechanical but bike mechanics is not near the top of my list.
    if someone shows me once, I can 99.9/100 times usually get it done myself the next time but... not shown how, not ever likely to be and don't want to fcuk it up and then have to call the NRMA very red faced for something really basic and stupid that I caused :(

    I also find the male species just loves to tighten a nut to the point of no return and I find that I just can't undo many of the bolts screws etc with out birthing a bit of bowel in the process! ;)

    In flogging position waiting :)