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First service question

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Jackarougi, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. I got my new bike last week and it's already just about due for it's first 1000km service. I've got it booked in for Monday because that was the earlier Peter Stevens could get it in but the problem I have is that I've got a big ride on Sunday with some friends that'll add a few hundred kms at least and a ride down to Pakenham tomorrow. All this would bring my bike up to around 1200kms, maybe a little bit more. How many kms is too many for me to do, should I skip out on the Pakenham ride or will my bike be alright with the few hundred extra kms?
    Thanks, Jack.

  2. The big thing with the first service is the oil change as there's usually a few shavings as you bed in the piston, rings and gearbox. So long as you take it in at 1200K's I think you should be OK.
    Great to see you're getting your money's worth... :)
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  3. Nice bike little brother :p
    Your bike will be fine, an extra 200km's wont hurt it. Think I had an extra 150km on mine for the first service but it couldn't be helped.
  4. It's not fair on them to expect me to only do 1000kms in my first 9 days of being on 2 wheels..!
  5. I know your pain, it took me 8 days to do 1000klms on the ZX, I managed to book it in though.

    If I was buying your bike at a young stage of life I would want to see that the services were done and logged in the owner's manual reasonably on time, however that said, 1200klms wouldn't really put me off buying it.

    Don't let it go any longer than that though, the oil in them from factory is different than normal oil, it is designed to let the engine bed it whereas after that the oil id only designed to reduce wear.
  6. Yeah, be careful you don't go over 1000 because apparently it could blow up! BeeBee had the same problem recently and had to go home early from her ride so the speedo matched the service interval. I think she got it done on time though and is back out riding.
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  7. I went up to 1300kms before I took it in, mainly due to laziness. But everything was fine.
  8. So long as your donk doesn't lunch itself between 1000 and 1200ks and Peter Stevens decide to play hardball with your warranty...:arghh:
  9. I've decided to skip the ride to Pakenham so I should be able to scrape in under 1000kms, if not it'll only be a few over. Hopefully my bike doesn't play funny buggers..!
  10. Be careful taking it in under 1000 as my duc has a service icon on the odometer which doesn't come on until 1000 is reached and they can't turn it off early so you could have the service at 950 and when you hit 1000 it will come on anyway and you may have to go in to get it switched off check your manual
  11. Your bike will be fine , it's your wallet that you should be worried about when comes to servicing bikes at dealerships
  12. Meh, First service is usually pretty good, it's basically an oil change and a check over a bike which is pretty well perfect. It's things like the 20K service that start to hurt!
  13. 400 to 500 is usually the go for first service from a stealership
  14. I did my Ducati a few weeks ago it was $318 for the 1000km service
  15. Yeah I've been told $320 for the first service.
    Would you recommend taking it back to a mechanic for all it's services, or is it fine to do most of them at home (my Dad has been rebuilding bikes his whole life so I'll be having his teach me the works) and only take it in for major ones?
  16. Just check owners manual of what you can or can't do without affecting warranty as its part of the cost you payed for the bike and you can bet if something goes wrong they'll find a way to stiff you if you've done something you shouldn't have
  17. Nah it was $270 for the XZ-14R's first service, no drama at all.
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