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First service on VL800

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jeimbo, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Just had the first service done on my VL800C50 Suzuki at K&J Thomas in Whittlesea (where I bought it from)

    Cost? $115.

    They checked everything, changed oil and filter etc. Only thing they didn't do was change the final drive oil (invoice said they checked it) so I bought some oil and did it myself. Got to say it was better than the $400 horror stories I was hearing about other shops.
  2. @ what mileage, if I may ask? If it was a 'first service after purchase', it may have just a few basic issues to cover, but my experience is that services DO cost in the hundreds of dollars range.....
  3. 1000km service - have heard stories of very expensive first services - up to $400 in some cases. Understand the 6000km service is pretty major so expect a fair bill for that one.
  4. Jeimbo - is that the Volusia ?
  5. It's the other way round. At the first service they are suppose to check the valves & drain the final drive fluid. The 6k service is pretty basic. It's all in your owners manual on page 6-4.

    My first service at PS was $320. The 6k will be under $200. Not PS.

    The 12k looks a bit more involved. Plugs, valves.....

    Have a look & see what suzuki recommend for changing the oil filter. :shock:
  6. Volusia's brother.
  7. I did see that and will insist on an earlier change. They checked the valaves and everything's gorgeous.

  8. plus the vl800 is naked so no labour charges on removing fairing
  9. I had my bike put in for a 6000K service soon after I bought my bike. It had about 4000ks since its last service from what the previous owner told me. I knew the front and rear shocks were soft and sagging. So had them change the rear shock and change the oil in the front shocks. Had them change coolant, oil, oil filter, fuel filter and a general service around the bike+tune. All this cost me around the $500 mark.
  10. Had the 6k service done last week at Seaford Suzuki. I did the oil & filter. Cost was $80.

    PS wanted $220 with them doing the oil & filter.

    Goodbye PS. Never again.
  11. Do my own oil and filters every 5000 km.
    Will do it all, as son is a mechanic, and can provide assistance.
    Bought the factory workshop manual, about $75 over the net, PS lost me when they didn't even have a current manual for my bike.

    They also won't check things like final driveshaft lubing, as it is not in the schedule.

    My bike, my life, so I want to check it myself.