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first service '''is this normal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mainstage, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Hey '' just had my GS500f serviced ( 1000k service )

    frist time I have done this so just checking if this is about right


    Coming from a background of No experience I was thinkiing this is a bit expensive ..

    Its was done ( or I was done )) :grin: by Peter stevens ...

    Did I pay over the odds ????

    Or is the the Norm for a basic first service

    thnaks all :cool:
  2. I was quoted $180-200 for first service for my ER6 by a motorcycle shop.
    Hard to say if $400 too much because they may do other checks/adjustments and its the Labour your paying for, some $90-100hr.
  3. Your bill must be itemised, list those bits and then we can tell you.
  4. Pretty sure its oil, filter and adjustments right? How can that be $400?
  5. Yeah, but the 1st service on the Aprilia involved repacking the head bearings and other stuff. $400 was about the price for that, but the GS I am sure would not need that.

    Oil and filter should be about $80-100.

    At least an hour and a bit for labour. An easy couple of hundred for the first service. But the bill will explain all.
  6. my 1k serivce cost me $196 last week for my ninja 250... $400 does sound high, but dont know... maybe they had to do something more to it. Did they say anything to this affect?
  7. Aren't bearings just replaced in 2008?
    Didn't think they were a servicable item nowadays.

    $400 sounds like more than new oil/filter & a run to the shops.
  8. my 1000k service on my z1000 was $230 for which included a detail, loan bike e.t.c.

    This was at Peter Stevens also - $400 sounds steep but it depends whts on your itemised bill.
  9. service

    Hey thanks for the information '

    its just a basic service with oil and filter , But here is the itemized bill ''

    Replace engine oil and filter
    inspect/clean/adjust/replace as required.
    tappet clearances. fuel lines, carby idle clutch.
    drive chain.brakes/hoses/fluid. tyres for wear and pressures ,steering front forks .rear suspension. lights and switches
    tighten;;cylinder head nuts exhaust bolts and

    lubricate;;drive chain and general lube points
    test ride /final checks /report

    completed first service as per manual
    check adjust /lube as per schedule
    new oil and filter installed
    valve clearances checked and adjusted
    adjusted air /idle mixyures
    test ride ok

    servicing $300
    filter $9.17
    oil $42.00
    sundries $8.00
    sub total $359.17

    GST $35.92 Total 395.10

    thats it from the bill ...Thanks for all the messages I think I will be taking it somewere diffrent next time ,, but its a learning experience

  10. Peter Stevens now charge $120/hr for labour with servicing, charged in half-hourly increments.

    I wish I got paid $120/hr. In fact, I bet most of the mechanics working at Peter Stevens wish they got $120/hr too, but they only get a very small fraction of that.
  11. $300 for servicing, Even if this was at the new charges cost, they are saying it took them 2.5 hours to change oil and filter :LOL:
    Takes me 20mins by myself start to finish haha.

    How can you justify $120hr, ridiculous isn't it. Thats doctors rates.
  12. $120 an hour? geez...i could hire one of the gentlemen's clubs best for 15 minutes of unforgettable mind-blowing mischief for that price! :p

    maybe you paid for his lunch break? i had similar issues with my service i got done recently...was $475 but included chain and sprockets (re - the thread i posted on here about it)
  13. They checked the valve clearances at the 1st service? Wow!
  14. ..yeah, valve clearances on the first service??!!
    That would definately blow the servicing charges out to $300approx.

    Hey, at least it's not an old Ducati Desmoquattro head, took me 5 hours just to check the clearances (no adjustment). 16 mesurements on a 2 cylinder engine.!!
  15. Be glad it wasn't an old bevel drive! :shock:
  16. Well, whatya know...

  17. Most of the checks on that list are just that - and should only take a few seconds each.

    The whole service should take about 30 minutes to complete if the routine checks are done while the oil is draining.

    Oh didn't they think of that?? :oops:

    Go back and ask them why it takes 2-3 hours to do an oil change.
  18. Crazy. I paid a lot less than that for a Ducati 1000 km service!

    That's... exceedingly high.
  19. they did valve clearances folks it takes a bit LONGER
  20. I pay between $250 - $300 for a normal service on a ten year old 600, and that isn't including valve adjustments....