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First Service Costs

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Rawski, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm new to bikes, about 3 months ago I got my L's and bought a Honda CBR250 from a dealer in Sydney.

    According to the manual first service is meant to be at 600 miles.

    I'm at about 700~ miles, and want to book my first service now.

    I've tried a few places, and both have quoted me between $240 and $280 for a first service, not included the recommend valve check by Honda for the CBR 250. Both places said getting the valves checked at 600 miles is a waste of money.

    I was wondering if that standard pricing (For Sydney , NSW) area.

    I've heard someone that not getting your valves checked at 600 voids the CBR 250 warranty, is that true?

    Any advice, as I'm totally new to this and hate getting ripped off, it's so easy for dealers to take advantage of newbies and charge whatever they like.

    Any advice would be apprecaited greatly!

    Loving the bike!

  2. stick to the book service if you want the warranty to stand, you say you're up to 700 miles? Are you in america? Or are you a tosser wasting peoples times here?
  3. Thanks for the sound advice, not sure what you mean by the last part. No I am not in America. The forums have .AU at the end, if these aren't australian forums then the website owners are confused....since AU is for Australia, hence why I posted here because I'm in Australia.....

    I also legitimately can't tell if you were being nice or hostile in that reply...

    I could also mention that in my original post it clearly says SYDNEY, NSW.

    Pretty sure it's common knowledge that Sydney is in Australia.
  4. You missed the important point to my comment, service the bike by the book to help void warranty, then if you read back I mention 'miles' in australia, bikes have kilometer readings, just thought I'd point that out.
    If in sydney get to Homebush learner meets sat morn and meet up with like minded people that will help you with riding and associated bike fun.
  5. Thanks a lot for your replies, that sounds like a good idea!
  6. So wait.. how many KMs is your bike at now? What year model is your bike?
  7. I meant Km's not miles, so it's about 700 Km's.

    The 2012 model
  8. Wouldn't the 600 miles from the handbook equate to around 1000 kilometres?
  9. Also consider the length of the bike's warranty period, is it 1 year or 2? Either way, since you bought the bike this year, I would recommend doing whatever service will keep the bike in warranty, even if that means getting the valves checked.

    When (and if) you sell the bike down the track, it gives the buyer peace of mind that you've done the recommended services.
  10. Agreed with this, sold mine recently (Also a 2011 CBR250), didnt have a log book (was done by a mechanic each time, just never had a log book (stupid me)). Sold for a bit less because I couldn't prove it was serviced correctly.