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First service costs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by murchy, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. So just talked to Peter Stevens, and received an estimate of $450 for the 1000km service. I was expecting a bit less than this.

    Does $450 sound right to you guys?

  2. Taking it to Peter Stevens for a service for starters is a mistake, do a search and see for yourself

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  3. That's an expensive couple of liters of oil.... and at $17 - $25 retail for the filter.
    Car dealers are no better. It's a bite the hand that feeds you mentality.
  4. I had my 1000 KM service from Yamaha @ $250 so yours sounds very steep. What bike do you ride?
  5. The bike has a 2 year factory warranty, won't I void that by going elsewhere?

    He said it's so high because they have to inspect the cylinders or some such. Not much of a mechanic myself haha.
  6. Inspect the cylinders? What the hell? Are they going to pull your engine apart to see what the wear is like? My guess is they're checking the valve clearance. If not, definitely consider doing the service yourself.

    I've just spent roughly $500 on a service but I put on new pilot powers, shimmed valve clearance, new oil and filter, new air filter and spark plugs gapped.
  7. absolutely not. If you have a DEALERHIP warranty, then you may void that, but NOT manufacturer warranty.

    The other issue with PS is that it'll most likely be an apprentice doing the work. We've had people ride away from there and had brake pads fall out or other issues. As smee said, do a search, and then (if you can) find someone else.

    Perhaps give Everything2Wheels a call.
  8. 2011 Hyosung GT650R.

    Valve clearance, that's the one. When I asked for an estimate, he said 'We have to check the valve clearance, so you're looking around the 450 mark.'

    Will do, thanks!
  9. So I called Stafford over in Heidelberg - which is pretty far away from me, but their quote was $280-300, so I've cancelled my Peter Stevens and gone with them.

    Thanks for the help everyone! :D
  10. I'm not sure if Pete (Everything2Wheels) will be any cheaper or not, but, he's a 1000 times better mechanic.
  11. let us know how it goes.
  12. Will do. I tried Everything2Wheels but nobody picked up - and I remembered some good things said about Stafford from various sources. (They also happen to be a specialized Hyosung dealership there, which is handy)
  13. I am absolutely flabagasted that valves or cylinders have to be checked at the thou service. Even at ten times that amount of K's I would be not that happy. If it reved to 18 thou and was very highly strung giddy up I would be ok with it.
    If they do then it should be under warranty or factory cost. It's not a worx KX450.
    1,000 K service should be around $140 to $240. If it needs tension in the head stem or something like that then it should be a warranty thing as it should not come lose or wear out in 1,00K's. And should have been checked in the pre delivery.
    Stand up to the mother F&cking pirates.
  14. Have you even used the search feature???
    All these questions are there and easily found
  15. Take the price that Peter Stevens give you and subtract their "Rip Off Tax" (Usually about 30% and is the button on lower left of all there cash registers) and you will have a rough idea what the job should cost.

    Oh, and don't negotiate. I have a suspicion that in PS lingo negotiate translates to an increase in cost and time required.

    Besides all that, if you value your ride, take it to a shop that actually knows how to work on bikes.
  16. Yep,
    Go see pete at Everything 2 Wheels, small business, he cares about the bikes and you can ride away with the piece of mind knowing that your bike has been serviced immaculately.

    PS Service department have been running that con for years, telling (or implying) to new riders that they have to get their bike serviced with them. Its complete bulldust, and they use it to charge people who obviously know nothing exorbitant amounts. That wouldn't be that bad if the work they did was top knotch, but its actually dangerous to ride away from a service there without checking over the bike first.
  17. I got the driver at work to drop my wheels & new tyres of at PS in dandenong.
    Recieved a phone call to discuss details & was told it would cost $45 per wheel to fit & balance!!!
    Some girl that worked there, don't know if she knew anything about bikes.
    I explained that it was just the rims & tyres & not the whole bike!!(R&R)
    She goes off to talk to someone about it & comes back with "how does $30 each sound?
    Better, but not great says I
    Went to pick up the wheels that afternoon & decided to try getting them down further, explaining that the shop down the road from home only charges $25 & that I did buy the bike from PS City.
    Final price,,, $25 each!
    Moral of the story, try the haggle!! Don't ask & ya don't get!
  18. No, $450 is a load of crock shit.
    Peter stevens are thieves when it comes to servicing, 120 bucks to get the 50km/h speed limiter disabled on my scooter.
    Fast forward about a year and I know a fair bit more about bikes and fair prices. "Around the 500 dollar mark" for a first service on my DR650... I walked straight out of the service dept. when they said that.
    I called around at Suzuki dealers getting quotes, the dealer where I bought it quoted me $250 which I thought was not bad but not great. Jeffery Honda motorcycles (also a suzuki dealer) down in Fentree Gully, 170 bucks. Needless to say I jumped on it. They even gave me a piece of paper outlining everything that they did, and I was quite impressed with the list of stuff they did, I definitely feel as though I got my 170 bucks worth.
    I'll either be taking it down to them for the 10,000km service or to sixty degrees motorcycles, or doing it myself. I didn't really care for the 6,000km service inbetween, bugger it, just change the oil and filter myself and make sure everything is tight.
  19. at $450 it sounds like they are trying to bend you over and 'service' you.
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  20. ^This.