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First Service costs for Honda CB125e?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Onoff312, May 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys first motorcycle here and i just rang up Peter Stevens from where i bought the bike to ask for a quote. Came back with $317 for the 1000km service which made me quite angry over the phone to the service rep.
    There is no way that a service on a bike costing so little with so little components should cost this much especially when it only has 1.4L of oil in it.

    Can someone reccomend me a price i should be looking at to pay for the first service and where to get it done near Melbourne city.
  2. I take it you are in Melbourne? Your best bet is to call around and see what other shops have to say. If you bought it from a dealership, they usually do the first service on the cheap side..
    To give you an idea, when I had my old bike (Sachs MadAss 125) serviced, it cost me $170.
  3. Hi, Call Pete at Everything Two Wheels -

    345 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North, Victoria 3068
    Opening hours are:
    Monday to Friday 8.00 till 6.00 & Saturday’s 9.00 till 12.00
    Phone: 03 9077 7312

    He will not only give you a fair price but is excellent at what he does.
    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Just called everything at two wheels... amazed he said he doesn't do anything for under $329... what is with the motorcycle industry? why do they charge such high prices for far less complex machines with less fluids than a car?
  5. Labour is a constant on bikes, 99% of the time every bike will take the same amount of labour hours for a minor service, and remember you may think this but a minor service by the book is a little more then just oil and filter, and bikes are little more complex then you make out.
    Its the dealer/service centre right to set the hourly rate.
    Also there less bikes on the road then cars so turnover has a little to do with setting the rates
  6. Well guys great success just called up Intyre Motorcycles in Fitzroy for a quote. She laughed at me when i said i called peter stevens for a quote and told stories of many other customers getting charged 290-400 for a similar job. The quote she supplied came in at $140! About right for a simple bike like mine with minimal fluids and nothing to go over but bolts for the first service!
    Hopefully it goes well!!!
  7. Good onya matie (y) It pays to call around!
  8. $140 sounds about right, I would have said no more than $150 for a CB125E. Everyone else sounds like they're taking advantage of you! It's no more than an oil and filter change, valve check (if they actually do it), spokes (not applicable to your machine) and bolts tightening, and a general check over anyway.
  9. Yep im really happy with myself. I actually got given a $200 voucher for PS so it would technically be cheaper for me but i can't muster giving them any of my hard earned money.
  10. Sell it :p
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  11. If your CB125E first service includes a valve clearance check, this is the most time consuming part for the mechanic to do, so I'd ask if this is included.

    Check your service manual to see what the first service includes.
  12. Lucky you didnt buy a Ducati-your friends would be on suicide watch.
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  13. lucky hes not stoopid you mean blabbs
  14. Contact StreetMaster on this forum he services bikes.
  15. What would you know ?
  16. Yep it did include a valve clearance check. Not stated in the manual for servicing tho. Literally just an oil change and bolt overview is in the service manual but he did a bit more for me.
  17. hmmm that sounds odd he just did my 12,000k serevice for $349 and my 6,000k for $279 that was in Sep last year however.
  18. Yeah im not sure why he gave me that price. Maybe he was not interested in my little bike? Lost a customer for life though.
  19. Onoff,

    mate glad to here you sorted the price on the first service. (y)
    Basic services are really easy, just get a copy of the 'servicing manual' (might be called Workshop manual) usually you can get it in a pdf format on the web for free. (probably find a dedicated CB125 website)
    Then check out youtube! you will be surprised how easy a basic service is and will save you heaps of $$$$.
    People always come up with the backyard mechanic line; however, I can guarantee you will put more care into it than a shop who is on a time schedule.
    Plus; you will soon be able to pick up any problems before they develop further.
    I find the mechanical side of motorcycling just another aspect of the whole biking scene, that has kept me interested in motorbikes for many years now.
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  20. I did the first maintenance myself by watching YouTube. Cb125e has no filters. Bought Motul oil from eBay and changed it at 900km.
    Read about cleaning chains on this forum and YouTube, did it at about 800kms after riding in rain for a couple of days. And tuned the chains tension.
    I enjoy bike maintenance, and this bike is a great bike to start off I reckon.