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First serious crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. I was heading down the monash from work at about 4. Just before Warrigal road i was following a car too closely (entirely my fault, but it was an accident) so when she breaked I locked up the breaks stacking right into her. I hit the ground at about 20 K's but was only wearing Hard Yakka work pants and work boots. Other than that had full gear on.

    However the bike landed on my ankle and banged it up pretty bad. Luckily it was crawling (as the monash always is) so i didnt get run over by the car behind me. Anyway pretty soon the place was crawling with cops and paramedics. About 4 hours later i was discharged from the Monash hospital with just a few bandages and straps.

    The other car was completely unscratched. I dont know where my bike is, or what condition its int. The pigs said it was getting towed somewhere but i wasnt really listening so i dont know where either. I also found out i was going to get charged for not displaying a P plate and following too close.

    I would just like to say I have lost all respect for the fcuken pigs. After all this shit and me lying in the middle of the fcuken freeway the only time the donut munchers even had a word to me was right before they pissed off, too tell me i was getting charged. What a bunch of pricks. There was like 7 of them, one bike cop too, who i thought would be concerned but wasnt.

    However the people around were very nice. Im especially Interested in a fellow rider, who even though seeing i was being attended to pulled over and asked if i was alright. If this was you, going home down the monash and pulling in to attend to a maroon and black ZZR250? owe up i owe you a few pots. I am not sure of the details of this rider at all, it was all kind of a blur. I ust remember an red? naked looking bike.

    Anyway thats all, im very lucky to be alive, GOD BLESS ALL YOU FELLOW RIDERS and fcuk THE POLICE
  2. FWIW. I agree with the OP therefore have reinstated the thread minus the crap that it contained.

    The Police don't NEED to book someone each and every time there is a collision. The idea of a fine is to teach people a lesson, right?

    I reckon the OP learnt his lesson lying on the FWY feeling like a self confessed dick.

    To me that's enough but no, lets issue everyone with a TIN. Sure ping him for not wearing a P plate but booked coz you made a mistake....cmon!!!!!

    Can we cease with the abuse. Thanks.
  3. I'lll open up with the post I put up in the other thread that was comenting on this...
    You screwed up, Sucks majorly that it hurt. Cops obviosly thought you should take the penalty. wether that is so or not a bit of compassion, and asking if you are O.K. Would not go astray on there part before they slap you with the news.

    Hope your leg heals up.
  4. Do you think that the absence of the P plate might have contributed to the TIN? It could be that they thought this pointed to a bigger problem and best dealt with now.

    BTW, honestly, did the plate go missing or did you remove it?
  5. would he of not crashed if he was wearing a p plate......

    anyway hopefully your not to badly banged up and you are back in the saddle in no time, btw, if i was you i would learn how to split :wink:

    cheers stewy
  6. Of course not. Not displaying a p-plate is incredibly dangerous - why else would the penalty for that be higher than for tailgating.

    I'm gonna go stick 6 on my bike, just to be extra safe, maybe chuck on a few L's as well.
  7. P Plate or no, it would have made no difference to the accident. But it might have led the police to think this is a person who needs to learn a lesson. You get the idea.
  8. I have to agree with you there Vic, but it does seem to be their policy. Hell, everyone on the Monash could be charged with following too close every day if the police were being honest.

    I hope you find your bike and heal up well Bullet.
  9. Is there a record of how a 'Following too close' fine is issued?

    ie. if >90% of 'Following too close" fines are only issued after an accident :arrow: that's a pretty big WTF, isn't it?
  10. yeah get the point you are trying to make, i just see it as a very weak point, who is to say it didn't fall off :wink: and how much of a gap can you leave in the morning commute leave 2 seconds and some other dick will jump in and eat up your gap but like our good old vic police, it's a easy ticket for them to make there daily quota :roll:
  11. if I crashed into the rear of a car, yes I'd expect the police to give me a fine for tailgaiting. even if I was badly hurt.


    there's something to be said for 'officers discretion'

    cops could have at least waited till the rider was checked out at hospital & found to be alright before booking him. they could also have decided to say give the fine for tailgaiting & just a warning about the P plate.

    i'm not saying they should ONLY give warnings to people who don't have p plates displayed, but that perhaps considering his state at the time (i.e crashed) they could have warned him & let it slide.

    at the end of the day though, he broke the law so I spose they were doing their job by booking him for it.

    it would be like, say, me riding above the speed limit on a nice southern road in adelaide & then bitching about cops taking away my licence for doing 40kph over the limit.
  12. Not arguing with you Stew.
  13. Ahh, God love the Monash Hwy...

    It's almost always banked up these days, and if you leave the appropriate gap between yourself and the vehicle ahead then some dipstick will just weave into it. And as adrenalizing as it is, I'm getting frustrated with the twice-daily splitting... gonna end up under a truck one of these days.

    Wouldn't it be nice if Aussie police approached the general public with a bit more respect and friendliness instead of this dominant aggression bullsh*t too? Whatever happened to: "'Ello, Ello ,Ello." (Whilst bending the knees like a swimming frog), "What's all this then?".

    We could all learn a lot from 60s British sitcoms...
  14. Damn right.

    Calling someone a dickhead to me is excessive. Had I called him a dickhead for pulling me over, I bet the fine would have been a little different.
  15. The outbound lanes of the Monash are a zoo...close quarters, and alot of frustration...easy territory to make a mistake in.

    Not wearing your P-plate was possibly worth a fine - I'd cop that...but following too closely is a bloody reach, especially when the other car is'nt damaged. (in case 3rd party damage might be seen as justifying a fine)

    All those cops turned up - they had to justify their time there, so they hit you with a few TINS...that's typical when your dealing with robots as compared to police officers that are capable and not afraid to use their discretion, where there was no other fault on your part.

    Note to all...If you are riding along a country road all by yourself out in the middle of nowhere some place, and come off...kick stones all over the road where you lost it, and blame it on THAT....If you don't you will likely get a fine for failing to maintain proper control of a motor-vehicle by the attending police. It's seems to be SOP.

    Sorry you crashed out, but at least you are relatively ok.
  16. Bah...dispute the fine. How did they determine you were riding too close? I'm sure what really happened was that you slid on a patch of oil when you braked, god knows there's enough of it on that car park they call a 'road' to make it plausible if contesting the charge.

    I can appreciate them slapping a fine on you if you'd damaged the other car but as the only person suffering was yourself, I hardly see the point, and as others have said, tailgating is the standard operating procedure on that road. :roll:
  17. Yep. I pretty much smacks of the police not doing their job most of the time, if the charge is appropriate, or that the charge is not appopriate for the conditions that prevaled. In which case the law should be changed, or discretion should have been used.
  18. So if someone runs into the back of your car, it's OK for the Police to do nothing? Remember, we only have one person's word that there was no damage to the other car.......
  19. Discretion should be used by the police, Paul, not a knee jerk TIN. A warning would have been sufficient, and methinks the OP learnt his lesson about tailgating. And to fine him for riding too close is just ludicrous as no doubt whilst they were busy telling him he was being charged, they were passed by about 120 cars tailgating each other, all rubbernecking at the scene. :roll:
  20. The law requires that you always drive in such a manner that you will avoid a collision. It's a nice motherhood statement.

    Officer's discretion is a good thing, but if they prima facie think this law was broken, then they may very well just issue the notice and see how the cooky crumbles.

    Cejay's point is valid. The cops may have very well applied discretion, BUT it looks like they made a judgement about a young bloke taking risks in peak hour, whom ALSO wasn't displaying his plates... there might have been other suggestive pointers, who knows... yes it does suck.

    Bullet's had his whinge. Hope he feels better. Also hope his banged up bits heal quickly.