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First self-service, which oil?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Riderman, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    My bike is about to reach 6000 kms, and I would like to change the oil myself.

    Just wondering which oil, and where to purchase. Is it the same oil I use for my car?

    The bike is a '09 Suzuki GSXR 600.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't think you can use car oil because it has additives which affect the wet clutches bikes use. Look at your owners manual to see which weight oil you need. Mine takes Motul 5100 10w40.
  3. Motul is usually a good brand to use for bikes....
  4. check the user manual, should even say on the oil cap. Mine uses 10w40.
  5. Yeah what ever oil you'd need ive always been told to use Motul, so id recommend that too!
  6. lot more to the service than just changing oil right? or am i just getting others to do it thinking there is a load of stuff i cant do!
  7. Try diesel oil, Delo 400 from Caltex

    Follow the check list in the owner's manual or better yet, d/l a copy of the service manual so you know what you're doing...
  8. From memory for my bike every 2nd service (im assuming they do it every service) is just an Oil filter and oil change.
  9. belray exp is what i use
  10. The brand doesn't matter too much as long as it is bike suitable.

    Delo is recommended because it was cheap and it seems to work well although I am having trouble finding it that cheap any more (you can read the thread but there are hundreds of pages).

    If you want to pay more, instead of buying more expensive oil consider buying cheap oil and change more often.
  11. Thanks guys, found the manual:

    Engine Oil (For USA)
    Oil quality is a major contributor to your engine’s
    performance and life. Always select good quality engine
    Suzuki recommends the use of SUZUKI
    PERFORMANCE 4 MOTOR OIL or equivalent engine
    oil. Use of SF/SG or SH/SJ in API with MA in JASO.
    Suzuki recommends the use of SAE 10W-40 engine oil.
    If SAE 10W-40 engine oil is not available, select and
    alternative according to the chart.

    Engine Oil (For Other Countries)
    Oil quality is a major contributor to your engine’s
    performance and life. Always select good quality engine
    oil. Use of SF/SG or SH/SJ in API with MA in JASO.
    Suzuki recommends the use of SAE 10W-40 engine oil.
    If SAE 10W-40 engine oil is not available, select an
    alternative according to the chart.

    What is "Use of SF/SG or SH/SJ in API with MA in JASO."?
  12. Riderman the Japanese JASO MA standard never existed until about 1999 when the new API SL generation oils appeared, SOME of which contained friction modifiers. The nips brought in the MA standard to make sure no one used by mistake an SL oil which used friction modifiers in an engine with a wet clutch. The old SF SG SH & SJ oils are superceded by SL, SM & SN, all of which will work fine in your engine.

    If you contact any oil company directly, ask them if the oil you wish to purchase has friction modifiers or high levels of molybdenum (over 100ppm) and ask them what the levels of Zinc and Phosphorus are in ppm, don't use an oil with less than 1000ppm zinc or 800ppm Phos.......1200 - 1300 of Z and 900 -1100 P is much better (found in 15W-40 CI-4 SL diesel oils, the old SF SG car oils and of course the more expensive motorcycle oils).

    Selecting an oil for your bike should take into account:

    1 - how you ride ? Steady Eddy or scream the dream, because high rev use will impact on the oil temperature & viscosity stability, meaning you need to GREATLY reduce the km duration of oil changes.

    2 - what ambient air temperature do you enjoy ? If you are in summer temps like WA of over 40 c then use a 20w-50 oil.

    3 - how much do you want to spend on oil ? If you use an expensive fully synthetic oil then you really ought to go much longer than 6,000km (ie 10,000 or more) between oil changes on normal riding or you are simply wasting your money.

    You have an endless choice of oil to choose from, just be aware that an oil pack with a photo of a motorcycle on it, does not necessarily mean it's superior oil.


  13. The Rotella T diesel engine oil in the states is JASO MA approved, but it has been used by bikers for years. I won't say its the right oil but I use the Rotella T-6 5-40 synthetic in all three of my bikes, they are all water cooled, if I had an air cooled engine I would go a little heavier on the weight like a 15-50 or a 20-50.

    Some of the attributes of a diesel engine oil is that it has zinc and phosphorus I believe that is very good for gear to gear contact, and its not energy conserving oil, those oils labeled usually have a moly additive that can change or damage a wet clutch.

    I don't know if Shell Rotella is available in Oz but the Delo 400 is just as good, I use that in a fleet of concrete agitator trucks. And I agree if the temperatures are very hot goinf to a heavier oil like a 20-50 is a good idea.

    We have some oil called Amsoil, very very good synthetic oil and although expensive it does a great job at holding up after a lot of miles. Here is an outstanding resource for oils and additives, Bob is the Oil Guy Forums.

  14. I like Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10w40 - synthetic oil especially for bikes.

    Just changed mine and the shift is beautiful!

    Best way to buy it is from a wholesaler in a carton of 4x4L containers.

    I found a few mates and we divvied it up - cost us $56 for each 4L container.

    Motul from a bike shop was about $70 odd for 4L but I am sure you could prob get that cheaper in bulk also.......
  15. Not all car oils have friction modifiers. Look out for Energy Conserving on the logo where it says what standard of oil it is, these oils have friction modifiers and will destroy the plates of your wet clutch. If you have a dry clutch it shouldn't matter.

    Pretty much any oil of the correct weight will work as long as it does not have friction modifiers. Try a bunch of different oils and see what works best. Since you have a high revving inline 4, I'd be sticking to the fully synthetic blends.
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  16. Motul are exy as they'll focus on ester-based full-syn race oil, etc. Get this stuff if you race (eg high rpm for prolonged periods) as ester based are more stable in these conditions.

    If you don't ride like you stole it, then you can get away with a general purpose oil.
    Penrite everyday full-syn 10w40 is suitable and is good value in a 5L bottle from supercheap (its a PAO base stock like most synthetics, not ester)

    WARNING: some Penrites are NOT suitable for bikes. They say on the back so take a moment to read the back of the bottle. EG: HPR10=Bad... HPRGAS10=Good.

    I elected however over the weekend to put in Penrite HPR Gas 10, 10w50 semi-syn, to get a better high temp protection coming into summer as i commute and the bike often hits 105+ deg

    also, Avoid Nulon where they use AAT which is friction modifier.
    Gulf Western Oil don't use any friction mods so they are all ok.
    I can't say i've looked into mobil, castrol or shell (they are more exy, they make it difficult to tell whats in them so I didn't bother)

    Hope this helps as I'm trying to give you the info/ability to choose for yourself rather than force feeding you the 'Only use Motul' line (but if you have the cash to blow, hey, use Motul 300 full ester stuff, pay retail even...)
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  17. Don't forget oil filter as well... I use Ryco filters instead of 'OEM' ones from the shop that cost 4 - 5 times more.

    This is what I use, look up specs of your bike's oil filter and search for it on Ryco website

    *Note: Use 'extra long' filter where space/clearance is not an issue.
  18. Ceekill well done for using the Ryco Z411 filter. However remember that Suzuki only use an annoying 20mm x 1.0mm thread for filters, unlike most other bike manufacturers who use the 20mm x 1.5mm thread as per the Z411.

    Suzuki's can have this adaptor fitted to convert to 1.5mm pitch:

    OR contact Ryco and ask them if they do any 20mm x 1.0mm filters which are compatible with the Z411, in which the oil bypass valve relieves at around 8 - 11 psi. http://www.rycofilters.com.au/contact