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First scr.ape on cornering

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tone2, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Just left home this morning and thought I'd consciously practice a bit of cornering technique on the run in, especially been thinking about countersteering lately.

    Second corner, left-hander, I get my speed right and take a nice, late line while looking through the corner to where I'm going, shove the bars for a tight run through the apex (thanks Noob 104) then.....wtf.....I just scraped something!

    Surprised me a little, probably shouldn't as things are reasonably low to the ground on my cruiser, but couldn't help chuckling to myself as I tootled off.
  2. Well done! Now you need to think about what hit the ground, if it is fixed (not hinged) you have found the practical limit of the bikes lean angle, going past this point will unload the tyres reducing their grip. Take it easy and approach this lean angle with caution you probably are not very close to the fastest that your bike will take the corner so it is time to think about body position. You will then be able to take corners at similar pace and still have a margin for error.
  3. Your first sc****! It scared me shitless first time on my cruiser as well. Now i just imagine sparks flying EVERYWHERE as i turn. :D

    Well done on not panicking!
  4. The freeway bars are the lowest thing, which are fixed and present some of the problems you outline. Once I'm more experienced, I might take them off, which would then mean the floorboards are lowest, but would provide extra distance before they hit (and they're hinged).
  5. I remember my first sc****. Happens all the time now so am careful when at high speeds.
  6. Nice one it's always exciting to drag some hardware! I laughed so hard when I rode a cruiser once and my foot pops off the board midway through a roundabout.

    On sports bikes I always hang my toe over the outside of the peg to use as a guage (that's why boots have toe sliders) so I sc**** my toe before I sc**** peg.

    On my gf's cbr250 I was ripping through the mountains and felt something dragging it's to be expected on such a low bike. When I parked I looked for the sc**** marks and was horrified when I realized it was the gear lever! Glad I didn't back off when I felt it sc****.
  7. Lean the body more, to make the bike lean less.
  8. You will get used to it, scraping on a cruiser is common,
    I hate it when my toe sc****s, Means I am way over in a tite turn,
    I still dont like it,
    But it does mean you are having fun,
  9. On bikes like mine with footpegs as foward controls, the heel of my boots indicates the limit.
    Goes: Heel --> Peg --> Pipe --> Frame
    There nothing as scary as the tyres leaving the road and you skidding down the road on the frame. :/
  10. Lol, I did some lessons for my R class on an XVS 650 (no Lams here in W.A.).

    Instructor told me off for scraping the pegs around the roundabouts! he also admitted I wasn't the first. :)
  11. In a quick turn, the aim is to reduce the amount of time the bike is on it's side.

    It also means that for a short time, you are leaning more. THAT is the likely reason you sc****d. The important thing to remember is, that on a quick turn, where you are turning later than you would be on a standard turn, you are more commited. So in a LH quick (late) turn, if you sc****, you may have no room left to adjust by reducing the lean angle....because that is going to push you wide into the oncoming lane - cars.

    Just sayin'...caution.
  12. Short form: Scraping is a warning not a goal.
  13. My first scr ape ( since when is this rude??). My boots hit the ground and my underwear had to be changed. Got a bit over eager on a left hander.
  14. Scr aped my toe today, my boot must have just been outside the line of the floorboards and the freeway bars. I was coming home from practicing figure 8's, so getting more confident with moving the bike around a bit. Both times so far were left hand turns, 90 degree, only on local streets. Interesting to think through - I reckon I do need to lean myself more and the bike less, will have to work on that.

    Thanks for the input fellas.
  15. My first ... first time I ever came up to Qld on the 400/4. The highway used to go through Tweed Heads, in a series of gentle sweepers - with a dead stop corner at the border. I rode into that at about $1.20. Everythig sc@ped and I tried to get my leg out dirt style (having been a dirtbike rider until almost that time) and found I couldn't, because the ground was holding my boot hard against the engine cases. I looked down to check, and there was a shower of sparks coming from the peg. Then I went up and over the traffic island and got the turn finished half way across the 4th lane. Luckily, at 2:30am, I had the road to myself. I let out the breath I'd been holding and looked around, only to realise I was riding past a police station. Three cops had been walking in, but all had stopped to watch my antics. I got the evil eye times 3, but nobody could be bothered running back to the car to chase me. Welcome to the sunshine state.

    Half an hour later, between the Gold Coast and the southern outskirts of Brisbane, I fell asleep 3 times in 15 minutes. The first two, I came to with a start before I'd strayed much. The 3rd time, I was off the road and there were bushes and shrubs rushing past, and I couldn't see the road. I guessed it was to the right. Correct.
  16. Very true "" tip of the day :)