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First Scare

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Popollo, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Was going 80km/h on Epping road in Sydney this morning when the car in front of me slams on his brakes. I did the same but ended up doing something "wrong" as I ended up with what felt like a rear wheel skid and not stopping much at all. It felt like I was just "skiing" down the road. I somehow regained control.

    I only had 200 metres left to get to work and I swear my tire felt like it was still going to slide away if I turned AT ALL but I made it to work. After putting the bike on the centre stand, the tire still looks good and in alignment and spins well. Maybe the tire feeling like it was going to slip was all in my head. The lesson...more buffer space in front of me and use more front brake :). Perhaps I picked up some oil or something as well.

  2. And look further ahead than the cage in front ;)

    Glad your ok.
  3. But in saying that and re reading the driver stopped suddenly?
  4. Luckily he stopped hard but then started accelerating again. Maybe he was having a bad day and just wanted to scare someone. To tell you the truth, I was so caught up in the "skiing" and recovering that I lost track of what the driver in front eventually did in the end. Thus far traffic has been treating me nice....it was a wake-up call as to what can go wrong when cars do stupid things.
  5. Sounds like a panic brake on the rear brake - it's going to cause a skid in any conditions. Lucky you didn't drop the bike. Check your wheel for a flat spot.

    The other lesson from this is practice your ebrakes.

    Definitely +1 to chicken's observation point.
  6. Never stop practicing.
  7. Buffer, Buffer, Buffer.
  8. Yeah...buffering was my biggest takeaway from that :). It has a tendency to prevent panic breaking.
  9. Was it the part of Epping road where there is the bus lane? (between Epping and Herring rd?)
  10. T3 lane on Epping after Herring heading towards the city. It was just before you can turn left onto Lyonpark Rd. (Optus) before you go under the pedestrian bridge.
  11. Keep planning ahead, looking ahead. Practice your e brake, low speed control, and be consistently aware of the what's around you, which is dynamic and constantly changing.
  12. (Leaving the pun in the typo aside) Popollo, most organisations recommend a 2 second following buffer. Two seconds is just a general rule. NSW RTA recommends 3 seconds... again, a general rule. It's a flexible target though. Do you know how to determine whether you're two seconds behind a moving vehicle?

    As a motorcyclist, what could you do instead if 2secs wasn't possible (ultra dense traffic perhaps)?

    How would you adjust your buffering gap if you were being tailgated?

    How would you adjust your buffering if the car infront was tailgating the car infront of them?

  13. How much front brake were you using? Doesn't sound like a lot at all.
  14. it seems like you had stepped on the rear brake way too much and all of a sudden, causing a lock up. Lucky you didn't drop the bike.

    the bit where you say this happened, if this is in between, where you take the exit off the road to turn into the rd going to Optus and the entry back on epping rd, right in the middle of that is a lil 'island' kinda thing...there's uneven surface on the right wheel track, which can be a massive pain in wet/slippery conditions and the cars coming onto epping road a know to merge into epping rd as soon as they turn in the merge lane and are doing probably 40kmph in a 80 zone. This is something i see almost everyday (i work on the corner of epping and lance cove rds)

    also, practice your e-brakes. don't grab the brakes all of a sudden. gradual, firm pressure is the key :)

    Edit: Also try and look thru the windscreens of the car in front of you and maybe move about your lane to have better visibility!
  15. Luckily...the weird feeling I felt in the bike after this happened must have been in my head. The bike rode home just fine (except I was subjected to 30 minutes of M2 traffic due to a cage being on its roof).

    No wonder I felt like I was skiing yesterday on the bike...the section this happened in is very fast and very downhill with lots of traffic issues due to bus stops. People want to switch lanes at 80 to get around a stopped bus and then either merge left again to turn left or zoom out of the T3 lane to get back on Epping road.
  16. Oy Popollo:

  17. Yep i know this part well and can confirm to what he says regarding traffic changing lanes!

    Be careful passing herring road, a P plater in a black cx7 pulled out infront of me when i was going 80 in the left lane (I get off at Lyon park rd). I was in my red car. Luckily i knew there was space in the middle lane otherwise would have been very nasty.