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First run on a 1200...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr Messy, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Well i had my first blat on the old boys k1200rs today, first run on anything bigger then my 250.
    Did about 100km, spent a couple hrs, made sure to do some slow, fast, etc.

    Now, without anything of comparable size to compare it to having been ridden yet, i must say i loved it :p (once i got the bastard into gear!).
    So so much more comfortable, and i actually enjoyed the extra weight MORE then the extra power - so much more confidence inspiring feel about the bike all around.

    Not much of a review yet admittedly. Was having too much fun... will take it for another spin tomorrow, but need to be careful - its double demerits!
    Will do a better review of what i think after i have taken a couple of similar sized bikes so i have a better comparison.

    Most of the video i took was useless.
    The suction mount shook like mad the whole time, and when it wasnt shaking it was rattling and the mic picked it up. Might need to get a firmer mount for it so it moves with the bike rather then moves against it. Sound came out good though!

    Still on list: Ninja 1000, VFR800, Sprint ST 1050.
  2. Aah, I remember the first time I got a decent run on a decent bike. I was still at uni at the time and I recall walking somewhat shakily back into the engineering common room, piss wet through (English winter) and with a grin that, had it got any wider, would have caused the top of my head to fall off and a complete inability to speak coherently. As I attempted to roll a ciggie that turned rapidly into nicotine papier mache, one of my mates remarked, completely deadpan, "Yeah. Big Jap fours tend to take people like that the first time".

    Hopefully you felt a bit like that. Congratulations:D.

    Beware, though. Once you've mastered the gearchange (just takes a firm and deliberate action), the ergos of the BM will spoil you for other bikes.
  3. Hehe hey Pat, yeah mate my ass wasnt twitching and my balls werent numb. Nuff said.