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First run of the Black Spur

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by sillygit, May 27, 2007.

  1. I had some practice leaning into the corners on the way there and although I took the run slow (compared to the dudes on the sports bikes) it was very very fun! :)

    I feel like I understand the bike a whole lot more after today.

    p.s. Riding on the Eastern Fwy is SCARY when it's windy. My poor little bike was getting blown all over the place. :shock:
  2. Hey sillygit...were you parked at the Beechworth Bakery this morning? Think I saw your bike there. :)

    I was on the red VTR250 - and like you was practicing stuff.

    Keep it fun.
  3. Think I saw you a few times today. Hope you had fun!
  4. I thought that was you near the Mobil in Healesville :grin:
  5. Good work and its great you had fun. Thats what riding is all about!
  6. Did I follow you through warrandyte about 12-1pm to the round-a-bout at Kangaroo Ground? You headed left to Eltham I headed right to Christmas hills... so many bikes out today. :)
  7. You should've stopped and said hi! ... :grin: Or was it whilst I was standing with the two boys in blue - both raising their brows at my explanation as to why I wasn't displaying an L plate. :LOL:
  8. Hmm, we had lunch in Marysville. I'm not to sure what the place was called. :) I'd be surprised if anyone noticed my little bike. I was riding next to a KTM 950 Adventure... :p
  9. Hmm, you very well could have. I'm not to sure what time it was (I'd guess it was the early side of 12pm). We went from Warrandyte to Toolangi and I really don't know which roads we took. :)
  10. Probably was you then, Hardly ever see any blue VTRs, lots of black ones, red ones, older yellow ones, but not many blue ones. I didn't see the KTM though :?
  11. Ah, now I know.

    You were with the orange KTM and the WRX's. Have to apologise, i think i may have been on your back wheel briefly while trying to pass some cars. :oops:

    Hope you had a good day out, not too cold for your first run.
  12. Yep, that was us. How annoying was that line of traffic!? 50 cars queued up behind a big slow truck. :(
  13. This is one of the "luxuries" of being injured and not able to work (but still good enough to ride!). I go around that area during mid week and hardly see any traffic. BLISS!
  14. Very annoying.

    Undii, might just see you out there. (Finish my job this wednesday, yay!)