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First run down Dunns Creek Rd - Mornington Peninsula

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tirian, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Hi folks,

    Having read on another thread about Dunns Creek Rd being a good warm up to eventually tackling Arthurs Seat I knocked off early from work on Friday and headed down the Nepean Highway from Frankston to Mornington.

    Cut down to the esplanade and rode all the way along the esplanade to Dromana.

    Passed a few bikes coming back the other way. I nodded to everyone - that's the tradition right? Only one bloke in Dromana nodded back :) Ah well.

    Cut up Nepean under the freeway and then up to Dunns Creek Rd. I wasn't expecting a 100km/h zone! :) I haven't done much 100km/h riding at all, especially as the virago vibrates so much over 80 km/hr but the ride was brilliant.

    I was behind a guy on a red sports bike for about 2 turns and rounding the third he had dissapeared. That's ok though, I was thinking it was better to get to the end of the road than to come off it trying to keep up.

    The bends were challenging enough to negotiate at speed and work through how much to slow down, how much to lean, what line to take and when to start accellerating out etc. When I rounded the final twisty bit it came to a rise and a straight road opened up in front of me that was wide, and covered by a roof of branches from monster pine trees. The sky was gray and brooding, and I felt a real buzz (and felt like seeing if the bike really could do 140km/hr like the speedo said, but didnt of course).

    On the way down from MOrnington from Dromana I had remembered the posts about practicing changing the fuel to reserve and back. I did that several times.

    I cut off Dunns Creek Rd back up Balnarrang road with the intent of rejoining the Mooroduc Hiway back to Frankston South. I was following a small 4WD up a long rise, doing 100km/hr when the fuel cutout.

    No problem, switched the fuel to reserve and soon the engine burst back into life - I'd fallen probably 3 seconds or so back (ie about twice my original distance) from my position behind the 4wd.

    All in all it took me 1 hr return from Frankston, to Frankston South and I loved every minute of it. I think that might become my regular Friday evening run home, for now :)

  2. Well done Matt, that is a great road to practice on! It gets even better as you get better, just watch out for cars crossing the white lines on some of the corners. I love riding this at night.

    Welcome to the road :grin:
  3. Hey Matt,
    You Bet me to it :twisted:
    Well done, and thanks for the write-up. Will have to try join you next time out. Perhaps in a fortnight, as we are going away this long weekend.

    Sounds like you had a blast
    :p :p
  4. Sounds like a good ride. Will have to try it out (y).
  5. No worries - PM me if you want on Friday week and I'll see how things are lining up at the office for about a 4pm departure so we're back in Frankston around 5:15pm (wife friendly riding....) :)