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First road trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Wolfmother, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. We did it, the missus and l have had our first road trip togeather.
    We left home on friday and made our way to Ballarat, about 300ish km away, and back again today. O.K. it may not be an epic journey but it was a weekend away and we had a blast.
    We did not want to do much hwy riding so we rode some of the back roads there and back.
    Our route took us on this journey, Cobram - Sepparton - Stanhope -Heathcote - Kyneton - Trentham and Ballarat. For the first time l had to contend with rain, with no hassles. We just rode for the road conditions and to our own abbility.
    While there we saw Wolfmother play at Kryal castle on a very cold night. They were awsome, if l had the energy l would have jumped around in the mosh pit but l found it hard to let my can go.
    Saturday was a quiet sobber up day.
    Our trip home was roughly the same way back again but from Ballarat we went via Daylesford - Kyneton - Heathcote - Rushworth - Tatura - Sepparton and home.
    Our bikes gave no trouble they loved the ride as we loved riding them. ( her virago 250 and my gpx 250). It will take a while for the grins to fade.
    We saw many other riders who all waved or nodded back to us.
    It was fun and can'nt wait for our next trip away.

  2. Thanks for sharing - sounded like it was a good 'un! i like the 'can' priority too :LOL:
    For some a road trip is the next suburb, for others another country or state - as along as you're out there, that's what matters :)
  3. Well done, and glad to hear you both enjoyed it so much. Perhaps you're hooked now, any plans for another one? There's so many good riding roads and lots to see! :grin:
  4. Its the first step and sounded like a good one, don't even think about the distance you done good. Even if you go a couple hours and stay over its still a good adventure, better than staying home mowing the grass.