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First road ride today, not much but it's a start.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by beery, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. After 2months of work and effort i finally got the DR600 rego and insurance, then went away for 4 days to bathurst (nice place if you can leave) which meant that i couldn't take her out. When i got home today i thought damn it I'm going out, i got my L's 4months ago and then everything went to hell and i havn't ridden since. So i have no experience and I'm a road virgin.
    So I've geared up, Tiger angel jacket, KBC helmet, draggin cargos and rivet gloves i looked mean scary I've mounted my beast and kicked her over.....Nothing, i try again the same reply, its raining I'm sweating and then in a fit of rage i turn the fuel on then think to myself well this isn't a good start. I try for a third time with the fuel on and then bam she springs into life I'm over the moon. So i check my mirrors, blinkers and lights, i leave the lights on because of the weather i pit her into first roll on and release the clutch and I'm off Very Happy
    well no i stalled it so i go again and I'm off with the song BAD TO THE BONE playing in my head.
    Around the block forr the first time I'm going well until the stop sign i take off and stall after i start the bike for the 3rd time I'm off again i go around the block circuit about ten times by now its pissing down rain and i think i'll go up the hill and back home then call it a day i forgot that there was a stop sign at the top i stalled again this time i was in the wrong gear.

    I learnt a lot on my ride for one I'm not ready to fully venture out into the wide world but the most important is that i love it, a friend of mine who has ridden since he could walk, you could say he's my personal bike yoda he's taking me out 2 teach me how to ride and he also pretty much build my bike he said to me there 2 types of people in this world those who ride and those who are too afraid to feel free. I understand the fear but thats why i loved it.

  2. nice, keep at it mate :D
  3. Hey MattyB, your avatar sucks. It looks totally shit! :mad: :LOL:
  4. Hey Beery,

    Are you still on your L's??
    Could get expensive riding a 600 while on your L's... read the "what a FINE day" thread...
  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing, and Kaer or PtF posted the penalties in NSW for this, I think they are worse than in Victoria
  6. Well it's a good thing that the Suzuki DR600 is LAMs approved then isn't it?? (Hornet, you should know better...)

    Congrats on your first road ride Beery. Sounds like you did just fine. My first real road ride was also my first experience of road rash...

    Love that song BTW, great for riding to.B-B-B-B-Bad (na na na na num) B-B-B-B-Bad...

    Guessing you're in Sydney somewhere? Whereabouts?
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  8. One thing I'll say for Newcastle is that there are less cars, and that people seem to not be in as much of a rush as down here in Sydney. Enjoy those Newie roads, I know I do whenever I up there.

    As for Sydneys poor cousins, just be grateful you don't live in Wollongong. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: (Prepares for flaming...)
  9. And what, may I ask is wrong with......??

    ah forget it :LOL:
  10. congrats beery,

    we all started somwhere... doing laps of the back carpark at the derwent entertainment ctr and or k-mart...
  11. Hey beery, you did all right. Soon enough you'll have all those great Hunter Valley roads to play with. Have fun :grin:
  12. Just went out again & took full advantage of having a ally behind my house so i started to practice taking off. Start, neutral clutch, first then go. I still have allot to learn to get that go stuff to happen, I'm getting it right 4 out of every 5 times but i know that 5th time is when i get hit.
    The one good thing is with it being abit warm (31c at the moment) and with me waring full gear as i have to get used to it and stalling its like my own personal sauna i went for a ride i lost 2kg
    On saturday I'm off to energy australia stadium with yoda to learn the basics until i am up to motogp standards or attest so i am not a danger to myself and others.

    I'm starting to think the 2days spent at the rta coarse ran by twowheels isn't enough for a novice to get their L 's because if i went on a main road i would hurt or kill myself.
  13. Four months is a bit long to wait to start practising what you learnt on the course, i dont think they are designed with that situation in mind.
  14. I did a 2 day course at HART in Kilsyth, Vic... and most of the people I did the course with still aren't confident enough to ride on the roads...

    Everyone develops their skills and confidence at different rates, some are just quicker than others... main thing is that you are comfortable and confident with every aspect of riding before goin up in the hills :grin:
  15. I also had my bike ready and waiting for me... jumped on it the day I got my Learner's and immediately started to ride the back streets near my house... was riding it to and from work daily only a week later!! :grin:
  16. As someone else said, four months is a bit of a gap from Pre leaners to setting off.
    Keep doing what you are doing, practice one thing at a time and then once you are confident at that, move on. Pretty soon you wil string all those skils together and away you go! You might have to resit teh L's course with two months to go, but nothing you can do about that really. You are ebtter off going for teh P's when YOU are ready, don't try and save money by not resitting the L's if you have to.
    How good is LAMS (suffer Victoria!)

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Yeah going to sit the L's again. The reason there was a 4month gap is the bike i was going to get fell through and i had no time to look and when i got the dr600 we had to do some work on it in between workin 55hr weeks you could say ive been busy. Its a pain when life gets in the way :grin: