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First Road Crash

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kovatch, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hi all, well in over 7 years of riding i had only ever had 1 topple and it wasent on the road, but today I have had my first on road accident.
    Was riding along a 3 land road in the left when out of a side street a car pulls out and goes into my lane, i had plenty of room though so I go into the middle, when right out from behind him comes another car into the middle lane, so i go into the right lane, but then he pulls out into the right lane as well, and i slam on the breaks, wheels lock up, nice wet road as well, but im starting to lose ground on the car, when he slams his breaks on, and down i go as my tire hits his oversized 4WD bumper, he was quite nice as i was I, no point in yelling whats happend has happend, but Insurance is saying its all my fault because i hit his rear, and i didnt have my go pro with me today, and no one pulled over so no witness, bikes already been picked up by the repair man who looked at it and goes its an old bike, I would probably be saying good bye to it....
    Damage is right mirror is completly gone, right foot peg and lever are completly bent inwards, deep scractching to right fairing and exhause, and from fairing is smashed up,
    my Damage is a sore as ankle and a sore hip, and a slightly damaged bank account...

    Lesson learned Is to not assume where they are going and I probably should have slowed down immediatly instead of just changing lane and not slowed down at all, i was doing the speed limit but didnt leave me with much stopping room come the 2nd car.
  2. That's a downer Kovatch - at least you're all right Mate. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.
  3. What a bummer Kovatch.. Glad your ok. Being in a 4wd, he probably didn't even see you there when he changed lanes. It's a shame you didn't have your go pro today, although it probably wouldn't have made much difference to the insurance company anyway!

    Sounds like the bike would be a write-off. :cry: Once the hip/ankle heal it might be time to go bike shopping.
  4. Like ive said on UDLOSES thread..........sometimes accidents just happen, no matter how good or careful a rider you are.

    You tried to cover all bases but you can never cover all bases...............imagine if you did manage to stop but the guy behind you couldnt, 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing and im sure there are those who would try lecture you on what would could have done etc.................

    Hope your uninjured but not good to see them try pin the blame on you.........any witnesses?
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  5. Nah no one pulled over unfortunatly but your right AznCruiser, accidents just happen sometimes, and it is what it is, and yeah the go pro probably would not have made a diffrence to the insurance company. Well hopefully it all goes quickly and I get my cheque for the pay out as the bike is my sole means of transport and i dont really work neer public transport, see what happens though I guess.
  6. Get yourself checked out, eh? Especially if the ankle is "sore as".
  7. Having a crash is always a big shake-up ... glad you had minimal injuries.

    Just a query tho ... why did the car hit the brakes?
  8. I have no idea, even the driver said I shouldent have braked, and I was like yeah why did you break? and he said he panicked.
  9. So he cut you off then compounded the error by brake-checking you out of guilt? Crikey ! Did he realise what a doofus he was and offer to wear the blame?
  10. Do you mean his insurance says its your fault. Being at fault shouldnt make any difference to your insurance, except for the excess.
  11. He was waiting for a mate....

    sorry to hear of this Kovatch, crap of a thing to happen... keep on truckin!!!
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  12. Next time that duffus driver does that, his mate the OP should drive a truck instead of a bike.........lets see how he likes them apples.
  13. Its not up to an insurance company to apportion blame in an accident.
    Thats for the police to determine.
  14. Usually not - depends on the circumstances of the accident.
  15. Not really, if you are licensed and your bike is registered, you aren't over the limit and you haven't done anything else that might void your policy, then you are insured regardless of whether it was your fault or not.
  16. But the at fault side is determined by your insurer. Usually without any police input.
  17. At fault only determines who they chase for the excess.
    That can be disputed.
    Or dont crash---simple.
  18. Yeah the my insurer has just gone automatically im at blame because if i hit his rear end clearly he was straight, and that means i had ample room, i then adv educated that my bike is not as wide as a car and if i was in car it would have been the side corner of his bumper but they didnt want a bar of it, so i said so I should have kept going then not slowed down and done 70 km/h into his side? and they said yes then he would have been at fault, so I said I would probably be dead. and there just like meh. Well it is what it is, and a $400 excess a dint to my no bonus policy is defintly worth my life. I've already picked out my new bike :):) if it does get written off which i am 95% sure it will.
  19. Sometimes insurance companies can be lowly scum. It is just unfortunate that there are times when you really need them.
  20. I have heard a lot of incidents where there person who does the rear ending gets the blame even though it is clearly the fault of the rear ended person, and possibly insurance company assumes that you were at fault just because you were on a motorcycle. Is the police report in your favor?, this is so wrong riders should not be penalised by assumption.
    I am glad you are OK and have another ride picked if need be.