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First road bike: Hyosung GV650S?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by TheRod, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all, i am looking at getting my first road going bike, i have fallen in love with the Hyosung GV650 Sport, as i really do like the sportier look.I am 6"1 and 120kg so a sports bike just isnt for me, i am also 21 so im not looking for some big classic with valanced fenders or somethin that would make me feel abit too old(no offence those who have one lol). If anyone knows much about the Hyosungs good or bad please share your input even if you recommend another model of bike. I am budgeting on about $6000 or so and not looking at buying brand new as i am realistic that it will get dropped and scratched etc. I am yet to ride one but i have been on a honda VT400 and i liked the ride position and i think that the GV650S is similar in dimensions.

    Any help is appreicatiated.


  2. Try the Yamaha V Star 650, or a Virago. Should be able to pick up an older one for around your price range.
    I haven't had any personal dealings with the Hyosung range, but most of what you hear isn't good.
    Don't forget about factoring in $$ for riding gear though!! :D
  3. Ive been having a look at the V Star also, i dont mind it. I am assuming being a Yamaha that parts and acceseries are a breeze to come by, this in itself is against Hyo's from what i have heard. I am curious to meet someone who actually owns a Hyo cruiser as the only people i know have GT's. Thanks for the food for thought streetmaster. Your right i still do need riding gear something i am goin to get before the bike. I have MotoX helmet and riding gear but i think by the sounds of it ill get laughed at enough on a Hyo haha
  4. If you can afford something else get it...

    Otherwise they're not as bad as some make out, but much worse than others kid themselves...
  5. Check the MotoX helmet. Many are for off road use only & are not AU1698 compliant!
    If it's not I'd strongly suggest a full faced helmet (not open Harley/cruiser style)
    I had a V Star & it got wiped out by a 'P' plater. the front of my helmet was badly sc****d by the road when I went down.
    If not for the full faced helmet, that would have been my jaw!!
  6. I also had a look at the Korean bikes when I bought my VT400 and the news were not good, yes you do get a warranty with a new one but all I could see on forum review posts is lots of issues with them.
    I guess you have to take these posts with a grain of salt but when you don't see an even balance generaly alarm bells ring for me.
    Which is all very unfortunate as they are a great looking bike, I also love the lines of the sports cruiser look.
    Why don't you look at a custom vStar, which was my second choice but due to seating position and comfort I had to opt for the Honda Shadow (VT400) instead.
  7. The motoX helmet i have is an australian stanards one, never taken a big fall with it, but greatful it is fullface, it has helped keep me pretty over the years lol. Thanks for the info silversurfer, i have been doing heaps of reading about them and have not found that many thumbs up reviews, which as you mention is disappointing because they truly do look awesome. i have been looking into the Vstar and have found a couple that arent to bad, also how is it with insurance on a cruiser? What do you mean with the seating position? I am 6"1 and 120kg so i am looking for something that isnt too small, sorry for all the questions, but thats half the reason i joined here to learn about all these things.

    Thanks in advance

  8. what streetmaster said, Yamaha over Hyo [anytime, god even a postie bike woudl last longer] and full face the only way to go!! Wear a jacket too!! then ride to melb to show the bike off :)
  9. I am 6"4' although only 90Kg, but I found the vStar seat nowhere nearly as comfy as the Shadow and also my knees where almost level with the fuel tank and on the vStar.
    I recommend you take them for a ride, although not everyone will necessarily let you do that if it is a private sale but a dealer will be more inclined to let you do it.
    Insurance is no different to any other bike, I have mine insured with Swan which I bought through the dealer but I am sure there are others out there, and I am paying about $20 a month for my policy.
    Having said all that about the seating position do keep in mind that you can purchase forward controls for most cruisers, I got the 6" ones for my Shadow and it has made a big difference.
  10. You will want to upgrade once on a full license, the Hyosung has poor resale compared to the V-star 650, the v-star is a sweet little ride and you can pick up a low km 2005 model for your $6k.
  11. To the op..

    Also suggested this on another thread because it's truly a good buy and you'll do better than a Hyo..
    A mate of mine is sell this 2011 Custom 650 with only 5500k's..
    He's negotiable on the price too..
    Well worth a look as it really is toothpick clean!

    Has following tasty extras.
    Vance and Hines pipes, still have original pipes, chrome grips, lower sitting handle bar mirrors, chrome number plate holder, sissybar. Chrome bullet style back indicators. Never been ridden in rain. Still has factory warranty up to March 2012.