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first road bike for a young guy.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JimmyD, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. g'day everyone.

    im on my red P plates at the moment (VIC) and get off the LAM's restriction in may next year, so im searching around for a road bike.

    i've been riding for about 14 years already (though not all of that was on the road as you would imagine) so i have a bit of experience and bike control. the bike itself wont be a bike for commuting (you get run over by car drivers too much) and i plan to take it to the island etc for track days.

    any suggestions on something that should be fairly reliable and fun to ride. budget will be around the $9k ish by that stage..

    thanks for any pointers.
  2. There are lots of bikes that will fit the bill, but at your age insurance is going to be perhaps *the* biggest issue: anything with 'RR' in its name, or that is very sporty and fully faired, and you're likely to be paying around 3 grand a year in insurance or more...

    For that reason, I reckon things like the SV650S and the ER-6F would be well worth a look. They're fun, cool bikes that handle and go well enough that a track day would be very enjoyable, but you'll probably spend half as much on insurance, meaning you can spend a lot more on the bike and on gear.

    No doubt there are other good suggestions out there too, but that's my idea for where to start.
  3. Given your requirements, maybe the Honda Search or the Suzuki Browse the Forum might be good. Failing that you could go for the much maligned but arguably superior Yamaha Been Done to Death. :p

    Apart from that, this is NR, so VTR250!! :)

    But for track days and little commuting, go a two-smoke! :woot:

    Although it's unclear if you are after a LAMS bike for now or a non-LAMS for when you get off. If non-LAMS, perhaps any Jap inline 4 RR 600 if there's going to be a track focus? Your age and the insurance issue will still apply though.
  4. Go the motard. But a big one, say a KTM 640.

    No too great on the PI straight but magic at Broadford and Winton. Excellent for a weekend squirt and it keeps you out of the high speed stakes until you're fully licenced.

  5. Yeah, sorry Jimmy, your post wasn't clear on whether you were looking right now (LAMS) or for after May (non-LAMS). I assumed the latter. If it's the former, and if you're fairly light (60-70 kg, not 90-100) then it's be hard to go past some of the 125 (Aprilia RS) and 150 (Honda NSR) two strokes for fun and power in an environment where it's more for recreation than commuting.
  6. (and yeah, the 'Search' function is your friend - take any of these suggestions that appeal to you and search this forum for a heap of opinions and experiences)
  7. yeah already got a motard i can use thats in the shed, its a ktm690smc, pretty good bike really, gonna tard up my crf450r and take it to the track too.

    sorry, im after a non lams bike, because i didnt see the need for a LAM road bike for 5 months or whatever when i can just ride my wr on the road.

    oh and im about 95 ish kg's (so not a lightweight)

    hmm yeah insurance is gonna be very expensive :( but i guess its always gonna be risky, but as long as im not riding hard on the road, and just keep that stuff to the track.
  8. Then I circle back around to the SV suggestion. ;)

    And definitely get *at least* 3rd party, fire and theft insurance, and ideally comprehensive - no matter how easy or hard you're riding, it's just much too easy for someone else to take you out...
  9. i thought the suspension in the sv's was a bit lacking in adjustability, but i guess thats just something to work around on the track.

    yeah, its too easy to get wiped out on the roads, even though im from a town of 18,000 people, its nearly a daily occurence on the roads. luckily coz im on a dirtbike i can jump gutters etc to dodge cars.

    bloody cagers :evil:
  10. Yeah, I was gonna say, on the dirt your fate is mostly in your own hands, on the road it's often in others'... but I see you've already experienced that!

    The suspension is probably the one weakness of the SVs, but it would be worth your while either (a) picking up a secondhand one someone has already sorted or (b) picking up one that's an extra couple of hundred bucks cheaper than your budget and getting it sorted. Given that you're up around my weight Plan B might be better so you can get it sorted *for you*. I believe fork oil, springs and possibly a back shock is about all it takes...
  11. yeah, i find that if a bike has crap suspension its just unrideable! some people dont really understand how it all works but it drives me up the wall.

    i'll do some research on the sv's suspension and see what i can come up with. most of the sv650's seem to have a lot of k's on them. do they actually last or are these ones all buggered?

    i dont mind getting my hands dirty, but i'd rather not be fixing it every 500k's, thats what i do with the dirt bikes haha.

    any other bike suggestions? what about a cbr600f, ive never ridden one but they seem a very old design...