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First rides of 2006

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 7THSIN, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. I love having places like this 10 minutes from my house :grin:


    Just got back from a ~70km ride, first one of the year.
    Surrey Downs to Kersbrook, backtracking to Humbug Scrub and Para Wirra Conservation Park. Then some road I forget the name of out towards One Tree Hill and Elizabeth, and home again before I ran out of fuel (only had ~7L)

    Tried out my new back protector under the leathers and it's surprisingly comfortable, though I had to remove the old foam protector from the leathers for everything to fit properly.
    Almost unnoticeable from the outside.

    Where has everyone else been so far?
  2. See Dorothea McKellar (etc) for my effort......
  3. See Spa Ride. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. 7-thsin that is one of the coolest leathers that I've seen.

    How much did you get it for?

    It's like you're going to war in the future or something.
  5. I'd warrant a guess that it's a Collins set. :grin: :wink:
    Available from a few retailers... and i even saw an ad in one of the bike mags for a clearance price on one style of those suits for $799 (i think)!
  6. I rode to work NYE and NY day.. it was hot.. that is my exciting story. Although it was good having the roads to myself.
  7. :p I'm the grey Power Ranger, yeah it's a Collins set of leathers.
    www.collinsleathers.com It's the 'Suzuka' 1pc suit, I did a small review here... I got it for $770, but that was a very limited offer.

    adamsonline - I dont mind that route of yours, it's similar to the one I normally take, but we turn off N.E Road onto Tippet Rd, then up to Loby and back down the Gorge to finish :grin:
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  9. a one piece racing suit on a kawa zxr 250

    interesting match ... lol jk
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  11. Cathar - That route planner looks very interesting! I'll be saving it for future use :wink:
    You went on one hell of a ride? What was the temperature there Monday? :shock:
  12. Yet to have My first ride of 06 due to a nicely Timed KNEE reconstruction. GRRRRRR 2 more weeks and I will post my first ride of 06
  13. Do that sort of ride length at least once, occasionally twice, a week. That's one of the shortest ride trips I do. That one took me about 3.5hrs, including a meal break at Marysville.

    Temperature on Monday was fantastic. Could not have asked for better riding weather. 24C, dry, low wind, and sunny. In a word, perfect, riding conditions.

    In fact from today->incl. Sunday Melbourne is turning on perfect riding weather, being 23-26C, sunny and dry. Track day at Phillip Island tomorrow is forecast for 26C and sunny. Looks like it'll be the best weather I've ever had at Phillip Island.