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First Ride!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ihaveduff, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I just got back in from my first ride on my new baby!!! :newb:

    Dashed off from work to MCA, picked up my gear, then dashed to pick my bike up (from "t" off these forums)... so yes, i'm a proud owner of a shiny black 2000 VTR! Fantastic bike, sounds great with the Staintune on :grin: Sure i pissed some neighbors off on my way to the carpark where i was going to practice (i saw some curtains being moved aside and a face popping out)

    Anyway, on to the ride!... I live in a block of townhouses, so i managed to start and start moving first time without stalling... but then i realised that i have to go uphill to get out of my garage on to the street, and i couldn't get the revs right and kept stalling... so i pushed :oops:... i'll work on it!!... any tips there?

    Then i went up and down my street slowly... building up confidence untill i hit about 50km/h (the limit), and did that a few times before i turned into a childcare center carpark (i remembered my blinkers on and off!! yay!!)

    Well in the carpark i practiced slow maneuvers, left hand turns... right hand turns... figure 8s. I didn't really get out of first gear because it was a loose surface :cry: ...

    Anyway, after an hour or two (time flies when you're having fun!) i decided to come home (again, remembered indicators)... was being careful because the road was a bit wet!! Came in, down the ramp, missed neutral and stalled :oops: Back into gear with dad watching, and pulled off perfectly and found neutral while slowing down!!! Backed it into the garage and switched it off, pulled my helmet off and had the biggest grin EVER on my face!!

    THEN NEAR TRAGEDY!! I was moving the bike away from the wall so i could crouch down on the left side to have a look at it... and the side stand flicked up when the bike was half on it!!! I managed to catch it and right it again before it hit the ground :-$

    ahhhh well, i have to go get petrol tomorrow after work... Taking the cage because i'm not confident enough to fight the soccer mums!! be my first real road ride then! *scared*... I'll let you know how it goes!
  2. nice work welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling

    good to see you are taking it nice and steady before getting out on the road
  3. Sounds great! As for hillstarts just tread your back brake like its the handbrake in a car. So use your brake, fast idle, friction point. Slowly let a bit of your back brake off and increase throttle smoothly as needed to get moving.
  4. i still get that excited when hop on my old girl :)
  5. Phizog has given you good advice Ihaveduff. Hold your throttle steady and use the back brake to adjust your speed.

    And have to agree with Joel too, it's still exciting getting on the bike, whether it is the first time or the millionth time :grin:
  6. Sounds great mate, sounds like you had a ball. Good choice of bike by the way VTRs rock. :grin:
  7. Hey, congrats! It just keeps getting better from here. Intelligent approach to your riding. You won't want more than first gear for slow maneouvering anyway, just as stated by others - rear brake control and smooth clutch. get that happening and everything else will just flow. Enjoy.
  8. :roll: My old girl isn't keen on me hopping on her these days.......that's why I'm taking up riding :p :grin:
  9. For your kick stand issue to make sure it never happens again, after you kick your stand down and get off the bike and before you let go, drag the bike backwards, this is to make sure your side stand is all the way forwards.
  10. Keep it up ihaveduff! I found when starting out it's best to get out there and ride as often as possible...the time spent getting all your gear on is worth the 10 minute blat up to the shops/wherever. The more you ride, the better you'll get. Repetition is your friend. :)

  11. Cheers for the encouragement guys :) I'll be practicing those hill starts! Is it possible for you give a bike too many revs when taking off?

    i'm going for my first road ride tonight with a friend (also on her Ls)... wish us luck lol
  12. its possible, but it really depends on how well/much you use the clutch to adjust the engines power going to the gearbox... if you ride the clutch a huge amount, well, you'll use it, but if you drop the clutch when you have higher than necessary revs, you either just get going really fast, or perhaps start a mono... I've always thought of the clutch as something to be used and abused if you need to, so use that to hlep you get going, you'll get the hang of it fast enough.. constant stalls are discouraging though.... welcome to bikeland, enjoy your stay...
  13. awesome man.... im sure that every ride you do you will feel he same way everytime...

    hahahah i know i do... :grin:
  14. I too had my first road riding experience when I picked up my GPX yesterday.

    It was a daunting experience for my first ride even though the dealership was practically only 10 mins away from home. I was so nervous for first 5 mins, it felt so naked on the road, I was riding on 1st and 2nd gears all the way around the back streets cos I was too chicken to go over 40km/h - it felt like I'm gonna kill myself.

    But luckily I arrived home safely in one piece. :shock:
  15. congrats no the riding. im a newbie myself, but i can comment on that issue. on one of my first rides, i gave too much throttle, i had found friction point (i kept stalling so thats why i had my revs up) and as a result, nearly planted myself face first into a parked car.

    just got to have the right coordination i guess lol
  16. Well first road ride yesterday!!! went with a friend who took her Cagiva Mito (smokey...) Was really good!!! filled up with petrol for the first time too!!! (forgot to check my tyre pressure :oops: ... next ride i will) Had a "omg bloody insane crazy cager" moment on anzac pde, so pulled off to practice my hill starts in the back of Randwick.. and i DIDN'T STALL ONCE!!! Very happy with myself there :grin:

    I enjoyed it so much that i went for another ride at 11 last night :p ... woke a few neighbors up i think. Staintune good. Decided to try a longer ride to build confidence on quiet roads, so took the main roads to Bondi Beach, then came back down the coast! Lovely ride coming along the clifftops!!!

    I'll start riding to work next week, spend the weekend riding around, doing practice runs and keeping on practicing!

    Yup... once you get bitten by the bug, there's no turning back!

    Thanks for the words of wisdom on the clutch klavier, i'll keep it in mind for when i use the clutch... Cleverlie, i'll give that a go! Don't want to drop my baby!

    Good luck with the riding Donshe and Technik!!! It's worth the effort put in to learn!
  17. Hey, congrats on startin to get the hang of things on the road.. Got my vtr a couple of nights ago but gettin my L's this week, can't wait!! I'm getting anxious to ride it just sitting there in my garage so black and gotta love the lattice frame, argh, needa ride NOW!
  18. mmmm the VTR is a great bike!! accelerates pretty sharply and is great in corners :grin: And great colour choice :wink:
  19. tyre pressure is no biggie, i haven't checked mine in atlest 1.5 - 2 months, you'll know when to pump up your tyres.
  20. How?

    Personally, I recommend checking them at least weekly..a good time to do that is when you wash it, or put petrol in. Some people say everytime before you ride, but because I comute daily, I don't.

    "no biggie"?? Your tyres are the only thing that your moving bike has in common the stationary ground.

    I'd think it is important to keep them in the best condition possible?