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First ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by junny22, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Finally picked up my cbr250rr tonite and took it for my first ride since i got my L's and first ride on the road. just gotta say, even with the freezin wind blowin it was just awesome, cant believe i left it this long to get my license.
    lookin forward to my first long ride somewhere but not so much my inevitable first stack which i keep gettin told is bound to happen :x hehe
    another newbie on the road yes, but finally gettin to enjoy what all u long time riders hav been.

    off for another ride!

  2. hehehe off for another ride at midnight ehh? that's keen, though the traffic is probably nice at this hour. enjoy the new toy and post a couple of pics if you can be bothered :)
  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of riding!!

    Glad you enjoyed the experience :D :D
  4. Welcome and have fun on the bike

    Cheers 8)
  5. Congrats.

    Oh, about about the stack - not necessarily a guaranteed event, but you will at least have a couple of near-misses. It's the only way you'll learn the limits of your ability and the bikes... hopefully it doesn't hurt though and just gives you a fright!

    Good luck!
  6. Don't you just LOVE it? Freezing at midnight and he goes out for another ride???
    Sly, traffic is always the same in Parramatta, Sydney's roads were maxed out ten years ago, and they're worse now! Still, it's good experience.
    So Junny22, ENJOY your new toy, keep your eyes and ears open, and, come to the Netrider Coffee Night, second Tuesday night of the month at the Homebush Bay tavern, (see Events for details)
  7. lol I still smile when I remember my first rides... lol the first time I went on the freway.. 80km/h and I thought I was traveling at an insane speed!!!
  8. Yep, remember when I first got my bike, I went everywhere at anytime. Honey...I need milk...I'll go...get the bike out. Honey...need to post a letter...I'll go...get the bike out...:LOL:
  9. :cry: nearly there :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  10. geez and i thought was just me :p yep the first ride, what an experience, also remember the 3 phone calls i had to make straight afterwards, to let certain people know i was still alive 8)
  11. I bought my first bike on a Wednesday and rode it from Denman to Singleton to work (80 odd kays) on the new England Highway the next day! (I must have been CRAZY!!)
  12. Not as crazy as me..

    I did the first day of HART learners cource... that day I went to LOOK at a bike... ended up buying it and riding it home.. from Brunsweek st to Oakleigh... The next day I went back to HART to finnish off my cource and get my L's...
  13. ... well, can't say you "hummed and harred" about the decision, then can we?
  14. hehe...my first time on the road was Port Fairy to St Leonards at 2am down the GOR...on a Postie Bike.

    Just a casual 350-ish ks.

    We'd been intending to only go as far as Warrnambool and stop at a mates but by then I was comfy and it was a beautiful moonlit night.

    Did have a VERY sore butt the next day though.
  15. Congratulations and I think you will find it hard to get youe arse of the bike seat for a few weeks....hope to see you on a ride real soon, plenty of learners rides coming up.
  16. ended up coming home at about 1am with my hands almost frozen coz i left the gloves at home (was only goin round the block but ended up riding further and further away, hehe).
    thanks for the invite hornet600, once i get the balls to get on the m4 down to homebush i'll be there!
  17. [-X Gloves. Every. Time.

    Sort of imagine what your hand would feel like with 25mm ground off the palm and then wonder whether you should be wearing gloves or not.

    That said...sounds like you had fun :wink: but I don't envy you having to deal with the M4. That's scary enough in a car.
  18. Congrats on your bike and welcome to the forums :)
  19. Hey, welcome to the nuthouse. Sounds like you have the attitude to make yourself a big success round here...hehehe "riding further and further away..."
  20. Yeah I remember my first ride. I.... hang on it hasn't happened yet! Dammit, you lucky bastard junny, I'm still looking for my first bike.