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First Ride!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Masakali, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. So just got delivery of a brand new cbr250.

    Not wanting to go out into traffic I waited till past midnight, and took it out to Albert Park just across the road hoping to play around with it in the carpark. However I found the main straight section completely empty, and even the F1 barriers were starting to go up, so did laps of the grand prix track instead.

    Followed beginner 101 and 102 here, and absolutely loved it. To me the relaxed body and lean came easy, especially as it is the same techniques required for snowboarding. I did however find that as the night went on, my body position got more and more upright, it was more tiring then I imagined.

    Tried to go faster on the main straight but could only get up to about 60 and got too scared to go faster, even at 60 I felt as fast as a F1 car! Had such a blast that I forgot to go find a carpark and do my slow speed manoeuvres, that might have to wait for another night.

    I want to find some hilly areas and practice some hill starts, I think I'm quite confident of taking off on flats, but because I don't have my frame sliders yet, I'm a bit nervous of practising on the very steep apartment garage entrance ramp. Might head to the industrial area under the Westgate tonight and see what I can find there.

    Things I must work on:
    -staying in a crouched position
    -hugging the tank with my thighs more
    -feet positioning, my right foot is always accidently on the brake
    -slow speed stuff
    -rev matching

    All up a very fun first night, even though I probably should have started with slow manoeuvring in the carpark.
  2. Masakali, welcome to smile hood :)
    pop down sat morn to prac session, you're about 3 mins ride away, you know the BP servo on beach rd, next to St Kilda marina? in the car park behind there from 10am, come down and Dave n Doug will give you some great tips, dont be shy and introduce yourself and ask for these two gentlemen!!
  3. cbr250r 2011?

    What colour did you get?

    Thanks for sharing your first ride!

    It's been 4 weeks since I got my learners and I can't buy anything until March :( I'm envious of everyone. Your stories keep me going :)
  4. Was wondering where your welcome message was!

    We must have posted at the same time lol
  5. Good job! It takes a while to get used to the extra speed, my legs still shake when I ride at 60, but the more often you do it the more settled you become. Hill starts are a bit scary, I haven't tried it yet but will have to practise at some point. Keep up the good work :)
  6. for your laughin pleasure, I stalled at the intersection of Victoria and Swanston sts trying to make the jump on a beemer this morn, embarrasment :( so after 3 and a half years , yes you can stall!!
  7. Thanks for the kind words, I have been reading every other learners first ride on here, I find it helps almost as much as 101 and 102.

    I got a red one, because I enjoy riding at night, and a black one would of been invisible, even though deep down I wanted the black one more.

    I will try and make it down to a morning practice session when I can.

    Any tips on how to reverse the bike in and out of my parking space? It's so tiring to get it in and out of my space? I'm not very tall but I can flatfoot one foot and tip-toe the other at the same time.
  8. Its a bit hard to give the advice without seeing your actual parking spot but usually you reverse into a spot and ride out.

    If the spot is on a slope never park facing downhill as this can allow the bike to roll of its stand. However on a slope it gravity will assist coming out (you rode in so as not to park facing downhill, didn't you). Don't paddle the bike with your feet just let it roll and use the brake to control the speed.

    If your parking spot is flat, but there is a slope to get to it, then again it is ride the uphill and roll down the downhill. Depending on whether the garage is higher or lower than the street, this may mean you ride uphill to get in or roll down backwards to get in.

    You haven't said where you are but if you do probably ther will be someone local who can assess and give you some tips. Why not put your nake down in the mentoring thread.

    Be careful riding at night. As a noob there is a lot going on while you get your skills up. Riding at night adds another dimension to the degree of difficulty and the risk. And while in most places riding at night might be quiet, the track is very close to St Kilda which never shuts down and some of the drivers there will have had a few. Personally I would recommend getting you rskills up in daylight first.
  9. No slope, just I have to roll it back one spot between my car and the wall, guess the problem is my weak legs then, was just hoping there was a neat little trick i didn't know about.

    Unfortunately night time is the only time I have free, I stick to the port melbourne side which is quiet to hone my skills, trying to stay away from StKilda/chapel side till I'm more confident. Went across the Westgate, very scary at first, especially the winds, but had an absolute blast, it also did wonders for my confidence.

    Today after work, took her down Beach Rd to Mordialloc and returned on the Nepean, first time in a decent amount of traffic. Biggest problem I'm having is it is so easy to speed, I'm trying to stick to the limit as much as possible, but it's so easy to creep over, and under for that matter, finding it hard to keep a very constant speed, is that normal?