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first ride with my new pipe

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Big_Simmo, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. well i installed my jardine late yesterday arvo and i really took it out for its first ride today with it on, all i can say is WOW how much do i love that note

    i rode around for like a bit over a hour and yeah it was amaizin, absolutely amazing i cant believe i waited this long to get the pipe :twisted:

    either way, i was out riding and i went into town to check my mail box and on the way around a corner i felt something hit my foot, i was like pfft stupid crap on the road....but it wasnt crap on the road

    it was my ....... number plate :bannanabutt:

    the new pipe had rattled the crappy bolts that i had on there loose and it just came right off. Just to let u know when i say crappy i mean the stock ones done up as tight as i could possibley get them.

    needless to say a rather attractive young lass saw it happen and ran onto the road and got my plate and started to walk down the street in the direction i went, i noticed when i got my mail and was walking back, i did panic but then started her up and retraced where i had been...i saw this chick waving my plate a me

    i stopped, had a chat and then used 2 cable ties (that i always keep under my seat) and went and got some new bolts and came home

    well that was my day, and now for some better photos on my jardine :p





    Mod Edit.. Only 3 pics per post.. Thanks.. :cool:
  2. Looks good mate.. And i bet it sounds even better.. :twisted:
  3. Mate, your bike looks great with the new pipe, but how did the convo go with the girly? :LOL: :twisted:
  4. Ooo nice :grin: got any pics of the lady? ;)

    Just wondering, can you notice any ride difference with the pipe?
  5. Did you get her number?
  6. pics of the young lass instead of the bike would be good :p

    no really :>
    nice bike ya got there, fair jealous
  7. That arse looks good...
  8. The sound of tripples should never be muffled :) The sound of silky awesomeness building up to a raw savage note. Shame that 3 cyls aren't too popular with many other manufacturers :(
  9. how much the pipes cost u?