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First ride with Bike Intercom

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fightingtiger, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Tried to but this in the product review sections, but will just put it here.

    The Wife purchased a Motorader (http://www.motorader.com.au) set of bluetooth headsets when she was picking up some bits for me from the guys at EuroBrit.

    We were planning on a Scala set but when the Motorader was only $280 for the pair we figured it was worth a go.

    Configured and teamed to our mobiles pretty easily, and even teamed together with a minimum of fuss.

    After some initial issues with charging and forgetting to turn them off, we went out for the first live test today.

    We also found that the supplied sticky velcro pads for the inside of the helmut weren't required as the velcro on the back of the ear pieces attached easily to the material of the helmut lining.

    So off down the road we went, me on the Honda cruiser and the Wife on the Aprilia Sportcity one.

    Click the back button once and after a few seconds you hear some noise and you can have talkies with your bike buddy.

    "Turn your blinker off ********" was the most common communication, apart from some advice on riding in blind spots and a heart check after an issue with changing lanes near large 4wd's.

    We only had brief conversations rather than a running road commentary, and according to the brochure you will get 7 hours talk so there should be heaps of power for a long trip.

    Charging is all done by usb so as long as there is a computer near your destination you should be able to recharge for the ride home.

    At one stage on the ride home the Wife was stuck at lights so I though I would see what sort of distance we could get. 500 meters is the claim and we were probably about that apart when I did the test. All clear but after a slight hill got in the way it started to crackle a bit but you could still communicate.

    So all in all it does what we need. Mobile phone calls come in auto and are clear, it was easy to configure, and the bike to bike intercom appear, so far, to be excellent.

    You can charge it off usb so easy to charge anywhere.

    My only minor niggle is that the bottom volume button make volume go up, and the top one makes volume go down ?

    My logic says it should have been the other way around.

    But, if that's the only niggle then in my view I have a bargain. The buttons are easy to use in gloves and are simple, back button for intercom, and front one for mobile phone.

    A very happy customer of the Motorader system so far.

    Catch ya

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  2. Hmm charge off the USB port hey?? i see a jury rig being born for you..

    USB has 4 little rails, (hold it up to the light, you can see four gold/silver tabs..)

    two of these are DATA rails, they carry the info for the device.. the other two are (-) and (+) DC. Now.. i believe the DC rail is something to the tune of 5V @500mA... but don't quote me on this, its been a long time since studying USB peripherals. Either way, its probably running on the lowest of that lot.. Sooo

    You need to chase a 12V > 5V .. say 350-500mA transformer... IF your perticularly smart, you could make one yourself.. just a matter of getting the windings on the coils correct. Of course... one end onto the power outlet/battery on ya bike.

    The other end, strip the jack off a spare USB cable (printer cables.. just ask a technician, theres so many of them, you always get one with a printer etc.... if you ask i could send you a spare free.)

    Now.. http://pinouts.ru/Slots/USB_pinout.shtml

    Heres a guide to what colors are what. Make sure you attach the correct power (5V+ to Red off the positive side of the coil, ground to negative..) etc.

    Ignore the two data lanes, your device doesn't want them for charging..

    Once you have this setup you should have your Transformer connected to one end of your USB lead, the other end connects to the Bluetooth device.. Plug it in to battery and... your bluetooth device charges, Via USB, off the bikes battery/power outlet.


    For gods sake make sure you use a multimeter and check all this if you actually try it!!

    Good luck! I have some spare USB cables here if you want one.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Most batteries dont like to be constantly charged, so that could reduce batt life.

    If I was serious and wanted a running commentary from the Wife I would probably get a car usb charger and hook that to the battery.

    One of the things I love about being on the bike is you get to be in your own little world with your own thoughts - I dont think a running commentary from the Wife helps that :)

    Besides what would you talk about when you have a break for a coffee.

    Thanks for the tips though.

    One thing i didnt mention in the review is we took the bike/scooter up to around 85kph and it was still nice and clear for me above the Hinda twin and for the Wife above the roaring Aprilia Scooter .

    Catch ya

  4. Thanks for that. That USB outlet looks good. I've bookmarked the site for future reference. The option of charging a bluetooth headset while riding on long tours is good, and being able to do it when the unit requires a USB outlet has been a stumbling block in the past. (Not that I have looked hard recently.)

  5. Hi Guys, My wife bought a MotoRadar and it came with USB charger cable and an AC adaptor as well. We have had ours replaced once as it was a real pain to be able to connect to each other and then it would cut out for no good reason. After a while it would come back on. Talking to each other up 80klms/hr was good but over that we couldn't hear each other for the static. Not good when the hiway limit is 100 k.p.h. The other problem we had was fully charged it only gave 4 to 4 1/2 hours and run out of battery. Not good when you go for a day ride. We contacted Motoradar and they told 80 kph was good, (we wear openface helmets with full visors) and 4 to 4 1/2 hours was also good. Their blurb says 'up to' 7 hours talk time and 'up to' 120 k.p.h. Motoradar won't give us a refund or do anymore to help rectify the problems we are having. So I would have to give Motoradar a BIG thumbs down.
  6. Did you have any luck finding a good replacement? I am also in the market for the same reaons and am considering interphone F5 but don't wanna commit until i know more. so if you have any tips, let me know.
  7. Thinking about this - do you use "R" (resistor) spark plugs?
    Might be some ignition "noise" causing static that could be reduced with an "R" plug - although I'd expect it to be constant.

    Info on "R" plugs at http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/techinfo/spark_plugs/faq/faqresistor.asp
  8. Hi Guys, Haven't got a replacement yet as we are still argueing back and forth with 'MotoRadar' and the shop we bought it from about a refund. As you say if it was the plugs it would be there all the time. Crystal clear up to 80 k.p.h. but after that forget it. MotoRadar claims in the book that comes with the intercom up to 120 k.p.h. and they told us that if we got 80 k.p.h that that was good. At the present I am looking at a SENA SMH10. Can hook up to 3 other bikes. A friend of mine had an intercom on his Harley, he can't remember the brand, but it was a plug in one and him and his missis wore open face with the full visors and could talk crystal clear up to 150 k.p.h. If I can find out the brand I'll let you know.
  9. Not having chance to read through all this but seeing you have issues with bt headsets:
    Ive got a set of Sena SMH-10's on me and mrs messy same as you are looking for, and can vouch for them as awesome.
  10. Thanks for that Mr Messy. I'll certainly look into the sena's if I can get some money back from these other Turkeys. Do you get clear conversation crusing around at the speed limit (or plus.) And what is the battery life like. Thank you.
  11. I cant honestly say what the batteries are like as i havent used them long enough straight to flatten them.
    That said, for example, ive used them for oh... maybe 3 hours of music, and a hour or so of talking to mrs messy on a ride, plus a few short calls. The only way i can guess life on them is that they took 3 hours to charge the first time and took about 45min to recharge that time. The specs were something like 12 hours of use i think?

    They are also the first pair ive tried (of a few) that has no noticable static, but the mic placement is tricky to minimise noise and pick up voice, its very one-directional to minimise the interference, but after a few plays with you will get it right.

    P.S. i got mine delivered from here: http://www.adventurecamshq.com.au/d24/sena-bluetooth-intercom-dual-pack/
  12. Probably StarCom1 :angel:
    also available here :angel::angel:

    The BT systems are Ok IF you pay some decent dollars ](*,) and place mic's/speakers accurately, but are limited in use. Wired systems offer better sound and LOADS more expandability, like UHF radio to talk to multiple people over km's instead of metres (15k's with a 5watt UHF in open country)

  13. Using an LM7805 voltage regulator will provide you with up to 1A at a steady 5V. Significantly less hassle than winding your own transformer. Providing a capacitor into the works will also help smooth the voltage flow, as with a running engine the alternator will be providing 14-16V DC. Make sure you ground the regulator to something solid and metal, they like to get hot. Two in parallel will help reduce the overall temperature.

    You may also need to short the two data pins to each other, so the bluetooth headset knows that it's connected to a "dumb" device and accepts charge. Depends if the headset's USB connection is also "dumb" or "clever".

    And as always, put a fuse on it :)
  14. thanks for all the info guys, I'll check them out when I get some satisfaction from Motoradar. At the moment I'm enjoying the peace and quite of no intercom.
    Merry xmas - Stay upright.
  15. Fuse is good advice =D>

    Transformer???? on DC???? good luck with that LOL

    7805 IS good for 1A WHEN on a heatsink calculated for it.
    There are ciggie lighters with USB outlet's available for under $20 why F around when for under $20 you get a FUSED USB outlet that just plugs into a ciggie lighter outlet ](*,)