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First ride with a pillion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jeremy, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Just thought I'd share some of my excitement on here :)

    After passing my advanced course last week, I'm now allowed to take passengers on the bike, so we went shopping on saturday to fit out my other half with a jacket, gloves and boots (already had helmet).....got a few bargains on some good gear, so all happy there :cool:

    Sunday arvo came around and the weather looked like it was going to hold out, so she jumped on the back and we wobbled down the street :roll:
    I held it together, and we went around the back streets for a while to both get used to the situation.
    After a few laps of the block I got the hang of having the extra weight on there, and after stopping to check she was OK with things, we went out on the main rds.
    To cut a long story short, we got home about 3hrs later with massive grins on our faces, and if we didn't have to come home, we would still be out riding lol
    It was great to be able to share the ride with someone, and we both had a blast....cant wait for next weekend now!

  2. Hope your riding smooth. Most riders with pillions are clueless to how it feels being a pillion, so i'd suggest that you take a spin on the back of someones bike to see how you feel and how you can improve your riding to suit a pillion.
  3. I took my teenage daughter (doesnt live with me) for a spin on Thursday. It was her first time as a pillion but has ridden bikes herself. She loved it!
    I wanted an extra 60 ponies :LOL: We made it home in one piece and it was a nice feeling to know we did it together. She was wanting to go again but it rained for most of the weekend and I dont think her mother would apprecite any wounds. :)

    After all that, she's still not allowed to date anyone with a bike :wink:
  4. Yeah, I've spent a few months on the back of my mates bike while waiting for my L's test and bike to eventuate.....he's taught me the do's and donts.....along with reading every tip that I can find.....:wink:

    Riding smooth is definitely more important with someone on the back.....
    I noticed my down changes had to be a bit smoother....and did get better through the ride.

    Only being a 250 i realised that I had to stay at least 1 gear lower than I otherwise would've cruised in.......the poor thing was struggling a bit with the extra weight....
  5. You took a pillion on a 250? Well done! Yes, they can be a little underpowered and a larger, more solid bike would make life a tad easier, but you've done great! That's one thing I'm not itching to try (for more than a block) myself.
  6. Well I knew that she wouldn't be able to wait until I could get a larger bike, so that was part of the reason why I bought the ZZR.....the passenger seat looks a bit more comfy than the CBR ;)
  7. Jeremy, glad to see you're a thoughtful rider and invested the money in your other half's safety. A lesson others could learn from.

    Obviously you're not a fair weather biker, as I thought Sunday was pretty crappy.
  8. Yes, Safety is definitely high on the priority list.....I already have the full kit, and she deserves the same.....We're buying her some pants later in the week so she's fully covered.

    I am a fair weather biker....but i'm not waiting 3 months without riding the bike!
    I wont take it out in the rain......theres no need to really, it's just a fine weather hobby for me......not commuting or anything.
    The forecast was for morning showers, and the roads were bone dry in my area all afternoon. The clouds were threatening, and the plan was to head home as soon as it started raining.....but it didnt :)
  9. Hey Jeremy,

    I'm in the same situation as you, just completing the advanced test, and the other half wants to become a pillion, can I ask where you went to get her some gear? I've noticed there isn't much of a range in women's gear around, and she wants to find something functional and 'stylish' :roll:
  10. I'v been teaching Cheng to take me pillion... It's HILARIOUS being on the back of a suzuki across, I can tell you.

    And the best part? Now we can take the bike out and I can get smashed! WOOOOHOOOOO!

    /I keed, i keed.
  11. I've been holding off making the above comment because this post is useless without pics.

    Imagine a little Spider monkey. Riding a mini-tricycle. With an Orang Utan as pillion. And he's waving his arms about. A lot.
  12. We did some shopping around, and found out that Peter Stevens in the city has 15% off until the end of July.....
    We ended up buying an RST jacket.....normally $200....now $170, waterproof, zip-out thermal liner, armour etc, and looks pretty hot!


    and some Alpine star boots that were normally $400.....reduced to $279, we got for $240 :grin:
    We're looking into pants at the moment.....she doesnt want to look like the michelin man, or be uncomfortable, so that rules out dri-rider styles and leathers.....She's tried draggins on, and they're ok, but wants to try on some Hornee's before purchasing.....
  13. Thanks for the info. I suggest you check out Walden Miller on Unley Road for pants. I bought a pair of Ambi Ryda jeans from them which are wind proof, water proof, and kevlar lined, and they are only $200 (I got mine 10% off just by asking if they could make them any cheaper, so all you can do is ask!) that price is cheaper than most Draggins and Hornee jeans, and they have a good range and can custom make as well. Check out the jeans here: http://www.waldenmiller.com.au/ambi_jeans.html
  14. Those jeans are actually waterproof? Have you had the pleasure of trying them out yet in heavy rain, and do they look like proper jeans? (hard to tell from the picture)

    If they look the part and do what they say, i might just have to look into getting a pair.
  15. I used them last Saturday for 4 hours in my advanced rider test and it was pouring on and off then and I didn't get wet, although that was slow speed travel, nothing over 30km/h. I have used them for higher speed rides in light rain and they were fine. The water just seems to bounce right off, or just bead on top of the pants. I can just wipe my hand across them and they are dry. Didn't get a wet butt either after getting onto a soaking wet seat after each downpour.

    They seem to be windproof too. Went for a half day ride in light rain and 12-15 degree temperatures and my legs weren't cold...cool, but not cold, a mate was wearing jeans and he said his legs were freezing.

    They don't have the denim look of jeans (because they're not jeans), they are a very dark navy pant, similar look to the Draggin Chino range of pants ( http://www.dragginjeans.com.au/products/chinoPants/index.htm ), but even darker. I prefer them to the jeans though due to the waterproof and windproof factors.
  16. It's true, if a little understated.

    Have you ever seen that episode of the Simpsons, where Homer is learning to be a clown and is riding that itty bitty little bike. Now picture that, only with Homer as a pillion and Lisa at the controls.

    At least Loz managed to keep his pants on and not ripped off him as the tyres spun (while I was there at least - who knows what happened later)
  18. Heh heh heh :)