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First ride with a pillion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Billsy, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Been riding now for 2 n a half years and Sat night took my daughter out on the bike...was a bit iffy at first, but it turned out great...Hogs Breath Cafe and a movie, lots of helmet clunks and harsh gear changes but it all smoothed out later on...thanx to "suggestion" posts by u guys :)

  2. Well Done mate !!!!
  3. I'm just getting my L's this weekend, so I won't have to worry about taking a pillion for a while, but my girlfriend is pretty keen to go for rides once it's legal. Kinda glad the law is on my side for a while :woot:
  4. Hmm I had my first tonight, it was just about 100 m down the road and I had no spare helmet but my friend was overly excited and very insistant... not to mention on a piddly 125! The extra weight did make the rear more stable though :p Not a bad experience to be honest, but I'll probably wait a while till I get a bigger bike for some proper two up riding
  5. In 2 months I'm going to be legally ready to carry a pillion. Trouble is, no one I know wants to volunteer to be the first! (cowards!)
  6. whats worse than waiting an hour at the rta?

    I just snuck through on the old system where you can go straight from L's to blacks but have a BAC and pillion restriction for 12 months. So the 12 months had passed and the kids were keen for me to get restrictions lifted so I could pillion them. After waiting an hour I get the call to counter to be told there were no restrictions on my license after all - theres an hour of my life lost forever. I'm still glad I waited a year though, I'm pretty sure my skills are a lot better now than they were straight off the L's. I need to invest in a sissy bar though as it seems 2up is going to be a regular thing from now on.
  7. It always seems to make a journey more enjoyable when you share it with a pillion.

    This months Road Rider has a good write up on pillions which could be of use.

    Safe riding Pal :cool:
  8. Don't tell them about it than.

    "Oh you need i ride to work babe?, yeah i can help you out with that out of the goodness of my heart....oh and don't wear a skirt.:nopity:"
  9. Riding with a pillion can be good fun.
    A few pointers for you. Grab your pillions head. Look them in the eyes and tell them this is the only thing you want them to move. If they just tilt their head to keep their eyes level with the road (following me) Same as you should be doing. So bikes leans in left your head should be tilted to the right. Sounds weird I know but in fact your eyes & head will stay level with the road and you will stay in balance and all will be good. You should hardly feel you have someone on the back if they do this right.
    The worst part of doubling is slow speed manouvers. You, your mate and the bike can weigh a fair bit. So this is where we use the gyroscopic effect of the back brake against the crank to keep us all upright and out of embarressment city. Grinding the rear brake against the crank will keep that sucker sitting up pretty and balanced.
    I see so many novices waddling like ducks trying to manouver thier bikes with their feet. How uncool !!!!. One of the first things we put you through when you go for your license is a slow speed ride. This is where 80% of all damage is done.
    Big Jim from Soundrider at Goldenbeach is the man to see about person to person, or bike to bike communication. All custom work to suit your needs. Top shelf work. I have been using hs gear for years teaching and It's the best aid I have.
    A quick way to prove this to yourself is too sit on your bike on it's side stand. Keep your head still and try and lean out with your head staying in line with your spine. The bike will fall over the stand at about 22 degrees. Now tilt your head to the right and do the same thing. You will find you can get right over the side of the bike and it will still be on it's stand.
    If the bike ever feels like it wants to go over further than you want it too then you are tilting you head in. Always keeep your eyes level with the roads surface. Thank you gentlemen elvis has left the building.
  10. i found when doubling, i tell the inexperiance passanger , i want your head on the inside shoulder well before the corner, head up , eyes up , and be smooth.

    Wait for me to settle the bike before getting on or off, 3 quick hugs, if you want it a little more lively.

    Either grab my waist, or shoulders,bit of pressure with your legs, and please if you can see we braking soon , grab the back of the bike, the boys up front will thank you for it.

    I found it is a great way of practising being smooth . and no helmet clunks.
  11. In another month I will be able to pillion on my 250. I have only ever pillioned in Bali on a 100 & 150cc scooter, so the difference will be interesting. At the start I used to be a bit wobbly taking off and then just got used to the extra weight. My pillion weighed more than me too.
  12. If you plan on doing this on a regular basis then invest in some interphones - brilliant!