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First ride to work

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Yep, I did a little recon run out to work yesterday arvo to check the road surface and see how the bike handled all the tram tracks without the peak hour traffic to worry about. I know the road really well, but I usually ride a pushie (way over on the left) or a car (edge traps? What are edge traps? I fear no edge traps or tram lines!) and I know that the road looks a whole lot different on a motorcycle.

    So this morning I suited up for my first commute to work. It is mostly straight, with a couple of corners at traffic lights. There are only two curves where I actually get to countersteer at any kind of speed, but both of them have tram tracks to make them interesting.

    All up I'd say it was a success, in that I made it to work alive and smiling. I did get overtaken by another L plater on a scooter as I hung back behind cars in the right lane, but given that I was wearing a hi viz vest I figured it can't get much more embarrassing than that so I wasn't too bothered. :)

    I was a little surprised at the number of cars who pulled out directly in front of me. I'd see them edging their way out into the lane, and then finally decide that I wasn't speeding so they just pulled right out in front of me. I'm used to it on the bicycle, but somehow I thought that it would happen less on a motorcycle. I'm sure that if I had been in a car they would not have pulled out. (And I'm also sure that if I had been in a car I would not have pulled out in front of a motorcycle!)

    Another thing that surprised me a little was how tired my legs were when I got here. I must have been clutching the tank in a death grip or something! I suppose it will take a little while for the pedalling muscles to learn to be gripping and leaning muscles.

    I'll definitely be riding from now on. :)
  2. congrats on the first commute.

    Yep, be prepared to have a ball, get to work feeling excited and pumped, but also be ready for people just taking the P*ss out of your personal space and always makes the assumption that every car is on a mission to potentially run you off the rode. After a while your clamping legs and stiff arms will settle and it will all become a bit more routine (but still a great buzz)

    You must be hang'n to finish work so you can get back on the beast.

    What bike did you end up getting? And make sure you post a photo and blurb on it if you havnt already for us all to appreciate and make a fuss about etc... (If its a Hyosung, just be prepared to cop some shite. I have seen a few people cut to threads by Hyo Haters before when introducing their new pride and joy to the world.. Generally becomes a pretty harmless, but an amusing slanging match)

    Oh, and check out heaps of the threads on bike ettiquite etc (nodding/waving etc) and all the riding tips you can pick up... Spending a few hours reading/learning is the best thing you could possibly do at this stage. Netrider is a plethora of funny stuff by some witty characters who luckily for us Noobies actually have some handy pearls of wisdom to pass on...

    Cheers, Greg
  3. Yeah congrats...

    I've only had my learners licence for a 1 1/2 weeks... My confidence is building and I've recently just rode on the Hwy and it was dauting yet fun... I try and use the knowledge that the instructor has given me and the advice on this forum... I don't have the confidence to ride into work yet... Riding in peak our traffic makes me a bit nervous... Sydney traffic is crazy
  4. Way to go Zenali!

    Yes those first commutes to work can take a while. I think to begin with my commutes to work where taking about an hour while I was working out the best way to go (the route with the most corners).

    The tired legs is probably from your "up tight" muscles all clenched from the buzz of the first ride. You'll get the hang of it quickly enough and be more relaxed when riding, concentrating more on smooth gear changes and dragging cagers off from the lights!


    Btw, what colour is the CBR125 you got?
  5. Congrats on your first commute to work. Can't be stuffed finding my old thread for my first ride to work, but it was similar. You'll be itching to ride farther and farther each successive ride. :wink:
  6. They see us but think we are'nt much of a threat when push comes to shove, so they barge out. You fall off trying not to hit them and they keep going...Nothing to worry about for them. :) :roll:

    You'll be ok...your judgment from the Mbikes perspective will get pretty good and you'll be able to keep yourself safe from those that do that sort of thing.

    Ride your pace and allow yourself time toget used to it, and you'll be right, mate. :)
  7. Best way to ride is to expect them all to pull out in front of you and ride accordingly, when some of them don't it seems like a bonus.
    I'm constantly adjusting my position and trying to anticipate what cars are going to try to do and it's fun, makes the daily commute more interesting.
    A few weeks ago a guy came out from a side road and continued without pausing right across the road. I had already positioned myself away from his side and had to swerve and twist the throttle to avoid him hitting me head-on. A bit scary but it showed anticipation helps.
    Have fun on your commute, it beats sitting in a car after being stuck in work all day! :cool:
  8. Thanks y'all. The ride home was good too, except when the driveway came up I didn't really want to pull in. :) I'm thinking that on days when I don't have something to get to after work I may even look at finding longer, more interesting routes home.

    Audible, the cibby is blue with white highlights. I'll post a 'my new bike' thread, since that seems to be the done thing, but a couple of pics below for your entertainment.


  9. I occasionaly have to work Saturdays and sometimes I shoot down to Road Warriors and do a quick lap of the Old Road afterwards, it's a great way to unwind and forget you've just had to work part of the weekend. :)