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First ride through Sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Riderman, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I'm still alive. phew. My first ride through typical Sydney (crap) roads and traffic.

    HART's teachings about buffer was very important today, and as expected, many cars cut in front of me into the buffer so I just slowed down.

    Also looking where you are turning helped so much. Just have to forget you're doing the curve at 60-70kmh and trust the bike and leaning.

    The thread about everybody's tips was really good.. I thought about all thos tips while I was riding

    When I got to my destination, I didnt know where to park though. Finally found a bike only parking area, but guys, what's the ettiquette with street parking?
    Can I just slot anywhere between two parked cars? Do I need to pay the Meter?

    Thanks, forum!

  2. If you're in the CBD, you can park anywhere that cars can park without paying, since there's no real way that motorcycle riders can securely display the little ticket that you get from the machine like cars can. They brought in that change a little over a year ago I think.

    Outside the CBD I'd imagine things are similar, though not absolutely sure on that. I've seen plenty of bikes parked perpendicular to the kerb between two parked cars though, but I'd imagine it would depend on how much room the cars had left to manuever to leave the car space.. hate for them to rub up against your new bike in order for them to leave ;)
  3. (1) More or less, yes. You can't share a painted space with a car, but if there aren't lines marked then go nuts. Just leave ~1 metre either side of your bike.

    Motorcycles can park at any angle (even if it says Parallel Parking Only or Angle Parking Only), provided one or both of the wheels is 'as near to the kerb as is practicable', or whatever. ie: don't park in the middle of the road.

    If you're feeling mean, you can occupy a car parking space all on your own, but I tend to hunt down the motorcycle-parking spots instead if possible.

    (2) Wot Vereor said. :)

    Oh, and congrats on surviving Sydney!
  4. Hi i'm a newby here just wanted to make that clear to start off.

    You need to be careful parking in Sydney, the laws that the others are talking about are not that stringently followed by the City rangers.

    I was working as a motorcycle courier for the last couple of months and did exactly what the others are talking about, slotted in between a car and another bike for a two min drop off, and came back to a 438$ parking ticket.

    Dont be fooled by the bullshit that you think that youll be right.

    But if you can find a parking spot off the footpath and on private property, even if it is visible from the street the city rangers cant ticket you.
  5. Wait, was that 438 dollars? That's a bit excessive for a parking fine isn't it?
    I hope that's a typo!!!

    So I didnt read anywhere in the road book about free parking on in the city streets. I'm heading there now, I'll try best to park in a smart location.
  6. No you read it right 438$!!!!

    Yeah i'm fighting it at the moment.

    Parked as stated between a car and another bike right in line with a sign post.

    Not 2 mins later came back out afetr doing a delivery, and bam city ranger still there and 438$ worth of parking fine.

    Pinged me for apparently parking in a disabled spot, even though i was in line with the pole that said disabled, not inside it.

    City rangers are pricks and theres a heap of new ones on at the moment that have been told to book and dont give warnings.

    So be careful and yes you can park in a private property situation off the street, aslong as you are on "private property" they cant touch you.
  7. Sooo.... Park on the footpath, beyond the building line, then? 8-[
  8. Being able to park without paying in CBD has little to do with ability to display the ticket on a bike (it's obviously true, but it never deterred the councils before) and everything to do with political direction of Clover Moore, who supports alternative modes of transport in her area. Other councils = different rules!
  10. Thats strange... i commuted every day to the city for three years and never once received a warning or a fine. Given that most of the time i was legally parked but their were many occasions were i did the following:
    - Parked in the no stopping zones down at the PWC building
    - Parking under the bridge on Clarence that was popular (missed the warning drops)
    - Parking just outside the free parking bay signs where it was safe
    - Parking on York street (QVB end) in the loading bay in front of the office building for many hours at a time (most would have been half a day), once again not in the centre but in the gutter where the bay began or finished.

    Feel sorry for you copping the ticket, must have got someone having a really shitty day. My general understanding was that as long as you were sensibly parked and not causing obstruction to other vehicles or people that they would let it fly with a warning at most.....
  11. If people are getting tickets still then it's either because they're parking in legitimate no parking zones (loading zones etc) or the ranger is simply uneducated about the changes occurring in the CBD.

    Take a look here: http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/AboutSydney/ParkingAndTransport/MotorCycleParking.asp . It details what you can and cant do, and if you have been ticketed for doing what this page says you can do, then contest it and I'm sure it will be overridden. Maybe the rangers just dont care, dont know, or think you dont know any better.
  12. Exactly. But remember, this only applies to the fact that you can park without paying for the ticket. Time limit still applies, so if they book you for overstaying, bad luck. And if they book you because they claim you've parked on the disabled zone rather than 'in line with the pole' that is a different argument again and has nothing to do with free parking in ticket areas.
  13. Ever noticed how the barriers on parking buildings almost never make it all the way across the driveways...
  14. yep, we can park without paying, but still must be in proper designated parking areas and abide by the time limit.