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first ride sunday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by copper1000, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to Netrider, I've been riding for around 5 years.
    Currently own GIXER1000 K3. been riding with mates usually, but find
    not everyone can get together often enough. So I hope to find new riding buddies.
    My first ride with Netrider will be Sunday 23 to Healesville. Any tips would
    be good,thanks.
    Also whats the go with Fri coffee.

  2. HA I am new as well and I have not been on a ride yet! How does it work do you just turn up and say Hello? :shock:
  3. lol yeah, yeah that's exactly how it starts except you have to kiss and hug aswell. We are a very close bunch here and sex is not usually out of the question either. :p

    Just tell us where you meet, copper, and what time you plan on leaving. BTW, r u a real copper or is that just your name?

    Welcome to Netrider too, to both of you!
  4. Hi and welcome to the site. As far as rides go, if it is organised by a member then just confirm your intention to participate and come along. Introduce yourself at the meeting point and away you go. For rides like the blue ribbon this Sunday just turn up and look for a bunch of good looking women and desperate men and that will probably be us. If your lucky someone will be wearing some netrider merchandise. You will soon get to know a few of us if you tag along to enough events. Coffee nights are a good lead in to that.
    I am sure Groberts03 will fill you in on coffee nights. The short of it is Friday coffee nights are at Southbank and you just turn up. Park your bike on the walk, have coffee, check out the scenery and talk crap with other bike riders.
  5. Not a copper, :D just the colour of my bike.
    plan on leaving around 8.30 from Narre Warren
  6. Welcome copper, not sure where the sticky post for Friday coffees went, but I'm sure it'll be back sooner or later....

  7. Hello and welcome to this wonderful forum :D :shock: :D

    It is always weird meeting people for the first time.. I remember the first time I met the Brissie guys.. I was first to show up and was wondering if I had the right place.. And then when somebody did rock up I stood there wondering if they were in the club....Anway

    stay safe and have fun :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. you gonna go up reefton? might see you there...
  9. My machines prolly a little too heavy for that ride in the competition stakes but i will still give it a bash. You wanna meet in Pakky and go up the coccky rd?