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First Ride, sore thumb :S

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wypuk, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Hey all, most prob wont remember me, i got a FUGGED GPz 250
    anyway i got it back from the mechanic today got a quote for roadworthy 850 (!!) not including rego... mighty pissed off

    anyway i cracked it with study and took it out for a ride aorund the block, mmm the best can and does ride and handle well eough for a bike thats older than me :|:|

    i noticed that i do a couple of things on it which i havent encountered on my mate's bikes, for some reason i keep clutching in as im about to take a corner and i coast through it then release the clutch. is that common practice or is my riding style abit wonky?

    also i noticed that i apply the front brake with my middle, ring and pinkey fingers while holding onto the bar with my index and thumb - again i think its wrong and i got a sore thumb from riding for like 20 min :S
    i think it could be due to the fact i gotta rev the bastard when i slow down otherwise it stalls on me and i gotta push start it koz battery is dead :evil: :evil: :evil:
    but yeah, any advice on my afore mentioned comments?
    im still high from the adrenalin and i feel like im countersteering my conputer chair heeheh
    the beast managed a fair speed (tested on the track of course :roll: ) so speedwise im happy it just sounds like a chainsaw LOL
    how much would an old CBR-R or FZR set me back koz i dont see much future in this bike even gettin a rwc?
    anyways end of rant :D:D

  2. 1. Yes, pulling in the clutch when your going into a corner is a very bad habit and you should get out of it whilst your still learning.

    2. Yes, braking with only 3 fingers is again a bad bad habit for road riding and you need to get out of this one quickly! Imagine needing to emergency brake and crushing your fingers and not being able to brake hard enough to avoid an collision. For your sake, avoid learning the hard way.

    3. A CBR-R will set you back $3k for a mangled one or an inflated price of $4k for a nice one. FZR's are about on par or perhaps a little less. CBR-RR's are usually a little more than both; and ZXR250's are usually insane amounts more than all of them (~$5k for an ok example, $6.5k for a nice one).

    Congrats on the purchase and enjoy the riding.
    But do try and get out of those bad habits or the riding might not last very long.
  3. I feel very bad right now....... and worried.
    maybe i shuold go for a ride to practice the proper way of riding
    SHIIIIT u made me very nervous Koma thanx alot :p
    to be honest this is my first proper ride anywhere so i dont really have any habits formed as yet so its the perfect time to try and break them
    *thumbs up*

  4. Sorry, didn't mean to make you nervous... that's about the worst thing a learner can be (ok, well second only to cocky and complacent).

    Try and remember back to all those words of wisdom you were given when you did you learners course... things like make sure you have all your fingers on the brake lever - and gently squeeze the brake in, don't grab.
    The pulling the clutch in thing isnt that bad, but if you need to accelerate as part and parcel to avoid a hazard, id rather be able to smoothly roll on the throttle instead of hoping for some smooth clutching then throttle. It's just all about being prepared for what might come next.

    By the way, you might want to update your profile to include atleast a city/state so we can advise you of group rides, or coffee meets... or other social events. Come along to a few and listen to all the advice people offer - that's how i learnt.
    ... Although if they ride a Firestorm... take whatever they say with a grain of salt. ;)
  5. The problem with riding anywhere is that my bike isnt actually roadworthy as yet, so i cant be seen riding by anyone, and being a poor student i cant afford to fix it just yet koz of exams or buy myself something roadgoing
    I understand perfectly what you mean abuot the clutch thing and i'll make a concious effort to use all 4 fingers to apply the front brake. only problem is one of the roadworthy comments was that the front pads are soaked in oil (due to forkseals being FUGGED) so my rear break is abit more trustworthy ATM :p

    i cant wait to go cruising i just need a decent bike *sob*

  6. Welcome.

    :shock: You're riding a bike without a decent front brake.....might not be the smartest thing you could do.

    Sounds like even though its not to desirable you are going to need to get the bike road worthy (always wise to ensure the seller brings it to Road worth standard before handing over $) condition before you spend too much more time on it.
  7. i bought the bike for a bottle of whisky so i didnt lose too much cash, until i bought helmet, jacket and gloves and realised im financially fugged to foot any repair bill.
    i figured id so it slowly and earn money and put it into the bike so i bought a new battery, got the tank fixed up and suddenly i got quoted 850 for rwc and another 400 for reg.

    i wanted to sell it but i feel bad doin it koz the guy that sold it to me reckons he might be able to find a cheapter rwc koz he's been riding for ages and knows mechs
    i kno i kno im silly for riding it now but my mate just came off his restriction and he's strutting around on this zx6r and im soooo envious i wanna ride already :(:(
  8. Yeah if ya front brakes no good thats a bit sketchy, make sure if your gonna ride it anyways that your extra careful with it ay :wink:

    As for the clutch thing , yeah you better brake that habbit before it forms. Last thing you wanna do is drop or release the clutch too quickly mid corner, that could get messy...

    Anyways goodluck dude, good ya havin fun with it :D
  9. One of the (if not the) main reason to avoid having the clutch in while cornering is that the bike gets some of its stability from the fact that there is power being delivered to the back wheel (no matter how little power that is).

    Try using light throttle through a corner (and winding it gently on as you exit the corner) - then retry the corner with the clutch in. Whilst you'll still happily roll around the corner the bike should feel more stable when you have at least some throttle on..

    A really good read is "Proficient Motorcycling" by David Hough - he goes into great detail (and explains some of the physics) of accelerating, braking and steering a motorcycle.. It's amazing how some of the most natural feeling things to do on a bike can be the wrong ones..

    Once you get a good understanding of the implications of your control choices (brake, throttle, clutch, body weight, etc) its much easier to punt the bike around...