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First ride (solo)on a proper road bike today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loulou4, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Wooohooo! :grin: I had my first ride on a road bike today, I've been learning on my DRZ250 :?, which doesn't really count as a roadie. I have my full licence but still consider myself very much the learner.
    So everyday for the past month I've been thinking about my husbands GSX1400 just sitting there in the shed all day long while he's at work(I work from home). I was a bit apprihensive cause of the size of it and having been on the back with him, that thing goes fast.
    But today I took it out, rode about 50km on it. Bit of a step up from the DRZ, it was awesome. Didn't want to come home but i had work to do.
    Anyway I've been thinking about trading the DRZ in, now I'm convinced. Now I have to go check the bank account :wink: and sweet talk the hubby [-o< or I could just ride his all the time, hehe

  2. Welcome to the dark side loulou... bwahahahahaaa

    *cue mad pipe organ music*
  3. You, ma'am, are a mistress of understatement! :LOL:
  4. Well done Loulou. :beer:

    Can't wait til i can ride a proper bike.
  5. At least we can hear you coming :LOL: :LOL:

    Lou Lou hope you can get a bike soon if not just keep riding the old mans Im sure he doesnt care :grin:
  6. Surprisingly he doesn't mind. I've just come back from riding it again. We were watching TV and he said you should go for another ride on my bike, maybe there was a hidden agenda, but I don't care, I got to ride it. And it was good :cool:
  7. Maybe he's hoping you'll take a shine to it, and want it for yourself. Then he could get something different for himself. :LOL:
  8. Exactly what I was thinking! :LOL:

    I know my girlfriend has an eye for my bike... now what next? Brutale? :twisted:
  9. It's called "The Trickle-Down effect". He wants you to like the Zook so he can 'trickle it down' to you and buy something bigger/faster/shinier... :grin:
  10. GSX 1400 is big, fast and shiny enough for me :grin: . I'll have it if he wants to get another(I can ride that one then too) :p
  11. Love big bore nakeds especially the gsx1400.. The only thing that turned me of them is there weight as im only a jockey at 70kg.. If i was a bit bigger I would buy one in a second..

    Im so jealous...

  12. Twoup I'm a 5'9, 62kg woman, it wasn't an issue. I was worried about that but it was fine :)