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First ride report

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by base2aau, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. So I just got my first bike on Wednesday, and I have been waiting al week to ride it, I am 42 yo and I got a 2002 GS 500, such a fun bike. I got my licence a year ago and the 2 day course was the sum of my motorcycle riding experience.

    I was worried I would get out on the road and not know what to do, but pardon the phrase it was like riding a bike. At 140 kg I for the gs500 a lot safer to ride than the yama 125 I learnt on, I had plenty of power when I was taking off at the light and I didn't stall at all.

    I was concerned that I would get out in traffic and just freak out but for some reason I actually felt safer on my bike in heavy traffic than in my car, I am still trying to work out why. I think I felt like I had a lot more control on my bike, or maybe I am more alert and have less distraction than in my car?

    I had a p plater do a left hand turn from the right hand lane in front of me and even that did not worry me too much, except I was trying to find the horn.

    One of the problems I have is that I can not get the bike into neutral, I am not sure if there is a trick to this, and I am not sure if it really matters? Does it matter if I leave the bike in first when I park? Is there a time that I need neutral?

    Another problem I have is that I can't turn the ignition to "lock" I don't want to force it because I am worried about the key getting stuck in lock, but again I am not sure if this is an issue? Does it matter if I just turn the bike off and take the key out?
  2. The neutral thing is convenient for starting! It stops it from rolling away!

    Is the handle bar all the way left when you try to lock it?
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  3. It took me a few minutes to work out how to lock mine but I needed to push the key down and turn it like a car when it's steering is locked.
    Maybe give that a try if you haven't already.
  4. I had a GS500 and was always difficult to get into neutral. Making sure the chain is correctly tightened. Definitely helps.

    Also often you will need to park a bike in gear when you are on a slope so I wouldn't worry having to park in gear.

    In case your uncertain the lock position is your steering lock. You will need to have the bars all the way over to the left. You then push the key in and turn it to the lock position. Once again unless your paranoid about it being stolen you definitely don't 'have' to lock your steering.
  5. Welcome to motorcycling, be prepared to become addicted.

    GS is an ideal bike to begin on. Don't wait til you come to a complete stop before you select neutral, tap it in either from second or first just prior to stopping, this might help. Also check that your clutch free-play is correct as this could be making it difficult.

    As for locking the steering, sometimes a little bit to the right just off left lock may allow it to happen easier and as said earlier, try pushing the key in as you turn it.