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First ride on the unicorn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by HANDSY, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. hey all, wasn gona do another of these as they prob bore the hell outa people but couldn resist.
    just had my first ride, rode to work. Went from wonga park, dodging rabbits, to maroondah highway where just near ringwood i ran out of petrol as in all the excitement had forgotten i needed to fill her up, but lucky for me ran out on top of a hill, across the road from a servo, which was so lucky. rest of the ride no worries.
    need to work on my take off at the lights, i let the clutch out, get friction but hold it in just a little instead of letting it all the way out and than sometimes over rev, just get a lil bit nervous of standin it up, but with practice im sure this will be fixed easily. i find the riding at night is easier to see traffic, but harder to pick a line through a corner, especialy if there is no lighting other than head lights.
    looking foward to the ride down to MOTOGP!

  2. cbr250 right?

    Indeed, watch the clutch as they are a savage beast.... :p
  3. Hey mate, u were on the 250 with the tyga kit last night yeah?

    Regarding over revving and standing it up from a stand still... hmmm I think u would have to try pretty hard to do so, so you probably don't have to be too worried.... as long as ur not going nuts and I certainly didn't see any of that last night. You seemed to have pretty god control of the beast :) --> that is, if that was you on the L plater's ride last night?
  4. tell that to toe-dragger the zzr250 prostunter ...he knows who he is :roll: